At Targo Distribution, we believe every vendor deserves a reliable distribution partner. That’s why we offer direct delivery services (DSD) to our network through multiple hubs located across Canada. 

The Targo team values our retail relationships, treating each vendor as an equal business partner. We strive to provide respectful, high-quality service, consistent inventory availability, and a team of knowledgeable merchandise experts to support your purchasing decisions. And our streamlined inventory management system is unparalleled in the DSD industry, ensuring you have the information you need to make informed selections and track your shipments.

With our DSD services, you can trust Targo to deliver on time, every time.

Why Choose Targo DSD?

  • Access to a nationwide team of seasoned DSD professionals
  • Modern, integrated DSD software solutions
  • A flexible and scalable routing system based on individual store volume
  • Knowledgeable merchandising experts to assist your purchasing decisions
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