The Premier Sourcing Specialists for Wholesale Electronics & General Merchandise


We offer a huge selection of electronic & general merchandise for our retail clients, available with same-day shipping.


Our reliable Direct Store Delivery services come with unparalleled expertise in the distribution industry.


We carefully curate our inventory to maximize your profit potential and keep up with changing demand trends.

The Most Powerful Square Foot in Your Store

At Targo Distribution, we believe size means nothing when it comes to profitability.

Our electronic products are sourced carefully and packaged into pre-selected displays — and just one square foot of retail space can easily secure $25,000 in sales.

Watch our video to learn how.

Some of Our Brands

Innovation in Retail Space

At Targo Distribution, our mission is to provide our partners with reliable, knowledgeable, and innovative service.

From a comprehensive in-house management system to our compact electronics displays, the Targo team has the tools you need to customize your inventory to meet your business goals.

We strive for excellence during all stages of the distribution process so that your products are delivered on time, every time.

Targo Distribution’s high quality products sell themselves.

We source each product carefully for high profitability and demand, only providing the best for your retail space. 

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