On the surface, Brooks looks like a key 3-and-D wing for an up-and-coming playoff team. The problem is those years weren’t good either. Kyle Kuzma can thank his lucky stars Simons is keeping him off the list. No rookies allowed. ANDREW WIGGINS IS NO LONGER THE WORST PLAYER IN THE NBA. Now he’s just another bad player, and he’s Golden State’s problem. But understanding why someone is struggling isn't the same as excusing it. The bad news for Bradley Beal: He's normally a better defender than these numbers show, but they rank as the position's worst all the same. He moved into starting lineup late and saw the Thunder finish 16–5 before the hiatus. Sieve. He also allows opponents to shoot better against him than they do on average at every level, including huge spikes inside of 10 (8.5 percentage points) and six (13.3) feet. Dillon Brooks led the presumably playoff-bound Grizzlies in minutes played. ■. Being a non-factor on the glass isn't helping, either. PG. Terrance was Turd Ferguson this year. Instead, Thomas Bryant makes it a Washington trio in our no-defense starting five. Beyond that, anyone who started at least half their team’s games is available for selection. Stats from Basketball Reference unless otherwise noted. So is the field-goal differential metric, which notes that opponents shoot 0.4 percent worse against him than they do normally. That would help, as would sharpening his instincts to make the kind of rapid reads that have helped similar scoring guards like Stephen Curry and Isaiah Thomas survive basketball's less glamorous end before. Brooks made just 50% of his shots at the rim this season and had negative offensive win shares, despite all those minutes played. He was probably the Wizards’ best defender, but that’s kind of like being the least flammable oxygen tank on the Hindenburg. He’s still owed $40 million the next two years and is holding Denver back at this point. That may or may not be. SG. It’s sad, really. Thomas’s body is gone, and history says it probably ain’t coming back. But at the other end, he's a nightmarish blend of no size (6'1", 180 lbs), no length (6'3" wingspan), limited explosiveness and wavering off-ball focus. "Bryant has struggled to guard the rim, stymieing pick-and-rolls, playing help defense and boxing out opponents to make rebounding easier for his teammates," The Athletic's Fred Katz wrote in October. DBPM: minus-2.5. SF. That’s why we’ll honor both Hornets together as our 30th Team center. No harm done on a season that was never going anywhere with Kevin Durant out, but now Brooklyn is locked into two more years of Prince at $15 million when he probably can’t play next to Durant and doesn’t look at all like the 3-and-D guy this team badly needs. Miles Bridges is still young, but the signs are not good so far. That Kevin Knox needs to work on his defense isn't exactly a surprise. To keep this objective, we're leaning on three specific metrics: Basketball Reference's defensive box plus/minus (DBPM), ESPN's defensive real plus/minus (DRPM) and Basketball Index's defensive player impact plus-minus (D-PIPM). Surprised to see Justin Jackson here? Considering Beal has been saddled with a usage percentage more than five points above his previous career high (33.5, was 28.4), he probably doesn't have the legs to help stop the bleeding. Atlanta's overall defense is dreadful (28th in efficiency), but it's at its worst with Young. Biyombo made my 30th Team two years ago too. All stats, unless otherwise noted, courtesy of NBA.com and Basketball Reference and accurate through games played Feb. 18. That looks like a significant mistake. He isn’t hitting shots or finding a consistent role on offense, and the athleticism has translated into highlight dunks but not much else. The Nets disagreed and signed Prince to a fat extension a year before they would’ve had to make a decision, giving him $29 million for two years that haven’t kicked in yet. But Rui Hachimura edged fellow freshman Eric Paschall for this dubious distinction thanks to Washington's dumpster-fire defense and Hachimura's own role in those struggles. He scored a whopping 4.2ppg and made under 30% of his threes, and even that wasn’t invisible enough. PF. IT has bounced around the league since, playing for the Cavs, Lakers, Nuggets, and Wizards the last three years. He was last among all qualified NBA starters at -4.3 BPM. There is a ton of noise in those numbers, but they are so dramatic, you can't totally ignore them. His career 7.1 rebounding percentage ranks 145th out of the 154 players 6'7" or taller to log 2,000-plus minutes since he entered the league. The Thunder eventually stumbled into Luguentz Dort, an undrafted rookie out of Arizona State. That’s really bad. Bisdy Zelyombo combined to put up 18 points and 13 rebounds in 43 minutes of play, basically taking all the center minutes this season. In other words, defensive challenges were expected with Hachimura. Miami, WYD?? By Raymond Simms Mar 31, 2020 NBA 2K20, ratings. It’s not as pretty if you dig a little deeper. "The coaching staff is constantly working with him on his boarding. Ball projects to be a below-average defender from day one in the league at best. He scored 15.7ppg and was the only reliable Grizz wing for much of the season, and he hit 37% of his couple threes a game. In return, he promised the Thunder would never find that fifth starter. He certainly still isn’t good, but at least he’s no longer worst in the league — or a Timberwolf. He was bad on defense and tragic on offense. Oklahoma City is a legit playoff team with four excellent starters. Getting in better conditioning, better shape.". Ian Mahinmi was not good in his 35 Washington starts. Crafted Plus Minus %tile. He should be very grateful for that money. Specifically, we took each position's 30 worst-ranked players in DRPM (minimum 500 minutes), ranked those players by the other metrics and averaged all three for a composite score. The Wizards have been staggeringly worse with Beal on the floor. ", Dishonorable Mentions: Eric Gordon (3.7), Anfernee Simons (3.7), JJ Redick (4.0), Buddy Hield (8.3), Nickeil Alexander-Walker (10.0), Statistics: Minus-2.4 DBPM, Minus-2.06 DRPM, Minus-1.94 D-PIPM. Among high-volume defenders, he allows the eighth-highest conversion rate within three feet (61.1 percent). Dishonorable Mentions: Collin Sexton (3.3), Frank Jackson (3.7), D'Angelo Russell (3.7), Derrick Rose (7.7), Damian Lillard (8.7), Statistics: Minus-3.0 DBPM, Minus-3.69 DRPM, Minus-3.48 D-PIPM. He looks like he should be a stopper. With the date for the 2020 NBA Draft set, we begin our look at each team in the lottery relative to LaMelo Ball. He was promised years of All-NBA production from Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Paul George, and now Chris Paul. Great, let's start exposing, then. Neither category is particularly close, too. Biyombo did not attempt a three this season. He ranked bottom-10 in the entire NBA in PIPM. Players boost their two-point percentage by 8.2 points when he defends them. "But that's all about an effort thing. Today we’ll look at the other end of the greatness spectrum, the Wiggins end. The way real plus-minus sees it, he's both this season's best offensive player and worst defender—not just at this position, but overall. He ranked bottom-five in the NBA in some defensive metrics and finished dead last in the NBA in PIPM at -5.34. There are 30 teams and 30 starters at each position. He sometimes sees the game and reacts to it at dial-up speeds. Ferguson was a first-round pick a year ago, and he’s still super young and was playing up a position. Carmelo Anthony has a case for inclusion, but let’s respect the old man. Simons was horrible on offense and somehow even worse on defense. ... Young ranked as the worst defender in the league by defensive real plus-minus. It's been all awful, all the time for the John Wall-less Wiz, who have a better defensive rating than only one team in NBA history. Figures and player positions are accurate as of March 30, 2020. We're trusting that numbers never lie, or at least hoping that a combination of some of the best statistics available can fill in the spots on our No-Defense Starting Five. Remember Turd Ferguson, the Burt Reynolds “Celebrity Jeopardy” character from Saturday Night Live? Originally published November 26, 2019. Only Beal does more damage to the Wizards' defensive rating differential (8.4 points better per 100 possessions without Bryant). Just don't expect to see that from the following five players, who have been objectively identified as the 2019-20 season's worst defenders at their respective positions. Simons played 1400 minutes and made barely 40% of his shots. The Blazers had high hopes for a nifty three-guard rotation with Simons coming off the bench behind Damian Lillard and C.J. Anfernee Simons was the worst regular in the NBA this season. Visit the rest of Brandon’s writing archives here. Zeller is better on offense, which is to say he’s not as tragically bad. Biyombo at least has use as a dunker, but he was a miserable 33-of-110 on shots outside of three feet. There are 30 teams and 30 starters at each position. DRPM and D-PIPM were right there with you, placing the scoring 7-footer at the bottom of their center rankings. The Thunder just need that fifth starter. He might look like a 3-and-D guy, and perhaps he’ll develop into one, but right now he’s badly miscast as the #2 option on offense. Who will win the LeBron Free Agency sweepstakes? But the predraft scouting report from B/R's Jonathan Wasserman raised red flags with these cautionary four words: "Pro comparison: Jabari Parker.". Follow him on Twitter, @ZachBuckleyNBA. McCollum. Nothing drags down defensive metrics faster than major minutes with this Washington team. Even in today's three-point-bombing, rim-rocking NBA, elite defense still gets played on a nightly basis. "Defense is obviously an area I want to continue to get better at," Young told USA Today's Scott Gleeson. Let’s get down to business. Ferguson was the worst starter in the league by PIPM. Expected to see Karl-Anthony Towns here? ranked as the worst defender in the league, Lonzo Ball confirms he has left Big Baller Brand, in market for new shoe deal, Tyrese Maxey says he's only worked out for New Orleans Pelicans in predraft process, WATCH: Lonzo Ball posts video of off-season workout at Athletic Gaines, Report: Pelicans interested in trading up with Hawks for No. The good news for Beal: At least he'll recognize a few faces on our no-defense team, which might as well be rebranded as the Washington Wizards and Friends. I’m not sure why either! He brings up the caboose in both DBPM and D-PIPM, and DRPM only places him two spots up from the bottom. But he was saved by a 16th-place finish in DBPM (due in no small part to his work on the defensive glass).


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