How are you feeling now that you’ve got the season underway, things are moving forward again? Brooke Elliott: Yeah, you know, it’s funny. Περιεχόμενα. And I really now believe in my gut, and Brooke and I are close and have talked about this, I think we – the show will continue beyond Season 5. It was the right time for this to happen. I haven’t seen them and I haven’t seen dailies or anything like that, so I hear really great things about it. You know, we brought back our same production designer, our same DP, all three of our editors, so I truly don’t believe you’re going to – the fans will notice a thing. Todd Holland is attached to direct the pilot, which is a co-production between CBS Television Studios and ABC Studios, in association with Dark Toy Entertainment. But as we all know, you can’t keep a diva down for long and because of popular demand, Lifetime resurrected the show. And I hope that people see that, because I’m working very hard to have that…. You know, how – what the challenges are for women in that, and is it so male dominated? And so, I always love to see what we get. Josh Berman: I absolutely did not believe we would be canceled. And so, in terms of an emotional love life existence, I’ve always wanted that for her. Brooke Elliott: Yeah, you know, it’s – it is – it’s both – it’s challenging in the fact that we have the same amount of work in less time but yeah. But, I think that Brooke and I never lost hope. You know, when I’m Deb, Deb in Jane’s body, which is the Jane everyone knows, and hopefully loves, but that’s very – it’s really fun. The most fun is that I get to be Deb, but I get to figure out when Jane’s qualities are influencing here, which is a lot of fun. She is repped by Innovative, Powerline and Gochman Law. Is it switching? It feels good. Brooke Elliott: Yeah. I think everyone is working 110% this season. Brooke Elliott: I did, but I had to put everything in storage because, you know I was like, “Oh, my gosh, where am I going to live?” And so, everything was in storage, so I immediately – I – the minute I found out I went and got an apartment, and then everything worked out fine, but that’s why I think it’s pretty funny. Drop Dead Diva star Brooke Elliott is returning to the small screen. We have our resources that we need, so that’s a great given as well. The show is partly inspired by Bowman’s childhood with his father who has battled mental illness. And then, we have kind of – we have our stages. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It feels good.”eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'dailyactor_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_7',156,'0','0'])); Brooke received a 2010 Gracie Award for Female Rising Star in a Comedy Series and has been nominated for a 2011 PRISM Award for Best Performance in a Comedy Series, both for her work on the show. Where are you emotionally, both of you guys? Are you just feeling relieved? But, definitely on the heart level, you know I really want that full acceptance for Jane and I want, you know her man to do that. And so, she’s a little on edge and unsure of everyone that comes into her life because she’s not sure if it’s old Jane or not. She's the tough-minded, responsible, business-like, level-headed one in the family — and she lets everyone know it. She really – she is – you know she’s one heck of a lawyer, I think we could all agree, but you know I mean there’s lots of areas within that we haven’t covered as much, but we always could or is – they’re kind of in there anyway, is as to how women play out in the workforce. Are you going to write Season 5 with any thought in mind that you might not get a Season 6? But – so hopefully, people still see that. Josh Berman: You know, for me it’s funny, we just had a – our table read with the actors and I started the table read by saying to them I think – I believe this is our best season yet. I was devastated when we were canceled because I hated leaving the fans in such a lurch, and I was ecstatic when we were picked. We’re – we haven’t written the Season Finale yet for Season 5, but we have a model in place and a fan base that’s still growing. And so, with our same DP, and with our same Producer here in Atlanta, and obviously Josh is the same and the cast – a lot of the cast is the same, we have a bit of rhythm already, and that’s really, really helpful. Kari Lizer and 2 Arts Entertainment’s Greg Walter also serve as executive producers. Whether we’re talking soundproofing on the sets, or we own our own edit base, we own our avid equipment, we’ve spent the money on soundproofing as much as we can. I’d love for you guys to spread the word that if you missed episodes, go to, you can watch all of Season 4 for free, and – as we build to our Season Premier on the 23rd. How did you guys work around that and make sure what people see on the screen that nobody will know the difference. And I think that there’s a moment coming up in Episode 3 of Season 5 where Owens’s storyline and the departure Jay Parker really cross each other in a way that makes a lot of sense for the growth of the series without giving anything away. All rights reserved. Terms of Use | And in thinking about what we needed out of an angel this season, I thought, “What would an angel be like if he were a male version of Deb?” You know, beautiful, but superficial? She’s also starred on Broadway in The Pirate Queen, an original musical from the writers of Les Miserables, and in Taboo, the musical composed by Boy George and produced by Rosie O’Donnell. And the editors – when the editors call me out of my office to come – have me look at a scene that Brooke is acting so beautifully and makes you cry or makes you laugh, it’s such a great feeling. For Elliott, the CBS pilot marks her return to the small screen after spending six seasons starring as Jane on Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva, which ended its run in 2014. Sitemap | Josh Berman: I think that we were – I’ll speak for myself. So, knowing our diehard fans were there, we just – we couldn’t give up, so I don’t think we ever fully believed we were gone. Can you talk about any songs we’ll be hearing you perform this season? “We don’t take it for granted. Brooke Elliott: You know – we’re not singing this season, so it’s sing-free season. And then you had asked about Josh Stamberg’s character. I mean, now that he’s sort of – and old Jane? How a Casting Director’s Advice Helped ‘Ozark’ Star Julia Garner After a Bad Audition, ‘Succession’ Star Jeremy Strong: “It feels like a miracle that I am prepared enough each time I walk on set”, Don Cheadle on Playing “Dark Characters” and Why Actors Need to Practice Self-Care, Eugene Levy on Why He Always “Felt More Confident Playing Characters That Looked Completely Different”, Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Aaron Sorkin, ‘Project Power’ and Why He’s “Eternally Grateful” to John Lithgow, ‘The Crown’ Casting Director Nina Gold on Discovering Talent and Promoting Diversity. And I think the idea is to – it’s a reward to the fans and it’s for our fans to spread the word. You had to cut from eight to seven days. And the idea that we get to explore what it’s like for a woman in her 30s to become – and a professional woman in her 30s to unexpectedly get pregnant, and then be abandoned by the man who she loved is an issue we’re not shying away from. Keep up with all the latest pickups, castings and eventual series orders with THR's handy guide to pilot season. © Copyright 2020 Variety Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. Josh Berman: Well, I was actually – I – Sony – Lifetime had asked me to come back in to tell them my thoughts for Season 5. I know you guys had to do some budgetary cuts. Last season we grew between Season 3 and Season 4, and we’re hopeful that we’ll grow again with Season 5. Does that make a massive difference, Brooke, in terms of how you operate or have things gotten so smooth that it’s not that obvious to you, since you’re the key person there on set every day? The actress has been tapped to co-star in CBS' adaptation of family comedy Upper Middle Bogen , The Hollywood Reporter has learned. And, you know her career, she’s pretty fantastic. And I’m just – I’m really excited that we were brought back. There is a new joy coming to work that I haven’t felt since Season 1 where we want to make every moment count, because you don’t know when it’s your last, so to speak. And so – and she doesn’t know if old Jane is in Owen either, so she’s kind of walking on egg shells with everyone as she tries to find out exactly where old Jane is. And that was the genesis of the character of Paul, and I think he’s fantastic. Lance Carter is an actor and the Editor of Daily Actor. Learn more about Brooke Elliott at with exclusive news, full bio and filmography as well as photos, videos, and more. We’ve upgraded our sets. Brooke Elliott will star in the untitled ABC comedy pilot from writer Bobby Bowman, Variety has learned. Brooke, you’ve been playing this character now for quite some time, and we’ve really seen her grow so much. Because we were canceled, and that’s the only information I had to go on, I had to get out of the place that I was renting in Atlanta. Learn how your comment data is processed. And so, playing old Jane was really, really fun and very challenging to figure out who this person what, and how she’s different. She’s toured nationally with Beauty and the Beast and was in the original cast of the first national tour of Wicked.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'dailyactor_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_0',108,'0','0'])); I talked to the Drop Dead Diva star, Brooke Elliott, and Executive Producer Josh Berman in a recent conference call about the new season, what they had to sacrifice – shooting wise – and literally coming back from the dead. Brooke Elliott: Yeah. When I got to play old Jane, that was a lot of fun and it was a huge challenge, because I don’t know old Jane as much as I know Deb because I play Deb every day. And it was funny because when we were canceled I thought to myself, I was like, “Really? eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'dailyactor_com-box-3','ezslot_17',107,'0','0']));Lifetimes’ Drop Dead Diva dropped dead last season, with the network unexpectedly canceling the show. Like, all that kind of stuff, I think, is really fun to explore too. Gosh, I really felt like we were going to go.” And it’s a feeling of the show having another season really never left me, and so then it was really exciting when it got picked up again. And because I’m the body of both, that’s an even bigger challenge because when you just figure out just exactly how old Jane stands and behaves, and how does she gesture and where is her emotional life living, as opposed to Deb, which we’re so familiar with? And so, these – the first three episodes, because that – I’ve seen the first three episodes so far, are so good, you know?


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