Mia Mercado is a freelance writer based in the Midwest. Squeezable food pouches are not just for kids anymore. Get the best food tips and diet advice every day. Taco Bell's Skittles Freeze, 7-Eleven's Nerds Slurpee, and Sour Patch Kids Cereal each let you munch on candy all day long in various forms of food and drink. However, whether or not it actually has the health benefits some tout is still up for debate. visibility: hidden !important; 1. Heavy whipping cream, eggs, milk, butter, sugar– all the very good-bad stuff. Here are some of the upcoming weird food trends you can look forward to seeing (and trying, if you dare) in 2019. The easy way to make healthier comfort foods. ", "I hate the rainbow fad. Or maybe just don’t try it. And according to CNN Travel, there is a new craze in New York City where restaurants are now putting gold dust in chicken wings. ", "I’m sure that to someone, this was a good idea in theory: Ice cream, cotton candy, and cereal are any sugar addict's dream. If you really want to up your pickle game, places like Elsie's in New Jersey are selling sandwiches, where whole pickles replace the bread. Noted as a wonderful source for weight loss, Bulgur is a whole wheat grain extracted from groat and is much like cereal. The main ingredient in hummus is chickpeas. Flowers are being incorporated into the vegetable intake and add color and unique flavors to your meal. Here, the city's biggest culinary stinkers of 2019. And while there is science behind why this works, you really need to ask yourself if this is something you can do long term. ", "Why would you take two delicious foods and combine them to make an inedible monstrosity?! Coffee Beer is rising in popularity this year. While some experts claim health benefits like improving cognitive function, there hasn't been much research on the actual impact of superfood 'shrooms. If we don't stop soon, I fear our birthday cake privileges will be revoked by the universe forever. As funky as these things sound, nut milk and veggie pastas are totally normal compared to the other weird stuff popping up on the supermarket shelves nowadays. Many people have jumped on the Keto train. ", "Charcoal has gotta be up there — because what could possibly go wrong with a food additive that can fuck up your medication? Pink salt is also known as Himalayan salt. Introducing: The All New UrbanMatter Merch Line! All Rights Reserved. I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover… or its ingredients. Gone are the days of drinking the spirit from a glass. This Korean-oriented veggie is tangy, super healthy, and full of good bacteria. Now we drink “milk” made from nuts (is it just me or did almond milk not exist three years ago?). Restaurants have introduced “small plates” over the years and there are even restaurants that only serve small plates as this is their sole menu. One of the all-time worst trends to come out of food fairs is fried fare that has no business being fried. “In 2019 there are two major food trends that I see coming,” Brian Gruber, head chef and owner of Notorious Burgers, tells SheKnows. } From 24-carat chicken wings to the Hard Rock Cafe's summer burger topped with edible gold leaf, you can deck out your dinner plate like you would your wardrobe. The word “diet” will be tossed around like a salad because we all have good intentions for keeping our bodies healthy. ", "I hate those Bloody Mary's topped with four pizzas, a cheeseburger, half a roast dinner, and 50 onion rings sticking out of them. -->, Built, Powered, & Developed By: Youtech Web Design Agency, Hiring of Tony La Russa Continues to Look Worse & Worse for the White Sox, 6 Chicago Stereotypes That Most Definitely Aren’t True, Taste of Chicago, Air and Water Show Not Budgeted for in 2021 Due to COVID-19. This trend will continue in 2019 with an increasing demand for transparency. Sorry, but all those calories are too much! Seed Butter is another healthy alternative to add to your list. Info? But in reality, it just seems like it would be sticky and difficult to eat. No one eats regular pasta anymore. If you like cabbage, radishes, spices, fish sauce, and kelp powder, give kimchi a shot. The bee pollen consists of flower pollen, bee secretions, wax, honey, nectar, and enzymes made by honeybees and stored for its hive. It’s just a no-go, people. Pizza has been around for generations. There are, of course, less strange trends that this year brought. It’s supposed to boost your energy and metabolism, say the experts. But, why? Burger King's Ghost Whopper, IHOP's disturbingly colored Addams family offerings, and Cold Stone's Boo Batter have all had the internet saying, "…huh?!". My favorite store, Target, now sells unicorn flavored ice cream. No one eats regular pasta anymore. 6 Chicago Stereotypes That Most Definitely Hold True, 5 Best Stadium Foods to Try at a Baseball or Basketball Game in Chicago, 8 Best Sandwich Shops to Get Lunch or Dinner in Chicago, $18.75M Mansion in Chicago’s Gold Coast Hits the Market. Has to be Classic Blueberry, says Firmenich, Pantone announces ‘Classic Blue’ as 2020 Colour of the Year, Plants still hot but meat’s not off the menu, Whole Foods Market predicts Top 10 Food Trends for 2020, Digestive health gains ground in new product development, Here comes cannabis: how legalisation will disrupt global industries, The future of baby food is sleek, organic & rooted in science, Innova: Holistic health speaks to all generations, Nielsen: The impact of double-edged demand in SA, Euromonitor: Top 5 consumer trends impacting health and nutrition. Here at UrbanMatter, we pride ourselves on leading the charge when it comes to Chicago entertainment. Mix it with seafood, or eat it on its own if you’re feeling crazy. Thanks. Dried, spiced, roasted, and flavored seaweed is gluten-free AND vegan, so I guess you could say it’s pretty healthy too. There’s a new way to drink your nutrients, and it’s a bit more savory than your standard liquid diet. Once upon a time, making avocado ice cream was only for extremely bored people who found the recipe on Pinterest and just so happened to have an appetite and an avocado lying around their kitchen. There's the old New Coke, courtesy of Stranger Things. Chocolate, key lime pie, fruit, and brownie batter flavors have all made their way into tubs of hummus, truly pushing the boundaries of what can be dessert. RELATED: The easy way to make healthier comfort foods. Fall is over but we still see random pumpkin-pie spiced products at the market. There are Fanta Snack Packs. And WTF are lentils? Not all flowers are edible. In her free time, Jessica can be found hanging out with her dog Indie, watching the Food Network or commiserating with fellow, unfortunate White Sox fans. display: none !important; Well, that’s the cool new thing to eat! ", "I hate the trend of serving food in things that are not plates or bowls. Interestingly enough, “mocktails” made the scene this year, but it’s kids play, so let’s keep drinking the hard stuff, eh?! From “Trash fish” to Mini corn dogs, we definitely saw our fair share of weird-ass food trends in 2018. No one drinks milk anymore. The drink gives you lasting energy without the jitters, and anxiousness that follow regular coffee. Gone are the days of chocolate, vanilla, or swirl. Why is this even a thing? Wish you could drink the rainbow? Reporting on what you care about. box-shadow: none !important; Need ideas? Literally everything! According to Oklahoma State, genetically modified foods, the humane treatment of animals and farm-to-table sourcing continue to lead the change. The entire world of food changes from year to year, and it’s getting hard to keep up. Obsessed with travel? After all, we love them and now Advocados Toast is the new fun, variation for cado-lovers looking to spice up their lives.


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