Anyway, you’re in the…, What happens if you cross chickpeas, quinoa, corn salad and a wicked sweet mustard sauce? A lighter alternative to those crisps and dips – try my loaded Mexican-style carrot fries! Spinach Tomato Quesadillas. Here is how to make the best flour tortillas that are tastier, healthier and better than store-bought. This post may contain affiliate links, so if you buy from a link we may earn a commission at no cost to you Pin46Yum4ShareEmailWhatsApp50 Shares…, Do you like potatoes? Incredible. Veggie packed, vegan enchilada casserole is the perfect Mexican dish to switch up your dinner routine. (if you don’t have any, don’t fret – the guacamole can survive without it), If you like it with a bit of kick, lob in a chopped. If I would be in Mexico I must eat this food, Your email address will not be published. Plus it’s ready in 20 minutes! Refrigerate any leftover dressing in a tightly closed container. For a flavor twist, serve as a topping for an open-faced tostada on a flavored tortilla. That’s what I’m all about. Sweet Potato Burritos – bursting with Mexican flair and tantalising flavours, this authentic recipe is easy to make for one or the whole big family! Ready in: 20 minutesRecipe by: KitchenSanctuaryBonus: mega quick, yummy, full flavour and health benefits. Ready in: 15 minutesRecipe by: SpiceUpTheCurryBonus: quick, healthy, refreshing and satisfying taste. Bonus: very quick, easy, super tasty and nutritious tacos . Packed with fresh, zesty flavours and protein-rich ingredients – perfect for your lunchtime munch. Sharing is caring, so why not make these vegetarian tacos for a Mexican-style feast? Ready in: 50 minutesRecipe by: MelissaTraubBonus: incredibly delicious and healthy dish. It is topped with pico de gallo. Yeses? More ». You get this Buddha bowl, of course! To make Minted Lime-Tofu Dressing: Put ingredients into a blender, and process until smooth. This Mexican-style spaghetti in a tomato-based sauce with olives and capers is easy to make and will satisfy your taste buds. This southwest quinoa salad is the perfect lunch or meatless dinner. Having years of experience, we have more to offer than what you find on the blog: specialized ebooks, exclusive recipes and plenty of advice. Ready in: 1 hour 15 minutes (just 25 minutes prep time)Recipe by: ThisHealthyKitchenBonus: tasty, nutritious, full of health benefits meal. The new vegan Mexican-style burrito is here, paving the way and setting the standard. Ready in: 25 minutesRecipe by: ErhardtsEatBonus: amazingly delicious and healthy recipe. Recipe by: HurryTheFoodUpBonus: easy, super quick, nutritious and so yummy. Posted in categories Our Favourites for any Occasion! Crispy Tortilla Pizza. Beating summer’s heat with a chilled salad means coming up with a fresh spin on the greens theme, and this unusual concoction makes the best of summertime’s apricot bounty with a hint of lime in the dressing for a fresh, clean taste. Or maybe you’re having vegetarian guests round and know they love Mexican food. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. This high-protein bowl is quick and easy to rustle up but packed with flavour and all the nutrients you need for a long day on the go. Ready in: 25 minutesRecipe by: ErhardtsEatBonus: easy, warm and satisfying, can be stored for a while in the fridge. It’s rammed with beans and veggies, and is deliciously spiced and warming. In the last half of the 20th century, it has become insanely popular, and that’s perfectly understandable. Ready in under 25 minutes, they’re a really quick and easy tasty dinner idea. This post may contain affiliate links, so if you buy from a link we may earn a commission at no cost to you. Mexican food in the USA currently celebrates its golden age. Comes together in 15 minutes and only requires 5 ingredients. Make your own pizza crust or use store-bought, and load it up with corn, smashed black beans and red bell peppers. Vegan and Gluten-free, tasty side dish comes together in 30 minutes. This bowl of spicy goodness will keep you going all day long. Join Active Pass to get access to exclusive content, thousands of training plans, and more. You get deliciously Mexican seasoned mashed potatoes layered over corn tortillas and fried to make crispy tacos. Vegan food is never boring when you’re following these vegetarian Mexican recipes. Get recipes, news, and how-tos in your inbox every week. This Vegetarian Loaded Mexican Tortilla Pan dinner is packed with flavour and loads of healthy goodies! Black bean and corn salsa is always a crowd favorite! Recipe by: HurryTheFoodUpBonus: fast, delicious and perfect at any time! They're all healthy too! Vegetarian Mexican recipes Crusted halloumi tacos with pico de gallo. 10 minutes. Everyone should know how to make Chilaquiles because this Mexican snack is amazing. Bonus: mega tasty, healthy, quick, and so simple . Bonus: healthy, nutritious and tastes so damn good! Ready in just 25 minutes, you won’t look back! Bonus: mega quick, tasty and full of health benefits quesadillas. This Mexican Corn Salad Recipe is healthy and ready in under 30 minutes. Ready in: 1 hour 5 minutes (just 20 minutes prep time)Recipe by: ThisHealthyKitchenBonus: beautiful, healthy and delicious dinner, Recipe by: HurryTheFoodUpBonus: incredibly tasty, healthy and so delicious. Set everything up on the table and let your dinner companions help themselves. Learn how to make this satisfying vegan Mexican lasagna with black beans, avocados, corn tortillas, and salsa. Bonus: delicious, spicy and healthy meal . If you want extra crispy tortillas (as Howie does), use a knife to spread some. "The silky texture and rich flavor of Amy's Organic Refried Beans with Green Chiles make a great base for many dishes, including a burrito filling or bean dip," says Nava Atlas, author of Whatever your reason for looking for vegetarian Mexican recipes, we’ve got you covered. So whether you’ve got a bunch of friends over, surprising that special someone or having a night in with your favourite Netflix show, you know what’s on the menu – delicious Mexican food used in simple vegetarian recipes! The dressing recipe makes about 1 3/4 cups. SO TASTY and stacked with lentil protein and fiber, it’s time to take dinner up to the next level. Ready in: 40 minutesRecipe by: AllThatsJasBonus: super easy, tasty and full of flavour . We have lots more taco recipes where this one came from. It’s packed full of vitamins K and A, B2 and B6, C, calcium and potassium. Or maybe you’re having vegetarian guests round and know they love Mexican food. A real treat that won’t make you feel that you’re missing out on meat. Ready in: 45 minutesRecipe by: CleanPlateMamaBonus: tasty, nutritious and mega healthy. Ready for a delicious and healthy meal? Ready in: 20 minutesRecipe by: MyPlantifulCookingBonus: simple ingredients, quick and tasty meal. High in good fats, fiber, vitamin C, and iron. Scroll through our colourful list of authentic Mexican dishes from breakfast burritos, to speedy lunchtime tacos, to sizzling tasty pizzas – ideal for any vegetarian or vegan diet. Look no further because our Fuego del Dragon recipe is packed with so many delicious, vibrant ingredients and is ready in just 20 minutes. Your email address will not be published. Ready in: 25 minutesRecipe by: BiteSizedKitchenBonus: delicious, quick and versatile dish. To make Salad: Combine all ingredients in a large salad bowl, tossing to mix well. Recipe by: HurryTheFoodUpBonus: spicy, healthy, fresh. Required fields are marked *, Hi, we cook quick vegetarian recipes. Whatever your reason for looking for vegetarian Mexican recipes, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a full-time vegetarian or trialling a veggie or vegan lifestyle for the first time, it’s always fun to experiment with vegetarian recipes. Simple Sexy Salsa. It’s loaded with plant-based protein and veggies. Made with pie crust dough, they are simple, easy and super flaky! Easy to make and ready in 15 minutes max. (Yesses? Super easy to make black bean and rice recipe that is also vegan and healthy. Incredible taste with loads of veggie fiber and protein means this recipe makes you wonder why you ever wanted meat in the first place. We’ve been pretty…. Create a personalized feed and bookmark your favorites. Vegetarian and gluten-free! These Vegan Mexican Recipes make super delicious and filling dinners. This easy vegan Mexican Bean Soup is a hearty bowl full of flavour. Need some lunch inspo? Mega quick and perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Healthy, nutritious and absurdly tasty food? Vegan Mexican Recipes for Dinner. This Vegan Mexican Quinoa is a plant-based, high-protein and super flavorful meal, that you can enjoy as a healthy weight loss dinner, or a quick, filling work lunch (in a burrito) as well! Do you like them crispy? © 2020 Pocket Outdoor Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. This Speedy Gonzales is the best veggie take on Mexican food. Tangy and tasty guacamole with crispy nachos that are healthy, vegan and very easy to make. Easy to follow recipe needing only flour, water and oil. And I plan to share it! These are the best breakfast burritos we’ve ever had! Vegetarian Mexican Pizza is a deliciously quick and easy dinner made from simple everyday ingredients. Mexican recipes are versatile, vibrant and always delicious, sometimes with simple ingredients you may have never thought to pick up in the supermarket and can include new dairy-free choices for vegan alternatives. Layered with avocados instead of cheese! Serve with a side of sour cream and dip away! Crispy Potato Buddha Bowl – Lunch in four easy steps, Sweet & Tangy Vegan Buddha Bowl (perfect lunch bowl). From the UK to Germany with many stops along the way. These veggie lentil tacos are our new go-to meal. Bonus: simple ingredients, so tasty, healthy and versatile. Filled with black beans, sweet potato and avocado these are healthy and delicious! These Vegetarian Quesadillas are the best quick weeknight dinner or lunch! The best thing is you can make this recipe in just 15 minutes! Mexican Vegetarian Tacos. Ready in: 30 minutesRecipe by: KitchenSanctuaryBonus: so simple, colourful, versatile and yummy dish. It’s beautiful, colourful, and utterly delicious. Serve immediately. Spoon dressing over salad as desired, and toss to combine. Was that two ‘yesses’? We would love to know what your favourite Mexican dish is, so don’t forget to leave a comment below. Bonus: super quick, delicious and healthy dip. Ready in: 40 minutesRecipe by: DebraKleinBonus: healthy, tasty and so easy. Bonus: quick, healthy, refreshing and satisfying taste. All tossed with a lime vinaigrette; it’s flavorful, easy, and healthy. Whether you’re a full-time vegetarian or trialling a veggie or vegan lifestyle for the first time, it’s always fun to experiment with vegetarian recipes. Full of flavors, spices, veggies and a lots of other plant-based goodness. An incredibly quick and easy recipe to follow, with just four simple steps and in the end, you get to enjoy a healthy, high-protein bite – starting your day the best way possible. Recipe by: HurryTheFoodUpBonus: quick, simple, tasty and healthy. Nutrient Dense and healthy enough for a main meal. I love recipes which are full of flavour but are good for you too.


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