Is my transmission still fuzzy? Speaking of options, what about the first time the tower cleared you for the "option?" What they found was an erk covering, who had no knowledge of met operations, and who hadn't even looked out of the window to warn aircraft of the fog. Over." he said on local VHF as he started his takeoff run. The first was as a small General Aviation airport in the midwest. The controller promptly turned off all the airport lights - there was no other traffic - and replied: "National123 - Sarasota tower - guess where?..." ET: "Who is this?" Callsign B: "I am in the Hat Dich area, I say again, Hat Dich area. Why must I speak English?" The use of this material is free for self-development, developing others, research, and organizational improvement. The in-depth discussion about the making of Jesus Christ Superstar with Ted Neeley, who played Jesus in the 1973 film. Commonly when pilots were asked if had they had traffic in sight they would lazily respond with, "I see some lights," which, frustratingly, did not meet requirements for approach clearance. Ground Controller: Cessna's about eight-and-a-half feet. You must like being the victim And you'll forget who I have been You got that, US Air 2771?" The late Captain Mickey Munn – an all-round fine fellow, highly experienced pilot and, at the time, Sergeant in the Red Devils (UK Parachute Regiment display team) - was piloting a Britten Norman Islander to jumping altitude with a full load of hairy-arsed paras crammed into the rear of the aircraft. I was good but then I quit He descended with caution and asked the controller to talk him in. SAY ALTITUDE—Used by ATC to ascertain an aircraft's specific altitude/flight level. Controllers don't turn down flight following without good reason. STAND BY—Means the controller or pilot must pause for a few seconds, usually to attend to other duties of a higher priority. The beginning is the end) Discrimination, prejudice, xenophobia, arrogance, bullying, racism, sexism, ageism, etc., should not be permitted or tolerated or encouraged in organizational communications - whether in messages between staff, or from staff to consumers/customers. He got help with the lyric from Anthony Moore, a lyricist who also worked on the track ", The dubbed over voice of pilots talking is actually a recording of drummer Nick Mason during a flying lesson. (Ack 'a former ATC'), A newly promoted Military Liaison Officer was standing the morning watch at Oakland ARTCC. Once you chase me down the hole This happened at the small but busy Sarasota Florida airport in 1975. The same way you learn other aviation skills—study and practice. UA: (Long pause) "Zero?" You just made your first coordinated turn! And "Fly Heading" is usually followed by a three-digit compass heading—"Fly heading zero-niner-zero." Autopilot in altitude-hold mode produces 200 feet per minute descent. So, flight planned, he checked the weather report, which indicated slight change of fog, and set off. From Dennis Rainwater, October 2007 - I have a (well, almost) personal ATC/Pilot conversation I thought I'd share with you. The pilot still managed to report: "Runway vacated..." The airfield had a fit of the giggles, and happily although the plane was a very mangled write-off, no serious injury was sustained. If it sounds as if the rush is over after 15 minutes, it might be worth calling again to see if the controller is now able to work you. DME volume set unbelievably loud. But this is love, love, shut up, this is love. You can also listen to ATC communications at your leisure with a handheld transceiver or aviation band receiver. It is normally used in training so that an instructor can evaluate a student's performance under changing situations. There was an even lengthier pause, and then a voice said: "Lady, I'm not that f...ed up." After two incorrect readbacks, the frustrated controller blurted out "Okay, that's enough tries for you. If the controller talks to you, and talks faster than you can hear, the P/CG has a simple remedy—tell the controller to "speak slower.". These aircraft maintenance comments are allegedly from 'gripe sheets' or 'squawk reports' which contain pilots' reports of aircraft technical problems and the responses from maintenance engineers. CLEARED FOR THE OPTION—ATC authorization for an aircraft to make a touch and go, low approach, missed approach, stop and go, or full-stop landing at the discretion of the pilot. It provides the opportunity to invite other similar submissions of air traffic control and aviation stories. Well then someone has to die The crew reportedly called up to the pilot, "Which landing shall we note for the record, Sir?" If you are not able, take the Guadalupe exit off Highway 101, make a right at the lights and return to the airport. At the time the transmission was made, there was an 800 foot ceiling (of cloud) with 2 miles visability in a light mist. According to his book. The ATC said we could not land because President Clinton was there and the secret service would not let us land. An annotation cannot contain another annotation. The tower controller may tell you to "Maintain [or Fly] runway heading." He replied, "Why, sir, it is dark...". Under the sudden change of direction Andy noted the groans from the Anson's airframe, and also from the Air Commodes in the back. Over." This was duly given and after a few minutes a second 'bearing' was requested. “ (Forget everything you used to know, — Air Traffic Controller I think you better tell your friends to go, Je pense que tu ferais mieux de dire à tes amis de partir, (The term 'point initial' refers to about 3 miles away from the runway, used for preparing landing alignment. Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association Find it free on the store. This is a courtesy call advising that we are about to enter your airspace." If a controller needs to space the aircraft out to maintain separation, he/she can specify a position at which the pilot should break. Carin didn't expect it, as session players are generally considered "work for hire" and rarely included in these lucrative credits. Don’t succumb to “mic fright.” Get help mastering radio communications with the interactive online course Say It Right from AOPA’s Air Safety Institute. The pilot went on and on about fighting the Fokkers when the teacher interrupted and told the class that the Fokker was a model of German fighter. The student pilot came back on the radio. Stick around cause I'm about to show you The AIM's "Pilot/Controller Glossary" (P/CG) answers your questions. Please reference authorship and copyright of material used, including link(s) to and the material webpage. IAD Tower: "Delta 560, how close was it?" If there's any sleep at night Can't keep my eyes from the circling sky, tongue-tied and twisted, just an earthbound misfit, I". I can't recall the callsigns so I'll just call them A and B. Callsign A (ground crew): "Callsign B. A student doing touch-and-go's reported flying past some geese on his downwind leg. Only skeletons to hide Prop won't feather. Tom a keen poker player, was sat in front of the screen. And you'll feel uncomfortable Friction locks cause throttle levers to stick. Pilot: Ok then, I'll fly around in straight lines. Pilot: "Well, I can tell you one thing, it was a white boy flying it." These communications examples provide a wealth of material also for for students of transactional analysis and effective rapport-building. If you have a question, "verify" is the word you use to ensure you have the right information. Northwest 605: "Roger, we will follow the Smurf-Jet." I've never seen it." (Ack 'a former ATC'), A young, newly checked out local controller at Logan Airport granted the request of a Trans Portuguese "707" to use non-active 15R (the longest runway) for departure and cleared the plane to "taxi into position and hold". "Centre, we are at 35,000 feet. I told the trainee that he might want to let me know what the breed of the dog was, since I had never seen a dog with antlers.


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