All information gathered by the project will be publicly available under an open license. broadband maps The Broadband Maps are a cutting-edge ICT-data mapping platform taking stock of national backbone connectivity: optical fibres, microwave links, satellite earth stations, and IXPs as well as of other key metrics of the ICT sector. Palisades, NY: Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC), Columbia University. The data for building the infographics have been collected through: Primary sources: Reply to an official request for information (RFI) document has been sent to all Regions outlining the purpose of the project for operators, indicating what level of detail is required, and what format the data is to be published. Global Rural-Urban Mapping Project, Version 1 (GRUMPv1): Population Density Grid. Handling Restrictions-- N/A or Blank --Character Count: 8444. This list was initially developed as part of AfTerFibre, a project to map terrestrial fibre optic cable projects in Africa. Specifically with respect to the Africa region, copyright on the relevant information is jointly owned by ITU and ECOWAS. A minimum 1Ghz CPU and 2GB RAM is recommended. The collection of data as well as their validation from concerned Operators/Administrations is currently a work in progress. The data for submarine cables displayed in this map are dated 11 August 2017 and it will be constantly updated with new data available at TeleGeography’s GitHub account ( Greg's Cable Map [ Main Menu | Index | Raw Data | KML] Active Cables Future Cables Move over a cable for more info. For more information: Partnership: A number of organizations do already research and produce transmission network maps for particular countries or regions, for various technical reasons. Framework and methodology for the ITU Interactive Transmission Maps Project, End of Validation Process Letters (by regions), Disclaimer for the ITU Interactive Transmission Maps, Collaboration with ESCAP for ASP Terrestrial Maps, Collaboration with ECOWAS for AFR Terrestrial Maps, Circular Letter for Validation Process of the Transmission Maps (by regions). Satellite cable delivery has been the standard for many years. The collection of data for the infographics as well as their validation is currently a work in progress. Specifically with respect to the Asia Pacific region, copyright on the relevant information is jointly owned by ITU and ESCAP. The Broadband Maps are a cutting-edge ICT-data mapping platform taking stock of national backbone connectivity: optical fibres, microwave links, satellite earth stations, and IXPs as well as of other key metrics of the ICT sector. Full details regarding the sources for the data are available via the TIES version.To register for the TIES version please click here. For help using this application please refer to the Help & Sources section. Welcome to the ITU Interactive Transmission Map. The map and data will always remain free, and I'm confident the new custodians will do the project justice. ITU and the other entities cooperating in this project expressly disclaim any liability for errors or omissions in the content of the infographics, and shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages arising out of the use of or inability to use the infographics. Depending on your location and goals, one or both may be the best option for your delivery. ORDER HERE: https://www. The Asian segment of the TEA terrestrial cable network may run over: The TEA terrestrial cable network enables a short latency and stable solution for traffic transiting Europe and Asia. Home > ITU-D > Technology & Network Development > Interactive Transmission Maps, * TIES login required. GRENADIAN UFO RESOLUTION: Date: 1977 December 1, 00:00 (Thursday) Canonical ID: 1977USUNN05161_c. For more information:, Data concerning internet exchange points are provided by TeleGeography. Locator: TEXT ON MICROFILM,TEXT ONLINE. China Unicom and TTK offer 10Gbps solution over the ERA and transit China network. ITU holds copyright in the information available on this Web site, unless otherwise indicated. Coaxial cable - all our cable is suitable for analogue or digital, cable TV, satellite or terrestrial TV and radio (but not CB radio). The source for the Asian Highway and Trans-Asian Railway networks is the ESCAP Secretariat. The stakeholders of the transit Europe-Asia terrestrial cable networks have taken measures to upgrade the capacity on the terrestrial network and make it economically feasible for internet traffic: All Rights Reserved,, Orange Launches Djoliba, the First Pan-West African Network, TGA Cable Activates First Direct Connection between Sydney and Hamilton, Telecom Egypt signs agreement with St Helena Government to provide it with its first subsea solution, GTT Sells Infrastructure Division to I Squared Capital for $2.15 Billion, Seaborn Activates AMX-1 Cable with Infinera’s ICE Technology, US DoJ Approves Liberty Latin America Acquisition of AT&T Operations in Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Telecom Egypt is building Egypt's largest international data center, Transit Europe-Asia (TEA) Terrestrial Cable Network, KDDI and Rostelecom to upgrade the TEA and RJCN to offer 10Gbps wavelength, China Telecom and Rostelecom to upgrade the TEA and cross border terrestrial transmission system to 200Gbps, Southern Cross Cable Network Topology and Key Parameters, AAG Cable Network Structure and Key Features, Seabras-1 Submarine Cable System Highlights, Transit Europe-Asia (TEA) Upgrades to 200 Gbps, the territory of China via cross border interconnections between Rostelecom and its Chinese partners (China Telecom and China Unicom); or, the territory of Japan via the Russia-Japan Submarine Cable Network (.


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