– i live near Tregear and i go there often to the small shopping area there almost daily . It’s living proof that simply having a Westfield shopping centre and decent educational facilities along with good public transport can’t offset the overall culture of a suburb despite the efforts of local authorities to paint it as such. Its one saving grace will be proximity to the University of Western Sydney and TAFE, but that does nothing to detract from Kingswood’s numerous incidents of crime that occur in plain sight on a daily basis. It’s off you think the north shore is synonymous with pymble, chatswood and killara. Some agents pay us an ongoing retainer for the services we provide. According to the Urban Living Index, Crows Nest is the most liveable suburb in Sydney. Top Follow us on Facebook. Ambarvale should just name them all Claymore they all go off like one. “Tregear ranks as the cheapest place to buy property in all of Sydney for a reason.”. Another tool is the Urban Living Index , an ongoing measure of the livability of suburbs in Sydney developed by McCrindle. One day watching Youtube vids of GTA5 where the player was running around stabbing ppl. Ultimately, it will come down to your budget and where you think you and your family will feel comfortable. Note these are not ranked in any particular order. Claymore was also ranked among the five most disadvantaged suburbs in all of New South Wales during an independent study conducted in 2015 factoring in a mix of indicators ranging from education levels, criminal convictions and juvenile offences. Sydney's West is an up and coming region that has seen livability improve over the last few years. Hillsong shit? I have never seen any such issues and the people there are friendly . Finally, if budget is less of an issue then the North Shore, Northern Beaches and Eastern suburbs will not disappoint, with plenty of excellent private schools and access to ample green space and water. Parramatta and Rosehill ranked the highest in the region in the Urban Living Index, as well as Domain's livability study, with Harris Park also making a feature. I completely agree with Matt , in my opinion he is spot on. “Sure, there’s potentially good value for money in terms of the property market considering Blacktown’s nice mix of facilities – but when prices are relatively low in Sydney despite this, it’s a sign something’s up.”. Really? Step outside the station and you’ll often be immediately harassed by teenagers for money, while pickpocketing is also common. You have to feel for the hardworking residents on the “good” side of the tracks, as while it’s better it still carries the stigma of the suburb as a whole which can be a turn off when trying to sell property. Most of the places you mentioned are ethnic hell holes populated by people whose only response to living in Australia is to rob and rort the system. To be eligible for our retainer product, they must satisfy certain benchmarks and then maintain the highest level of quality. Suburbs in the area have a more laid back feeling than those closer to the city. Together with affordability and improving transport links, the west is an increasingly popular destination for a wide demographic of buyers. 10. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Welcome to Shalvey, where you’ll want to invest half of that budget in home security, and the rest in weapons for those times you DO leave your new home!”. Many suburbs here rank highly in the Urban Living Index including: Surry Hills, Marrickville, Newtown, Rhodes, Balmain, Glebe, Waterloo, Chippendale, Erskineville and Alexandria. As its name might suggest, Sydney's Inner West lies immediately to the west of the Sydney CBD. Proximity to a workplace might be the biggest priority for young professionals, however, for young families more space is often more important. Loads of traffic, poor public transport options. Rooty Hill, Whalen and Tregear take top honours as a place of hell on earth. 12. In fact, nearly 80 per cent of all homes in this region are classed as family households with children. 7. Even visiting the hospital here feels unsafe, which should be the last place you’d want to have that inkling. Families are likely to prioritise proximity to good schools and safer areas. Move to Camden and the median house price drops to $680,250, or Fairfield where it is a similar $680,000. Go to work go home go to shops go home. Although in the end, most of us have to make some form of compromise, such as looking at adjoining suburbs or being flexible with the property type. Where unemployment rates head over a rate of 40% to those aged up to 24 years old, it’s no surprise that desperation and crime soon follow. I wouldn’t change coming to Bankstown for the world! As is the case with any large greater urban area however, Sydney does have a number of areas that both crime statistics and the “eye test” will mark as dangerous suburbs overall. Another unfortunate housing commission hotspot that’s stuck in a perpetual poverty and welfare cycle without seemingly any chance of recovery, Shalvey (as well as the other Mt. 12. Merrylands has also been cited as the origin point for a number of terrorist plots within Australia by special police forces, and it also tied first for its quantity of attempted murders over the last calendar year. For a lot of people, money is a big factor - that is the specific cost of the property relative to others within a suburb. 8. 10 Best Sydney Suburbs to Live in for 2020. People from Indonesia(12%) like to live in this suburb. With its own beach, an excellent cafe culture and some attractively priced homes, Maroubra is definitely worth a look. Bankstown represent. There were 4 murderers arrested over a few years. 9. Personally I agree with a lot of the comments through my own experiences witnessing significant change over the past 40 years (from when I was growing up there). The unit price in Harris Park is $458,500, while units in Rosehill are an even more competitive $425,000. If two people are having a quiet conversation [doing nothing inappropriate] and get yelled at to shut the f up, that’s worse than if they were making a massive scene in public and get yelled at to shut the f up. Properties here are relatively affordable and include older houses and gleaming new apartment complexes. Lived in Auburn 28 years it’s ok now Lidcombe same it’s ok the problems mentioned can be in any suburb any time I am comfortable here . It’s probably appropriate, given the occurrence of multiple stabbings which haven taken place in its public spaces over the years. Not sure this article is any good I completely disagree with Auburn- writer need to do more research – Auburn now is home to many Nepalese migrants and you can see plenty of Nepalese people walking around station and one the street- who are fairly calm in nature!! And I go there shopping all the time and never see any cars tailgating or doing burnouts!! If visiting, you’ll also want to avoid parking on the streets as there’s a good chance you’ll end up with a smashed car window if leaving your vehicle there for too long. With its own beach, an excellent cafe culture and some attractively priced homes, Opt for a beachside suburb like Cronulla and prices rise to a median of $2 million for houses and $775,500 units. The Weekly FAQ: advice on Airbnb landlord rights, selling tenanted homes and absentee land taxes. It all starts with the suburb’s large concentration of housing commission blocks around its train station, which leads to all the associated drama, petty crime and other social issues that entails. The east has a wide property landscape from Victorian terraces to glitzy medium density high rises and art deco inspired apartments. Lots of crime from the housing commission block. Want us to cover your Sydney suburb? People from China(7%) like to live in this suburb. When choosing the best suburb in Sydney for you, it's important to weigh up the factors that are most important to you. The real estate landscape across the area varies, with everything from stunning waterfront houses to federation mansions and lower density apartment blocks. Tregear is number one aye ?? If anything, the prevalence of suburbs such as this on high-crime-rate rankings is a testament for why creating entire suburbs clustered around public housing based on dated models and planning principles just doesn’t work. Cheapest suburbs to buy in Melbourne 2019. Car break-ins are frequent and abandoned cars can often be found on the streets, with many streets crammed with cars from large families sharing a single dwelling. That being said, some suburbs by the water are serviced by ferry. 1. There are more Flat(69%) in this suburb. Affordability is the big attraction here in the Southwest, with four bedroom family homes well under the Sydney median of $1 million. Mount Druitt,St Marys,rooty Hill see yous no nothing about crimes unless u seen them and never returned back there again and yes them places u all mentioned well not so good but not the worst in them towns of high crimes . Are the Christians committing street crime? Buyers might find the suburb more affordable with the median house price sitting at $1,769,500, and units at $820,000. Generally well-lit, with solid infrastructure and low total crime rates, there are few spots in Sydney where you’ll ever have to feel truly unsafe – even at night. Many houses in this suburb are Rented(60%). It can trace this heritage back to the 1980s when it was designated a housing commission project and has not had much luck or chance to evolve ever since. I’ve lived in shalvey for yrs and yes it can be a tuff place to live at time but no matter where u live it is wat u make it if u won’t trouble u will get it whether it’s shalvey or Vaucluse I’ve never had my car stolen house broken into al my kids go to school and 2 older one are excelling in there jobs myself have worked since I was 16 as to many of other ppl in the area there are a lot of hard workers and good ppl out here maybe the author should come out and have a bbq with us al one day to get to no some. The other places are populated by Australian drop kicks who seem to only exist to suck money from the government, steal, get drugged up and bash each other. Not only are these suburbs close to the CBD, but they're also still relatively affordable. Have a think about the factors that make a suburb desirable. Our modern life is normally a cycle of going to work, going to the shops and going home. Again, not every buyer will need to tick every box, but a high score is a good indicator of liveability. A hostile atmosphere soon follows, and turns people considering moving there from elsewhere or even visiting for the day to do some shopping off. “Rude harassment against women doing nothing inappropriate” It’s again an area with little infrastructure, employment (one of the highest levels of unemployment in the state of NSW), or hope overall despite having some quality nature in the impressively roomy and well-equipped Tregear Reserve. Sydney Suburb Reviews aims to be your go-to source for choosing a suburb to live in Sydney, with 100% unbiased breakdowns and profiles of each Sydney suburb. It’s also a suburb that has two faces in that there’s a literal “wrong side of the track” demarcation that separates its standard, better area from its concentrated slice of housing commission spots. There are more Flat(69%) in this suburb. Fighting in the streets, frequent muggings when coming home from the station at night, and even past instances of machete attacks and murders have all occurred in Doonside.


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