Thus, other imaging tests are done, such as the following: Picture 3: Splenectomy Image source:, When the spleen is removed, the body becomes more prone to infections. Sleep Location and Anatomy. The spleen can be felt by your doctor when it becomes enlarged or inflamed. Spleen pain may radiate to the shoulder, mid back, umbilicus, left side of the chest and less frequently to the right side of the abdomen. Usually, a contrast dye may be used to ensure the images are more visible. So, the organ controls the amount of RBC (red blood cells) as well as the blood stored in your body. If you have sharp pain in the left upper portion of the abdomen while breathing in or sneezing, it can be due to spleen problem or infection. In laparotomy, the spleen is removed through a single incision in the abdomen. However, this part of the abdomen is also the location of other organs like the kidney, stomach, and the colonic flexure. A doctor may order ultrasound test. Spleen infract can lead to reduced blood supply to the spleen causing further tissue death. Mononucleosis – the abnormal elevation of mononuclear monocyte levels in the blood caused by a viral infection, leading to fever and swollen lymph nodes, Toxoplasmosis – a parasitic infection caused by Toxoplasma gondii, which is transmitted by cats, Injuries while playing sports such as hockey and football, The most important treatment for spleen pain is splenectomy, especially when the pain is caused by a splenic infarct or a splenic rupture.
A spleen is the small, fist-sized organ that sits under your ribcage. The problem can be even more serious if the trauma was focused on the left side of the body. Aside from the left side of the abdomen, spleen pain may radiate towards other parts of the body, such as the shoulders, left side of the chest, back, and umbilicus. You need emergency treatment to repair or remove the spleen. Therefore, stop playing contact sports like hockey, football or soccer. The kind of treatment depends on the underlying cause and the general health of the spleen. So, you can suffer from digestive problems, inflammation, and other problems. Stay away from processed foods, sugary foods and snacks, low-quality animal products, and refined vegetable oils.

The doctor would look for underlying medical cause for splenomegaly.

The pain becomes worse after having large meals since the expanded stomach would exert pressure on the spleen.

This kind of scan can also reveal if there are problems with the spleen. So, it can trigger additional signs like: Ruptured spleen needs immediate medical treatment to avoid fatal complications. Tenderness and discomfort may be noted upon palpation or after eating due to the distended stomach. The whole procedure is observed through a monitor connected to the laparoscope. It also helps in recycling of iron and globin component found within the hemoglobin molecule. Spleen pain is a symptom and may be accompanied by other symptoms. procedure involves fewer incisions and ensures a speedy recovery. When this occurs, it results in tissue injury because of lack of oxygen, a situation referred to as hypoxia.

A doctor will conduct splenectomy where the spleen is removed using a surgical procedure. Again, a contrast dye may be applied to help measure flow of blood to the spleen during an MRI. The spleen is a purple colored organ measuring about 4-5 inches long and located in the upper left quadrant of the abdomen. Ultimately, an enlarged spleen can result in complete damage or destruction of sectors of the organ. Certain infections like mononucleosis (caused by virus), toxoplasmosis (caused by parasite) and endocarditis (caused by bacteria) may cause pain in the spleen. So, your doctor can repair the tear. [8] The symptoms of a ruptured spleen are the following: Spleen rupture is diagnosed through a physical examination. Therefore, any unusual pain in the upper left quadrant of the abdomen is a cause for concern, and should be checked by your doctor. It is the blood cancer, which originates in a person’s bone marrow. Therefore, your doctor performs diagnostic tests to determine the right surgical option for your problem.
This involves a needle being inserted in a bone and taking sample of the marrow to be tested.

Enlarged spleen rarely causes pain. Spleen Pain Location. It can determine the size of the spleen and detect any abnormality in its size. You also need to get enough hydration (through IV) to get relief. The spleen also stores red blood cells, platelets, and infection-fighting white blood cells. However, this part of the abdomen is also the location of other organs like the kidney, stomach, and the colonic flexure. In this case, a patient has a feeling of pressure and not actually a normal pain. All rights reserved. It will help detect the problem easily. Spleen pain can cause severe discomfort. If it occurs after strenuous, Brown Menstrual (Period) Blood and Black Vaginal Bleeding, Midday Slump and Afternoon Dips (Fatigue) Causes and Prevention. It is also advised that the patients must not go to malaria-infected areas. So, it helps kill the dangerous microorganism and prevent the spread of infection. In this type of test, X-rays are used to create detailed images for the area of the abdomen. Although this condition is assumed to be the commonest caused of spleen pain, this is not always the case and many a time, it rarely causes pain. This health website is for informational purposes only and Is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. This organ is located in the hypochondrium of the abdomen, within the area under the left ribcage. I am a voracious reader with interests ranging from fiction, science, to non-fiction topics. pain refers to the pain or agony you can feel in the left.

Main causes are splenic infarction, splenic abscess and rupture. If only a portion of the spleen is removed, it is referred to as partial splenectomy. This may sometimes be visible and feel like a hard knot or ball and is not due to enlargement of the spleen (splenomegaly).

1. Under normal circumstances, when the spleen is not enlarged, it cannot be palpated.

Examples of infections causing spleen pain and enlargement are as follows: Splenomegaly refers to the enlargement of the spleen. You can also consult with your doctor about the additional vaccinations that you can take. The video can provide images of the spleen, which the surgeon views on a monitor. When you experience symptoms, it includes: In most cases, your doctor treats enlarged spleen by addressing the underlying health problem. Your spleen is the frequently affected organ during an injury or trauma. The splenic rupture can lead to blood leaking out. A number of diseases and conditions can cause an enlarged spleen. Therefore mild to moderate splenomegaly should not elicit notable pain. Rupture of spleen can happen due to severe trauma or injury to the abdominal area. treatment options suggested for overcoming spleen pain. You need to take all the vaccinations to avoid any health risk. It will help you get relief from pain and avoid further complications. The T cells and B cells present in the white pulp tissue helps your immune system to fight against infections. The area around the upper left part of the body may also be very tender on touch or may be slightly swollen as well. Using magnetic waves, it helps create detailed images of a patient’s abdomen. You need to avoid a direct blow to your abdomen, which causes a splenic rupture.

It may cause pain the left abdomen and the pain may progress towards the left shoulder. In this procedure, images of the abdomen area are taken through bouncing harmless sound waves just off the organ to see images of the spleen. You can overcome spleen pain by addressing the root cause of the problem. It is provided by prescribing appropriate analgesia. The spleen lies at the level of the 9th to 11th ribs which means that it is tucked under the left ribcage. Also, a blunt force trauma that causes fracturing of the rib may mean that the fractured rib penetrates the spleen causing it to rupture. Due to the obstruction, oxygen-rich blood cannot reach certain areas of the spleen and this results in ischemia (tissue injury due to hypoxia) and eventually an infarct. Article was last reviewed on August 6th, 2018. Try to include stress-relieving activities in your life to prevent spleen pain.

Car accidents can cause spleen rupture causing abnormal blood leakage into the abdominal cavity causing death. So, include food rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Thus it helps the immune system of the body. The bleeding intensity depends on the size of the rupture.

Spleen Location. You need to eat a nutritious diet to strengthen your lymphatic system and spleen. Hence, vaccinations become necessary. The spleen removal surgery known as a splenectomy saves you from fatal complications when you suffer from: Two types of surgical procedures can remove your spleen. A number of other causes of pain in this area are discussed in the articles below and should be investigated and excluded before diagnosing spleen pain. You can experience a compromise in blood supply due to arterial blockages or trauma. The most common is the computerized tomography (CT) scan. Chronic stress can also affect your lymphatic and digestive system. Spleen pain is usually felt in the upper left quadrant of the abdomen, at the lower part of the rib cage along the flank. risk associated with the problem and prevent. The most common cause of an arterial blockage leading to a splenic infarct is due to an embolus. The pain usually worsens during breathing and after eating large or heavy meals. But, it is possible to live without the organ. The severity of the rupture can also directly influence the location of the pain. It will help the lymphatic system to drain fluids properly and avoid spleen problems. The organ can surgically be removed without causing impairment in the quality of life of an individual, however, when removed, it may cause one to be prone to infections. In most of the cases, your doctor detects the problem during routine physical examination. The main function of your spleen is to act as a good blood filter.

CT scans are the sophisticated x-rays images offering a cross-sectional view of the spleen. Laparoscopy, on the other hand, is a less invasive procedure involving three or four small holes in the abdomen. It is the safest option available to save your spleen. While the white pulp tissue in the spleen has immune cells. It will keep you protected by different types of illness. There are also claims that colonoscopy, a diagnostic procedure used to observe the large intestine, also increases the risk of rupturing the spleen. Any trauma or infection to the organ can increase the WBC (White Blood Cells). Your email address will not be published.


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