Stereo-Federbeine in Chrom mit Speichenfelgen bitte, doppelte Chromtüten und ein polierter Motordeckel. The fit and finish of the rest of the bike isn’t bad either – the only thing that really lets it down is the budget suspension. 3 year warranty will take care of anyhting I would hope. We took the Interceptor around the MCN250 test route against two of its main rivals in the form of the Triumph Street Twin (£8100) and Kawasaki W800 (£8645). A three year warranty on a 6 grand bike!. Smoooooooth for a twin and enough power to keep in front of traffic. Die Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor macht es einem leicht sie zu mögen. War da noch was? depends if you change the stock seat . Bikini screen (More cosmetic than practical) also crash bars. The new six-speed gearbox (an Enfield first!) See the full range of colours here. Die Interceptor - das Comeback einer Legende. Die dünnen Reifen, das komfortable, aber stabile Fahrwerk – nichts davon schreit dir ins Ohr, dass du jetzt irgendwie die Sau rauslassen solltest. Reduced to the max, warb Smart mal auf Neudeutsch. Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 cc - Explore specifications, colours, engine, reviews, gallery and more about Interceptor. Only covered 1400 miles but in all weathers and so far the finish is really good. Powered by an air-oil cooled parallel 650 twin, the 2017 Interceptor came with 7" headlight, twin clock front and quilted twin seat. The Royal Enfield test riders say their brief for this bike was to make it fun and they’ve succeeded. You can buy a Touring seat for the Interceptor from Royal Enfield dealers for around £150 and this is a far better option if you want to cover big miles. The bike's available in six tank colours: Orange Crush, Mark Three or Silver Spectre (all £5699), Baker Express - below - or Ravishing Red (both £5899), and Glitter and Dust, which costs £6199. Although the book says service and oil/filter change every 3000, I have been told that the oil/filter change can be at 6000. It takes me back to my days of the RD400,s and a more simple biking experience, no full leathers,, feeling you need to race everyone on the road. finish ok . © Royal Enfield 2020 Hinweis: Abgebildete Produkte können von der Serie abweichen. Also R.E. Es ist wahrscheinlich wie immer: Einfach mal ausprobieren, wenn es passt, dann passt es. Erfahren Sie mehr über die Geschichte des Comebacks. It aint a sports bike but it is a proficient engine capable of good sensible speeds and overtakes. Probably the best bit of this bike. And thanks to its relatively low cost, the Interceptor makes a great base for a custom bike, with plenty of parts available. This is a fairly important step for India-based Royal Enfield. Accessories and parts are dirt cheap, 6000 mile service interval which is only oil,filter, easy valve clearances and plugs, hardly gonna break the bank. Seat a little hard for long rides out but fine for an hour or two at a push. good fun to own. even though I had already serviced it the dealer had to do it again for the warranty, paid £160. I use it for commuting a mix of rural and urban roads and it is comfortable and smooth, but, if you do need to overtake, a quick twist and it’s whooshing and purring past whatever that was. Riding along you start wondering where they’ve saved the money, then you come across some challenging corners and it all becomes painfully apparent. 45 years on motorcycles, had every R1,last two bikes , new zx10r and carbon H2. Wenn Sie der Verwendung von Cookies nicht zustimmen, funktionieren alle Funktionen der Website möglicherweise nicht wie beabsichtigt. Eher so mittel, man kann sich problemlos draufschwingen. A dual cradle frame with a rear loop makes up the core, by way of a nod to the original Interceptor. Unhelpful importer that gives no regard to its dealers performance, ongoing electrical problems, faulty batteries and ignition switch these are common problems Der Twin Motor ist die perfekte Basis für unbeschwertes Fahrvergnügen. This engine — and the Interceptor it drives — is meant to carry the company into the foreseeable future with a (slightly) more modern design and performance envelope. The Caballero, starting at £6399 (although not in this Deluxe spec), is priced close enough to be a valid, if slightly niche, alternative that a B-road connoisseur will enjoy. Die Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor ist im Kern ihres neu entwickelten Twins ein modernes Motorrad, welches aber reduziert ist. Wir geben auch Informationen über Ihre Nutzung unserer Website an Analytics-Partner weiter, die diese möglicherweise mit anderen Informationen kombinieren, die Sie ihnen zur Verfügung gestellt haben oder die sie aus Ihrer Nutzung ihrer Dienste gesammelt haben. But not a sports bike remember that. Manch einer wird das altertümliche Aussehen nicht als retro bezeichnen, sondern die Schuld der Produktion in Indien anlasten wollen, die könnten es eben nicht besser. Bei 7.100 Touren. Finish seems good, but I suspect you need to keep on top of chrome and alloys. Surprising torque for a relatively low powered bike. Nothing exceptional but nothing bad eaither. Breaks are as good as I’ve had over the years. Warum nur gelten 100 PS als notwendige Untergrenze? Not all dealers have the same standard of servicing the bike. Very friendly and helpful with good after sales. The good news is that the spirit of the ‘street trailie’ is alive and well. Auch die beiden Farben des Tanks, unterbrochen von einer goldenen Linie – das sieht fein und edel aus. During our time with the Interceptor on the MCN Fleet in 2020, we installed some S&S slip-on end cans, a high-flow air filter and an air filter restrictor removal kit. typical!! All registered in England and Wales. If that’s not enough, every new bike came with a three-year unlimited mileage warranty, so there was peace of mind when purchasing an Interceptor, too. It was launched alongside the Continental GT roadster, but the Interceptor is the most popular model by a significant margin. Ach ja, ein ABS hat die 650 Enfield. Es geht entschlossen voran und nichts lenkt ab. So retro and look great. Their knowledge of the bike however was woeful and after sales non existent. @ 400 miles. It’s worth some of the extra cash over the Interceptor 650 for all its niceties, but for the pure riding experience there’s little to separate the two, which just goes to show what an incredible job Royal Enfield have done and why the 650 is our winner. Pirelli provide the tyres (although 18" sizes don’t leave many aftermarket options). The retro clocks are nice too and they’ve even got a fuel gauge, although they’re not as feature rich as the ones on the Royal Enfield Himalayan, which is a bit of a shame. It’s not built for touring but great for 100 miles or so. So how do the two measure up when pitted head-to-head around the MCN 250? Also even better MPG (Which is already good) Fitted Givi Top Box- which only will go on if I go away for a weekend etc, Buying experience: Very good and paid £5700 OTR Great deal and salesman was very easy going and good/. Man möchte irgendwie gegen den Reifen treten und etwas Tiefsinniges von sich geben wie: „Früher war alles besser“ oder so. Many owners report the standard seat is a little firm, which makes extended riding a bit of a chore. It’s light, easy to ride, fun and handles incredibly well. Rasen tut man nicht nur deshalb nicht, weil die Kraft dazu nicht reicht, sondern weil es völlig überflüssig wäre. Sie ist weder Superbike, noch Adventure oder Naked – sie ist einfach ein Motorrad wie früher, als es diese ganzen Bezeichnungen noch nicht gab. Which is no different to if you had a Bonneville or Harley (Different league but same problems re cleaning). Purrs into life as expected every morning and gets me to work! Mit Retro-Look und moderner Technologie ist die Interceptor 650 der ideale Partner für eine entspannte Tour. In May 2020 a recall was issued for this bike due to corroding Bybre brake calipers. But when you get higher speeds on you get buffeted. Despite its budget price there’s some decent kit. Das Fahrwerk, das in Zusammenarbeit mit dem legendären Harris Performance Team entwickelt wurde, verspricht eine hervorragende Balance zwischen Stabilität und hervorragendem Handling. I just love it. The indians have knocked out a good bike, the sales prove that. So far 1000 miles if has not missed a beat. Would have had 5 stars but for the seat. I’ve saved the best bit till last too: the average age of an Enfield owner in India is 27. The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 is a retro naked middleweight with a 649cc engine that makes 47bhp, meaning it's A2 compliant. lots of add on,s out there to make it your own . This roadster is a great base for a custom build. There is also a Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 new for 2018, which is very similar to the Interceptor 650. Much longer and it gets a bit tiring. If you’re of an age that remembers the hooliganistic joy of a Honda Dominator shod with Avon Gripsters, Fantic have rekindled that – and then some. take it easy on the interceptor, enjoy the countryside and the noise of the bike. Its a pretty basic bike. In fact, it's one of the best-selling bikes in the country at time of publication. Sounds like a bargain to us. At weekends it asks to be taken out for a swoosh around a few bends but it is not a bike that makes you ride fast, so your wife probably doesn’t mind that. Das ist im besten Falle Blödsinn, um es mal ganz deutlich zu sagen. The Interceptor 650 was launched in 2017, which was debuted at EICMA, Milan by Royal Enfield CEO Siddhartha Lal and President, Rudratej Singh. The Interceptor 650 top speed video from PowerDrift further solidify the company claims as the rider is seen doing speeds in excess of 170 kph on the meter. Basic equipment but non the worse for it. It still oozes old-school Enfield simplicity, but it’s well-built, classily finished and packed with well thought-out detail touches. Es ist schwierig, eine Konkurrenz zu bestimmen. Watch the video above to hear Jeremy talk about the golden age of the Interceptor and how he celebrates the bike's greatest following on the American West Coast. In my previous update I was almost evangelical about my new Continental rubber, and irony came home to roost just days later when an unexpected rear-end wiggle on a local B-road told me most of the air had e…. well what do you need?. The narrow tank is stamped with a classic badge and topped with a Monza-style fuel cap. You can choose exhaust options from the likes of Zard, Tec and S&S, and the latter company can also supply various motor mods to increase performance, including an 850cc big-bore kit and wilder cams. Great engine and handling. Nicht auf der großen Reise, nein in Odenwald und Spessart war ich damit unterwegs. Wenn Sie mehr über Cookies und das Deaktivieren erfahren möchten, klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche Datenschutz- und Cookie-Richtlinien. Die Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor ist im Kern ihres neu entwickelten Twins ein modernes Motorrad, welches aber reduziert ist. Es ist, als ob die Royal Enfield Welpenschutz genießt: Jeder, der sie erkennt, lässt dich in Ruhe ziehen. Eine der schwersten Aufgaben im Motorraddesign muss es sein, Retro-Mobile zu entwerfen. Its a whole different type of biking, jeans ,jacket, country roads at traffic speeds and above. VAT no 918 5617 01 Handling is fine especially two up.


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