Christ, those OE tyres are crap (you should've read the Used Guide - Ed). royal enfield 250 crusader, crusader sport engine clutch arm ref b1t. Much of the following, therefore, will doubtless sup... My cousin had owned the 1980 Yam XS250 since new, 17 years worth of riding adding up to 54000 miles. Anyway I fixed up the Crusader and rode it all over the place. Took me a while to work out that the mild glimmer from the front headlamp was main beam - about what you'd expect from a C50. £6.99. ****************************************************. A word from the owner halted them seemingly in mid flight, though not before I'd been reduced to a nervous wreck. I think with a bit of careful rebuilding and good quality parts you could make a very usable bike. Luckily, on the wife's insistence, I was wearing one of those fluorescent bibs that stood out from about half a mile away. It taught me a lot about about repair and maintenance as it was always breaking down - and it leaked loads of oil. For further questions please contact original owner at Ebay. After nearly breaking every bone in my leg I enlisted some help. Well cared for by last owner . This manual also for: 250 clipper, Crusader sports. It didn't make much difference to my forward vision, the street lights giving plenty of illumination. I don't care how patriotic you want to be, there's very little that's good that can be said about SLS drum brakes. The toolkit contained several spare bulbs, so it was an inbuilt fault, like those old Kawasaki triples coming with spare spark plugs! We hope you find what you are searching for! At this point the front drum suddenly locked on! The gearbox was solid and reliable, with its four speeds well placed. A word of warning, though, it's always best to appear in person at these stores to check the selected bits very carefully, there are a lot of crap ill-fitting spares. See more ideas about Royal enfield, 250cc, Repair and maintenance. A series of jerks and twitches followed but she eventually pulled out of it. ... just need a bit of positive input from those in the know. royal enfield brand new complete 4 … Crusader Sports 250 cc single 1959–1966 A unit construction 248 cc OHV engine with 17 bhp. A bit more sporty as the standard Crusader. Not when you need to stop on a dime. After a few months, out of curiosity, I contacted the bloke to find that he'd exported the bike to Japan where's there a booming market for old British Iron. As a second bike, full of character and amusement, it's a fine little thumper in the true tradition of British engineering - warts and all! Basically, he had to suss me out, which included many exaggerated tales of my youth on Bantams and Tiger Cubs in the seventies. try asking a plumber, they bend tube's without kinking, or warm the bars up and try, 250 Crusader my first bike. The past owner looked a bit shocked when I admitted that I was going to ride it home - through the mild drizzle! It seems that I fell into this trap when I first rebuilt the Enfield. It still dribbled out of the engine breather, just enough to annoy people by leaving a puddle on their driveways! We would have gone down the road, had I not got a boot down. £319.50. The sprockets looked okay so a new length of chain was acquired and knocked on. On arrival, I could quite understand his reluctance, the Crusader shared garage space with a couple of Vinnies, a Gold Star and numerous other venerable Brits as well as a couple of vicious looking dogs! I had one of these and it was a dog but I loved it, Description Price : GBP 4,750 (Fixed) Date : September 10, 2018 Condition : Used Year : 1966 Model : Continental Mileage : 29660 Location :Chesterfeild, United Kingdom 1966 Royal Enfield Crusader GT Frame number 71059 Excellent GT 250cc Single , Motor rebuilt in 2007 @ 29179 , today 29660 . So far I've done 12,700 miles. But I loved it! This bloke was a pain in the arse except for one redeeming feature, he started the heap after ten minutes of fiddling with the timing (I never did master the art...). There was a slight but definite weave at 70mph, but then the swinging arm had period piece swinging arm mounts that Honda's engineers, for instance, would've balked at on their CG125 and given its old style Avons it was quite impressive in the way it handled most roads. Knowing that a word from him would send the dogs into killer mode, I immediately added that it would be the one and only time! This turned out to be a shot oil ring. I winked at the owner, gave her some throttle and left the dogs barking insanely! Invoice supplied . I have a new fly screen but as of yet I have not fitted it . Then one fine spring day, as I was hurtling round a tight left-hander, I was thrown off, and watched in horror as the machine slid with a vengeance towards the ditch by the side of the road. On an interesting note, one the Sport's brothers was called the Continental, styled and built after the factory asked some apprentices what they wanted to ride - not a bad idea! (See main article Royal Enfield Bullet.) The horn was similarly minimal, pushbike status. The jerk in the cage finally eyeing the approaching bike, did the decent thing at last - put his foot down, allowing me to miss his back end by about half an inch. If not then stick around here - we'll do our best to keep the great stories coming. Not a great problem, eventually it all merges into the background, brain getting used to its brutal ways. Old Brits do not have adequate brakes. I h... A low mileage, 1980 Honda RS250 turned up in the local rag. I should've been suspicious but the immaculate 1972 Triumph 250 Trail Blazer stood before me in all its single cylinder glory. A degree of paranoia was involved because old Brits stashed in garages were prime targets for North London crooks. I ended up with a motorcycle that wouldn't look out of place in a classic show except for one problem, I couldn't start the bastard. Until they see its neat resprayed and rechromed chassis. All contents of this Web site are copyright © 2007-2020 of the Royal Enfield Owners Club. As my finances improved I bought a new GPZ500S, and the same thing happened, only this was the bellypan that had the back wheel off the ground and me in the hedge. Typical September night. Explore motosanglaises' photos on Flickr. Those brakes were quite a limitation, though, often leaving me going into the bends too fast when the bike would run a little wide, threatening to hit some oncoming cage. It sipped petrol from a single Amal Monobloc carb at about 75mpg, vibrated like buggery and pissed out oil as if I had shares in BP (just like a true classic). On such occasions many offers are made, from money, to filling the tank with fuel, needless to say most promises given are soon forgotten. motosanglaises has uploaded 24715 photos to Flickr. You would never believe me if I related here how it happened just suffice to say that it involved a bend in the road, a pothole, a large horse and the side of a Toyota. Someone also tried to lever off the tank badges but failed. Before that happened, I wound the bike up to 60mph, where it smoothed out a touch, and I had the time of my life when I had to suddenly pull up due to the usual inconsiderate cager charging out from a side turning. My first motorcycle was a 250cc Royal Enfield Crusader, when I was 16. After some form filling and a visit from a DVLC inspector, an age related numberplate was granted and duly fixed in place. After a series of meetings in dark and dank pubs right out of Dickens, this old guy agreed to let me see his Royal Enfield 250 Crusader Sports, circa 1960, and rarely used since the seventies. I didn't argue with the two and half grand price, reflected in the 7000 miles on the clock and gleaming, original chassis. At least on smooth roads, bumpy surfaces showed up the age of the suspension, which was minimal in travel and damping. Its purpose was a commuter bike. Want to have your manuals available on hand: always and everywhere? The other irritant, in the next few thousand miles, was the drive chain that needed a fiddle every other day. Royal Enfield 250 Crusader After a series of meetings in dark and dank pubs right out of Dickens, this old guy agreed to let me see his Royal Enfield 250 Crusader Sports, circa 1960, and rarely used since the seventies. Where the GS's totally civilised if a bit hefty the Royal Enfield's a back to basics bit of machinery that only gives its best after battering the rider into submission. The Kawa's also very bent but repairable. It was never going to rip arms off with the acceleration or cruise at high speeds, but on the plus side, when it blew up and I removed the engine I took it to a friend of my dad's who is well know throughout the area as a Vincent fanatic. 1960 250 cc Royal Enfield crusader trials road reg in first class condition Electrex ignition wheels re built with stainless spokes new exhaust. The top speed was between 75 and 85mph depending on where the speedo cared to point, and the bike went round corners as if on rails. The valves needed doing every 250 miles, the points every 400 miles and I always seemed to be fiddling with the carb, trying to achieve a reliable tickover. The seat was comfortable for at least twice the distance between fill-ups. VERY original proper trials version of the royal enfield crusader. royal enfield 350cc complete 4 speed gearbox #597194/a genuine product. Easy enough to work on, had it fixed up in an afternoon. It's a brave man who ventures beyond 70mph, though I did once see 77mph on the clock - not just the vibes thrumming through the whole machine but the way the engine sounds like it's about to explode. The Crusader Sport was a single cylinder machine of 250cc and it shared the same major components as its many brothers. My pride and joy in 1969 - Royal Enfield Crusader. The petrol tank held about five gallons of leaded and leaked through the cap when full.


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