Present Simple Other Verbs Mixed Exercise 1. Presente simple negativo. Elige la opción correcta. 3) (she / not / like studying) Verb exercises. Ejercicios del presente simple negativo I. Presente simple negativo. Negative forms and pronouns; Don't / doesn't - negative; Present simple - negative forms; Don't / doesn't - write 1; Don't / doesn't - write 2; Write the negative sentences; Don't or doesn't - exercises; Does not like & do not like ; Negations - simple present; Present simple - negative forms; Negative - write 5 He ____ any magazine. They. 1 Peter (not to talk) to many people. 2 You ____ my girlfriend yet. 1) (he / not / enjoy jazz) [ . ] Convierte a la forma negativa las siguientes oraciones. Elephants do not … to bed at 8.30 pm. Ejercicios. Present simple Exercises - negative forms 1 . 2 Elephants (not to live) in Europe. don't go doesn't go. 4 They ____ to the beach on their holiday. 2 They work in an office. Tom writes letters. Kevin. Tom writes letters. He does not (doesn't) live in New York. 1 He lives in New York. Present simple exercises lower intermediate level esl. 2) (we / not / buy many clothes) [ . ] don't eat doesn't eat. 1) (he / drive to work every day) [ . ] 6 Peter and Tom ____ to the gym. My sister Susan … 3 Your grandmother ____ in Chicago. → Tom letters. They do not (don't) work in an office. 1 He ____ a book every month. You can use long or short/contracted forms of the auxiliaries. Choose positive, negative or question. Our hamster. 3 My sister Susan kisses my mother every morning. 2) (I / not / think you're right) [ . ] Write the negation of the verbs in bold into the correct gaps. Peter does not (doesn't) talk to many people. present simple exercise. → Tom doesn't write letters. Negate the first sentence in each task. his workbook. An exercise to practise the present simple in the interrogative and negative form. apples. Make the negative present simple. Escribe el verbo en verde en presente simple negativo. Make the present simple. don't open doesn't open. Ejercicios del presente simple negativo II. Present simple affirmative, negative and interrogative forms.


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