They might feel similar, as similar as Japanese, Chinese… Royal Nawaab is a Halal Friendly Asian restaurant in Manchester & London. First of all, let’s get one thing straight: Pakistani and Indian food are two very different things, depending on the Indian region in question. We like to think we are the best restaurant London has to offer and our range of Pakistani cuisine is sure to live up to that title! Pakistani cuisine is the lesser-known food of the sub-continent and is rich in tradition, full of marvelous and diverse dishes. To experience the rich culture alive throughout Pakistani cuisine, please contact us today and we will be happy to book you in for a meal that you’ll never. She's the second-generation restauranteur of Chat Thai, Boon Cafe/Jarern Chai Asian Grocers, Assamm and Samorson, and owner of Boon Luck Farm. One thing that we Pakistanis pride ourselves over, no matter which part of the world we are in, is food. Thankfully, here at Nawaab, we’ve come prepared with some exciting health facts…. Halva (meaning sweet) is one of the most popular sweets and can be made with flour or semolina but can also be made with carrot or pumpkin. © 2017 Royal Nawaab - All rights reserved. In fact, not only do these spices make a dish taste delicious, they hold numerous health benefits including being able to treat stomach flu, bloating and heartburn. Roti, or as it is more known, chapatti, is a Pakistani staple food which is traditionally made using flour when the roti’s were made from wheat. Other popular breads include chapati and parata – fried bread stuffed with dhal or meat and vegetable mixtures. This recipe is from a beautiful Pakistani woman called Nighat who makes her own bread every morning and thinks nothing of catering for fifty people! Serve with roti, tomato and lettuce. It has many health benefits as regular consumption of very spicy food speeds up the metabolism, thus helping to burn excess fat. Ghee and yoghurt are used in the cooking of many types of meat. From 12 April 2017, businesses operated under the name ROYAL NAWAAB are not associated with or connected to businesses operated under the name NAWAAB. Make sure your kitchen is stocked with these essential ingredients. Well, we’re here at Nawaab to teach you some interesting facts all about Pakistani foods and culture, and give you a quick introduction to the breath-taking world of Pakistani cuisine. Paratha bread is used to dip into the curry and then swiped across the plate like an enormous spoon, meaning that a knife and fork are not necessary. There is a spice called cardamom that is used within Pakistani cuisine called cardamom, and this can be used to treat any intestinal problems a consumer might have. We have Banqueting Suites and Asian Wedding Halls available for booking. Here's a basic introduction to the dazzling world of Pakistani Cuisine - For those who are from elsewhere. Because Muslims (those who practice the Islam religion) are forbidden to eat pork or consume alcohol, they concentrated on other areas of food such as beef, chicken, fish, and vegetables. Every dish in Pakistani cuisine calls for helpings of spice, spice and even more spice! True Pakistanis have taste buds so accustomed to spicy food, that other foods often seem bland. Homemade chappatis, pulao and vegetables. View our Pakistani recipe collection here. This recipe for haleem with beef and lentils, is the ultimate slow-cooked wonder. Pakistani - Not Indian Pakistani food is not the same as Indian food. The blend of Indian, Far Eastern and Middle Eastern cooking techniques creates a distinctive mix of complex flavours. Health Facts About Pakistani Food The most common type of Pakistani diet is known to contain meat, curry and rice mixed together with an exciting range of spices and colours. Most people actually gain weight during Ramadan, despite the fact that it involves fasting from sunrise till sunset for a month. From crispy pakora to creamy falooda, here are 20 of the best dishes. 1. It is shocking to know that many people are not aware of the health advantages associated with Pakistani food. Such is the popularity of Indian food, that there are times when Pakistani dishes seem to be forgotten and left a little by the wayside. This is a feast in its own right, but Sonya likes to serve it with a chopped salad, called a cachumbar, containing tomato, red onion, lettuce and vinegar, and with a yoghurt raita containing mint and cumin.


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