It’s grown for ornamental purposes and used popularly in tropical cut flower arrangements. Having an acrid and pungent taste, this plant grows up to 10 feet tall. Other Names: Ginger Wort, Malaysian Ginger. Learn about more medicinal plants here. Beehive Ginger is famous as an ornamental plant due to its unique skep-beehive like yellow inflorescences that become red once mature. Its rhizomes, flowers, and shoots have extensive uses in Thai curry, chili paste, and pickles. Common ginger is a world-famous spice or herb, known for its aromatic and pungent rhizomes. thanks so much for this informative article. The ginger lily group is a very large group of tropical flowering plants, that has some rhizome members such as the fragrant white ginger, Hedyicium coronarium, the blue ginger lily, and the red pine cone (pinecone) ginger lily rhizome can all be grown out-of-doors as a cold hardy flowering plant … The flower which I was searching is hidden ginger/ hidden lily. Other Names: White Turmeric, Turmeric Ginger. Ornamental ginger plants can be a great way to add exotic color, foliage, and dramatic blooms to your garden. With clove-like flavor, it’s edible leaves are the primary agents in noodles and teas in Okinawan cuisines, rhizomes are used for medicinal purpose. Hidden Ginger is a Malaysian native. This plant is native to Himalayan regions and grown primarily for the ornamental purpose–Large dramatic foliage and showy, fragrant flowers make it a truly exotic tropical plant. It has a spicy scent and a bitter taste. I never knew there were so many types of ginger. It has unique flowers that emit sweet honeysuckle like fragrance and resembles dancing ladies when they move in the wind. With clove-like flavor, it’s edible leaves are the primary agents in noodles and teas in, 16 Dreamlike DIY Garden Log Cabins You Can Build By Yourself, 15 Bug Repellant Plants for Insects Free Home and Garden, 20 Gorgeous Moroccan Décor with Plants Ideas, 47 Succulent Planting Ideas with Tutorials | Succulent Garden Ideas. I don’t just like them, because lets face it, what’s not to like. I am extremely surprised to know about Butterfly lily ginger. Deciduous. Other Names: Queen Lily, Siam Tulip, Hidden Lily. You have entered an incorrect email address! Gardeners usually grow it for its highly fragrant flowers. Other Names: Pinecone Ginger, Itter Ginger, Broad-leaved Ginger, Martinique Ginger, Pinecone Lily, Lempoyang, and Wild ginger. The tubers have a not-so-pleasant spicy flavor and have similar uses like ginger. All parts have a strong gingery fragrance, leaves and rhizomes are ingredients in making local dishes and appetizers. Ginger plants. Unlike other types of ginger plants, galangal can tolerate more sun and grows best in partial sunlight. The whole plant is edible, and fruits, seed pods, seeds, flowers stems are eaten in many ASEAN countries. The national flower of Samoa prefers warm and moist soil to thrive. Also, there are varieties like shell ginger that become a great foliage plant. There are so many varieties of ginger plants. They are fabulously beautiful and grow in a range of sizes, flower shapes, and colors. This 2-3 feet tall plant becomes an excellent container specimen. These ginger family plants can be grown for ornamental and culinary purposes, both in pots and gardens. FREE Shipping. Apart from common ginger, there are other species that are grown not just for taste but for their appearance as well. You can also place it indoors in a spot that receives several hours of morning sunlight. It can be up to 8 feet tall. The rhizomes are used for medicinal purposes. The must-have spice in Indian curries is not just used for food coloring–It’s a superfood. Shell ginger has ovate leaves with green stripes that make it an ornamental plant. It’s used primarily in herbal medicines and making shampoos. In containers, it doesn’t exceed above 3-4 feet. No, I’m truly obsessed with them. Rhizomes and stalks of this plant have a strong spicy scent. The spicy fragrances, the wide variety of flower forms and … 60 to 80cm Full sun to part shade A deciduous ginger which grows to about 60 or 70cm in height. But what it’s famous for is the bright red or pink bracts that look stunning. You will definitely find them interesting. Curcuma Summer Snow variegated, Curcuma Emerald Zebra, Blush Tulip Ginger, Siam Tulip See these fascinating succulent planting ideas. It has significant medicinal and culinary uses and needs no introduction. I mean, really addicted. Feed the plant with 8-4-6 fertilizer every three months. Rhizomes of Thai Ginger have a pungent aroma with a flavor of pine needles and black pepper. 99 (£99.93/l) It also has uses in herbal medicines. Here’re some of them–You can select your favorite ones from this list of types of ginger plants and grow them for edible rhizomes or exotic flowers. Check out. The national flower of Cuba is very invasive in optimum growing conditions. Note: All gingers are dormant until late May, meaning they are just a root or rhyzome in a pot in winter. Avoid placing it in full sun, as direct sunlight can burn this plant. It blooms clusters of pink buds, emitting luscious aroma. Its flowers and buds are also edible. This showy ginger family plant is rare to find. It has a zesty and spicy flavor with a strong, pungent aroma. Curcuma, Ginger Lilies, and Siam Tulips are some of the ginger plants that offered in my shop, and for sell nationwide. The ginger-like rhizomes have a fragrant, spicy taste like common ginger with a hint of raw mango. Most of our gingers are $10 for one gallon size pots.


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