When is the last time you met a little Gerry? Jude is the English form of Judah, a biblical name borne by several notable figures in the Bible. There aren’t many O names with one syllable, but Owe is one of them! Famous Rock Star Names for Boys. And I never even made the connection with St. Mary of Bethany, love it! What a great comment Mary-Agnes! Bartholomew / Bart / Bram. ‘My broken vagina’: Zoe George from Big Brother had vaginismus. This short and sweet unisex name means ‘from the Ash tree’ and is of English origin. (4) Gabriel Lee — This name means “for me” in Hebrew. Also a problem to me with nicknames as I don’t really like Gus. Tzuf — Tzuf name means “nectar” in Hebrew. In Spanish, Agustin is usually called Agus or Tin. I love them all and would be happy with any of them, by my husband is leaning towards Stella! I looooove these names!! Stephanie and her husband are expecting their fifth born baby, a little green bean (=gender unknown)! Short for Nathan (meaning ‘he gave’) or Nathaniel (meaning ‘God has given’). Baby name consultation: Baby brother needs name that fits well with big brother (and also big sisters), Baby name consultation: Easy to pronounce but uncommon name with maybe a gentle Brit feel for baby no. Also, Gerard is a handsome name. It really fits. Cruz. Max(imilian)’s a great idea! God bless you too! Staying calm about coronavirus: 6 ways to cultivate calm in your family, 10 child-friendly indoor plants for your home, https://www.aremedia.com.au/competitions/, www.bountyparents.com.au/for-you/bugaboo-competition, Bump city! (9) Raphael And I’m just not feeling Mark or any of the other obvious new testament names. Caeli Rose was a name given to me by God — I can’t explain it. Mor — This name means “myrrh” in Hebrew. J. Jack. Earl is a popular English given name meaning warrior or nobleman. There isn’t a shortage of rare finds when it comes to one syllable boy names. Shay— Shay is a Hebrew name that means “gift.”, Tal —Tal means “morning dew” in Hebrew. Zaccheus/ Zac Abel (Hebrew) - Genesis 4:2 - vanity; breath; B. Barak (Hebrew) - Judges 4:6 - … F. Finn. Joan — The female version of Yonathan or Jonathan, which means “God has given” or “God’s gift.”. It reminds me of a punk band singer when I was younger, but I don’t remember which one. (13) Zechariah or Isaac Ben — Ben is short for Benjamin, Jacob’s youngest son and one of the 12 tribes. Ace. (8) Philip or Phineas Vincent Al. I feel like Phineas, Thaddeus, and Zechariah kind of go in the same category—names that might just be a little more than what Stephanie and her hubs like. Philip Nicholas? But Zachary seemed like a great fit for them until I remembered that they can’t have brothers Jack and Zach, so I wondered about Zechariah, which can be Zeke instead. I agree, their girls’ names are all fabulous (…Although, I have to admit I’m partial to Philomena!). Abe — Abe is short for Abraham, the biblical patriarch. I considered Judah but I don’t think my husband loves it! More 1-syllable boy names for you A. And it’s an OT name, which is a nice biblical connection. You can name your daughter after a more contemporary iconic Jewish Ruth, like Dr. Ruth or Ruth Bader Ginsburg. And I love the ones on your list! Gus is surely an easier name to say than Augustus, and if a boy is the third of his name, many families will choose to call him Trey or Tripp, which are both classic one-syllable names, too. There are word name finds like Jet and Gray to explore as well. Benjamin (though too similar to Benedict) Bob. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Look at it as your chance to attach some modern fun to a family name. I’ve often thought about nicknames for Ambrose because it’s on our list as well—I’ve seen Brose as a fairly traditional nickname for it, but maybe too close to Caeli’s sometimes nickname Rosie? ), Abe (so cute! Daniel/Dan or Neil With Benedict we called him Benedict since he was a baby. I love the name Ambrose, wonderful choice! Start shopping! Miguel Agustin Pro …) I love your girl ideas too! ( Log Out /  Sancta Nomina I get so hung up on nickname options! But perhaps Nathan is more their speed? The boy names give us grief! Bethany Grace was a name my husband and I just loved — we consider her patron Our Lady of Grace. C. Cade. Here are other saint boy names I am considering: Damien He could have a nickname from his middle name like she does (Rosie). You may have had an easy time choosing a first name, but finding just the right middle name to match can be so tricky! Ambrose goes by Ambrose. I love that it can be considered a name for Jesus, since Jesus comes from a Greek translation of Joshua, and Josh is a great nickname. First off, how lucky is Stephanie to have a list of girls’ names that she’s totally fine with, and her husband likes one of them—that’s sort of rare in the emails I get! It was the number one name for boys in the U.S. from 1999 to 2012. Cool and modern, this popular boho name has Latin origins meaning ‘one’ or ‘expert’. We’ve also tossed around Augustine (Gus or Auggie), Benedict, William, Ambrose or Fulton. Ignatius John and Jacob are out (too close to Jack). Ezekiel/Zeke Like Gabriel, I would put Nathaniel especially in the “less obvious” NT category, and the nickname Nate is a great one. The right one-syllable name can add some sass to an otherwise traditional first name. Buck. Gal — Gal means “wave” in Hebrew. Fans of unique names can find quite a few rare one syllable boy names to choose from like nature names of Fox, Flint, and Buck. It means “innocence” and “integrity,” and the name in Israel can be used for any gender. Emil (after Fr. Mama Natural book cover right week by week guide to pregnancy and childbirth.


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