Recently, to the surprise of many, it has also had an increasingly meaningful impact on Modern. Players are much less all-in here, but still use the Dryad-Valakut-Field engine. Modern has always been a fast and brutal format that did not really reward your deck being able to go long. Hanweir Battlements / Hanweir, the Writhing Township, Top 5 Most Annoying Cards a Control Player Can Face. Additionally, against other "go long" strategies you're super advantaged if you have the Field and your opponent does not. What has really helped push it across formats are Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath and Growth Spiral, as they allow you to make the additional land drop be the Field and at this point it's irrelevant that it's tapped. You might wonder what other control players could possibly do to go over the top of such an Uro strategy. : Add . Control players can just as well die simply to their opponent making land drops that not only deal 3 damage thanks to Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle but also create 2/2 Zombies. These lands have to have different names — it seems to be a bit of a headache to construct a well-working mana base with differently named lands. Another idea was to look at other green-blue-x color combinations. Scapeshift is a longtime combo enabler. The answer, predictably, is Field of the Dead. © Copyright 2020 Sammelkartenmarkt GmbH und Co. KG. While Modern control could have access to Field even before, one card has made it really feasible: Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath. Let's explore the various Field shells that currently populate the format. There are also variants without Aether Vial, so something between the big Amulet Titan and this smaller Titan Vial. It requires seven lands — basically can't be played in any fast deck as most strategies don't aim to draw seven lands at all. However, Aether Gust came to the rescue. Of course, some Titan players adapted to this seemingly innocuous yet plan-destroying two-mana counter again …. Other decks have always had a lot of angles of attack and it was difficult to match your answers to their threats. Rarity, #: R, 247 Card Type: Land Description: Field of the Dead enters the battlefield tapped. Now that Hogaak's power level has been brought down is time for me to go back to my favorite version of Amulet, and play it through 2 Modern Leagues on Magic Online. Mostly big mana and control strategies might be interested in meeting this requirement. I went into great length on Uro in my previous article. Scapeshift into Field of the Dead. Potentially, Blood Moon strategies could also try to punish these builds and push Field control decks away. Its apparent downside has turned out not to be such a big downside after all, while the upside has proven more than anyone would want. In line with that thought, a lot of noncontrol decks started to adopt Field of the Dead to their arsenal to beat up other go-long strategies that relied on conventional removal and counterspells. Red provided Wrenn and Six, who ensured land drops every single turn but also made it very difficult for opponents to deal with Field permanently, as you could always pick it up using Wrenn's +1 ability. Our website uses cookies to help provide you with the best experience we can. After a while of these U/G/x Field decks dominating proceedings on that end of the spectrum, plenty of control players, myself included, have decided to adapt BUG to this meta … by playing Field ourselves. I still love that deck dearly, but it had one major flaw: it lost to go-bigger control decks. Field of the Dead’s last ability counts itself and the land entering the battlefield in addition to whichever other lands you control. I began the search for the best BUG Field shell by taking my BUG from the article linked above, changing Thought Scour into Spiral, tweaking the mana base, and then called it a day. Maybe you really want to run the full set of a shock land like Hallowed Fountain, but now you sort of can't. During the times when Hogaak ran rampant, Karn proved a bit too slow to compete. It worked perfectly fine and I have been happy with the Field angle as it proved way easier to enable than I'd expected and being BUG made my removal excellent. On the flipside, the slower the format is, the less noticeable this factor becomes. In conjunction with bounce lands such as Simic Growth Chamber that one can put into play at instant speed thanks to Sakura-Tribe Scout, Field is nigh-unkillable. At this point, not only are the Titans and Scapeshifts must-answer threats. Field of the Dead has been terrorizing a bunch of different formats in Magic over the past year, and it got itself banned from several. It only provides colorless mana — always problematic, especially in older formats with more powerful and color-intensive spells. They also allow the Field to go online earlier than turn seven, which makes it even better. 1 Field of the Dead 1 Radiant Fountain 1 Tectonic Edge. Now, the payoff itself is a way to control or even dominate the battlefield while not having to spend cards to do so. Then there is the Triome, which is one of the best additions to three-colored control decks nowadays. My favorite part of any Magic-related topic remains control. The biggest BUG problems are creatures such as Bedlam Reveler or Stormwing Entity that can't be killed with Abrupt Decay or Fatal Push. It all began with Bant lists that are basically White-Blue Control with green for Uro/Spiral/Veil …. The strategies running the card have varied across formats and have crossed the boundaries of several archetypes. That's all from me today. I am excited to continue to explore all the blue Cryptic/Uro/Field shells myself. And so, one of the best players in Poland, Jędrzej Szmyd alias TSPJendrek, changed the axiomatic Spiral slot and created a build with which he's had a lot of success online: We've reached a point in the metagame where all the best blue decks play Field, as they push out non-Field control decks. Hope you enjoy the games!League 1 Decklist: 1 - UR Phoenix: 4:15Match 2 - Affinity: 30:19Match 3 - Esper Mentor: 45:43Match 4 - Eldrazi Tron: 1:15:14League 2 Decklist: 1 - Eldrazi Tron: 1:35:30Match 2 - Grixis Urza: 1:48:07Match 3 - UR Phoenix: 2:13:38Match 4 - Ur Tron: 2:21:43Match 5 - 4c Saheeli: 2:36:16You can catch the stream live here: me on Twitter @fpawluszmtg Recently, to the surprise of many, it has also had an increasingly meaningful impact on Modern. This deck is set up to turbo out a Titan and make Field go online very fast. Let's first take inventory of what the card does and analyze its advantages and disadvantages. Add C. Whenever Field of the Dead or another land enters the battlefield under your control, if you control seven or more lands with different names, create a 2/2 black Zombie creature token. This changes the language of the site.It won't change any text entered by users. Basically, your only job is to mitigate its downsides by finding a shell that can support a tapped, colorless source and wants to make land drops. How good is that upside? You just need to make your land drops, which you want to do in a control/big mana deck anyway. At that stage in Modern's metagame development, I recall wanting to abandon control altogether, since there was no point in trying to prolong the game in the face of decks whose late game is unbeatable. To leave your comment please log into your Cardmarket account or create a new account. Add Hour of Promise, maybe even a copy or two of Primeval Titan, and sometimes Fact or Fiction, which can both find your Fields fast and fuel Uro — and you get a shell that goes way over the top of anything, harder than ever before. MTG Arena Original Decks Recommended for you 39:41 With the printing of Dryad of the Ilysian Grove all the big mana ramp decks got a nice boost. By using our services, you agree that we use cookies. The longer the game goes, the less you actually need to do as land drops will get the job done on their own. After Bant, players explored Temur, or RUG. I also had access to Assassin's Trophy, which was great against opposing Fields. Another card that would be a good add is Field of the Dead, your mana base is almost field ready just swap half your basic for snow and you have field mana.One thing I noticed is you have very little land ramp, Wayfarer's Bauble or great for early turns. In Modern, it is liable to stack so many triggers from Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle some players have broken the sixty card rule just to cram more Mountains into their decks. Now, the real conundrum is to have the best late game in order not to lose to other blue Field decks but also be low-to-the-ground enough so that one does not lose to omnipresent prowess decks. Changing the cantrip slot into Growth Spiral and diversifying the mana base turned out to be way easier and smoother than anybody had predicted. Apparently good enough to go through all the hassle described above. I am also testing a couple of new inclusions from recent sets: Field of the Dead and Winds of Abandon. Whenever Field of the Dead or another land enters the battlefield under your control, if you control seven or more lands with different names, create a 2/2 black Zombie creature token. I wouldn't want to have to use Path to Exile on turn one against all the Soul-Scar Mage and Arbor Elf strategies. This is a lower-to-the-ground take on Titan ramp. Amulet Titan has been Modern’s best Primeval Titan deck for a long time. We've already determined that this card should only be played in big mana and control strategies, and if that's the case then the land being tapped is not that big of a deal as it would in a combo or aggro deck. Additionally, Wilderness Reclamation and Nexus of Fate made this deck go even bigger. It's a cost-less card-free way to generate card advantage and how you can actually win the game. Cheers! Until next time, as always — hold my hand and let's pass the turn together. I personally believe BUG is the best version as it has super-efficient and catch-all removal and the Triome. Karn, the Great Creator has been one of my favorite cards since its printing into the Modern format earlier this year. What makes Vial-less versions and Vial versions similar is the adoption of Elvish Reclaimer and Flagstones of Trokair, which allows you to have a strong turn one play that can also provide ramp through Flagstones. For every land that's seventh or subsequent, if you control seven lands total with different names, put a 2/2 Zombie into play — finally, the payoff for all the work. However, with the clear dominance of red prowess strategies on the aggro end of the spectrum, people had to notice that Growth Spiral is terribly lackluster at two mana. Let's explore the various Field shells that currently populate the format. Different names and producing colorless mana remain minor annoyances, but the bigger the card pool is, the easier it gets to adapt to the requirement. 7/12/2019: If multiple lands enter the battlefield simultaneously, possibly including Field of the Dead itself, all of those lands are counted. Another Titan shell that exploits the Field is Amulet Titan. On top of the neverending wave of Zombies, there still is the Dryad-Valakut interaction as well. With four copies in the sideboard, my control decks did not need to fear any of the green payoffs, even when Cavern of Souls was trying to cheat one into play.


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