List of performances and events at Woodstock Festival - Wikipedia. Over at Live Aid's sister concert in Philadelphia, the self-proclaimed Queen of Pop had just taken to the stage days after a Playboy magazine featured her nude photos. Entertainment manager and fellow fundraiser Ken Kragen was contacted by Belafonte, who asked for singers Lionel Richie and Kenny Rogers—Kragen's clients—to participate in Belafonte's musical endeavor. Live Aid was all about humanitarian assistance on a global scale, but that took on new and personal meaning at Live Aid for concert-goer Steve Fallon. A worldwide commercial success, topping music charts throughout the world and becoming the fastest-selling U.S. pop single in history. [27][28] The song was the only one released from the We Are the World album and became a chart success around the world. [11], On January 24, 1985, after a day of rest, Jones shipped Richie and Jackson's vocal guide to all of the artists who would be involved in "We Are the World"'s recording. I am 50 now but 25 years ago I was living in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, which at that time was suffering from a long drought and famine. Collecting his award, Belafonte thanked Ken Kragen, Quincy Jones, and "the two artists who, without their great gift would not have inspired us in quite the same way as we were inspired, Mr. Lionel Richie and Mr. Michael Jackson". [95] "We Are the World", along with Live Aid and Farm Aid, demonstrated that rock music had become more than entertainment, but a political and social movement. According to legend, Stephen Stills demanded order replacement because the Woodstock version was substandard. "We Are the World" has been the subject of numerous parodies over the years. Murphy later stated after he "realized what it was [he] felt like an idiot. The Numbers. In our 2015 talk with Midge Ure, he said: "It's never been a great song. The chorus included David Bowie, Phil Collins, Paul McCartney, Geldof, Ure and many other artists who weren't given a verse but sang the "Feed The World" part and lent their images to the effort by appearing in the promotional photo. [2][6] Jones also telephoned Michael Jackson, who had just released the commercially successful Thriller album and had concluded a tour with his brothers. The rest of the instrumentation was done by Midge Ure, who handed the programming and keyboards. As a prelude to his song "Heal the World", "We Are the World" was performed as an interlude during two of Michael Jackson's tours, the Dangerous World Tour from 1992 to 1993 and the HIStory World Tour from 1996 to 1997. We baked a special bread from it. [4][11] Michael Jackson arrived at 8 pm, earlier than the other artists, to record his solo section and record a vocal chorus by himself. Download as PDF Printable version. He planned to have the proceeds donated to a new organization called United Support of Artists for Africa (USA for Africa). All other press organizations were barred from reporting the events leading up to and during "We Are the World"'s recording. Life ran a cover story of the recording session in its April 1985 edition of the monthly magazine. [48], "We Are the World" was recognized with several awards following its release. [48] Ebony described the January 28 recording session, in which Quincy Jones brought together a multi-racial group, as being "a major moment in world music that showed we can change the world". [29] The song became the first single since The Beatles' "Let It Be" to enter Billboard's Top 5 within two weeks of release.


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