Action and violence are so ingrained in the medium, it's hard not to take notice of the video games that deliberately avoid getting their hands dirty. Metacritic Game Reviews, In Other Waters for Switch, Play as an Artificial Intelligence guiding a stranded xenobiologist through a beautiful and … To me this didn’t feel much like a game at all and more like an interactive book. A game where you explore the vast expanse of an alien sea? Choosing yes or no will change her dialogue, but not the outcome, which makes that option feel pointless. Forget Next-Gen, Nintendo's Also Launching A New Console ... Guide: Pokémon Sword And Shield - All Ash’s Pikachu Codes. It uses a mains switcher transistor and has a safety capacitor to the low volt side. share. If you're intrigued, by all means give the game a try, you won't be disappointed by the story that it delivers. In Other Waters is not an easy sell. As it goes on though, who Minae is to Ellery and why she called her to this planet becomes apparent, and the quest to figure out why this planet is important becomes center-point. Other than that, I came away from In Other Waters so pleased with the experience. In Other Waters (Switch) Review. Now, I mostly do game reviews, a little bit of news recap, and Twitch streaming. Now this is all very well written and interesting and don’t even get me started now how well the music really sets the atmosphere, but the actual game play left much to be desired. Professor Rubik’s Brain Fitness is now available in Australia! Story. Accompanying the scanning and exploration is a story I found just as engaging as its minimalist gameplay. Note: review code provided by It’s in keeping with your character, an AI, since that’s all you’d need to see, but for players that want fully realized alien fish, like those of Subnautica, this isn’t the game for you. I had an amazing time with In Other Waters. Blue and yellow are the main ones you’ll see in your time, but the spectrum does widen slightly in certain sections. In In Other Waters, players take on the role of the AI in the dive suit being worn by biologist Ellery Vas on her journey to locate an old friend who has disappeared. Each of the creatures you come across has a full taxonomy entry to be completed, and you can only do that by observing them and collecting samples. Impulse Gamer is your source for the latest Reviews and News on Video Games, Entertainment, Pop Culture, Technology & More! There are times when Ellery will ask you a question and you can give a yes or no answer to her, but your response ultimately doesn’t matter. On the bottom side is the input fuse (red part marked F1), a bridge rectifier (BD1), the switcher controller (U1). As the story unfolds, Vas becomes less uptight, being more open with you as the AI and revealing more intimate details about her and her friend, as well as her thoughts on the ecosystems and structures you uncover. All of this plus the game’s excellent soundtrack and sound design do a great job of giving you just enough info to let your brain imagine the rest, which I haven’t experienced in a video game yet. Review In Other Waters - A Chilled-Out Journey Of Discovery Quite Unlike Any Other On Switch. Imagine assisting Ellery Vas as she categorizes all the life forms on the ocean planet Gliese 667Cc as travel through the unknown… You are now In Other Waters. By Renan Fontes 08.04.2020. Notice a part marked NTC2, it is probably a over temperature shutdown. It was a nice touch to try to add some game play, but most it just felt like a hollow attempt to add some challenge. Play as an Artificial Intelligence guiding a stranded xenobiologist through a beautiful and mysterious alien ocean. Are you picking up Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity on day one? Puzzles & brain-teaser enthusiasts, take note! This games story an amazing mystery and it really pays off, it’s just too bad the “game play” really sets the game back. As time goes on the Switch is quickly becoming my favourite console of all time. Your input to conversations is limited to a select few yes or no answers, none of which have a huge impact on the story, but they do help you direct your experience as to what sort of AI you are. Also, I found one of the major themes in the story to be one I feel is overused in entertainment, making its message here feel stale. It’s basically just a bland hub simulator where you move around from node to node with the doctor chiming in from time to time to give some descriptive narration. The environment is a basic topographical map, and everything that inhabits this world (including Ellery) is made of dots and text descriptions. However, I’d argue that it is integral to your experience, much like scanning in the Metroid Prime Trilogy. There are a few other things worth noting in the environment. In Other Waters is not an easy sell. Summary: Jump Over the Age delivers an amazing story set on an alien ocean planet. Different life forms in different shapes and sizes made it easier for me to remember each plant and animal. The story isn’t perfect though.


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