Usage of this slang reached peak when Mafia musical Melee Poppers had used the slang in the song of the intro, intermezzo, and outro. Your comment will be personally attended to by yours truly ;-), Disclaimer - And of course, there was uncle John. It is a chunk of holiness. Then again, is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious an English word? I've never told anything about Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, because it's a sanctuary of slang. I have colleagues who went for business trips to Asia Pac before the volcanic eruption and they are stranded in HK!! :) This very word is pronounced very atrociously i must say. It was thought to be impossible to pronounce without destroying the universe, but it was later discovered by Mary Poppins that it only creates a black hole, and to counter that it needs to be said backwards at least once, and Mary Poppins did that for us. Believe you me, I can still remember his name. It was the craziest yet coolest sounding word I had ever heard as a child. Its not Italic, Hebrew or even English. And we mustnt take care of that useless unless they get supercalifragilistic ability that can bang the people. That was what Mary Poppins was trying to explain in her song. Loved saying it and still do :-) I'm proud to say that my boys can… This is what he've said, with his hands and legs trembling. Here's a word of advice for you all- Survey the area near the bus stop. Aladdin always speak to his magic lump "Fajal! La Dojus!" , tetak aku bila baca tok. pipermclean, greekandroman, pjo. A parody version which used in a Japanese comedy musical The Simpsons in 18 Century. On the subject, I'm not even a brother of Robert. He could coin mumbo-jumbo words. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. White Asparagus with Eggs, Parsley & Clarified Butter, the Flemish Way: re-visited, Ngiong Tew Foo aka Yong Tau Foo (Stuffed Bean Curd) #thermomix. "I can't believe wikipedia has been attempting to cause mass disorder among readers....I mean, this cannot be. Rumors have it that it was a "key" in which they could build their own nation, since the Jewish were n00bz people who could not even build their own country in that age. This word was used to describe the supercalifragilisticexpialidouciousment, I mean, unexplainable astonishment, when you saw something really supercalifragilisticexpialadocious. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Let’s just say that the gist of my blog are the day-to-day stories I picked up at work, at home, on holiday, networking with friends and most of all, my reminiscence of my childhood days growing up in Kuching. It is similar to the song in Cinderella. Some of my blog entries are gibberish.Just like shakespeare's work. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Unfortunately, she has found several texts and ideas belonging to her reproduced on other blogs without her permission. The Jewish Mob found out that amazingly, the word suoicodilaipxecitsiligarfilacrupus spelt backwards was Supurcalifragilisticexpialidocious, and it henceforth became something very special for them, but till now, the reason for that is unknown. Every urban words, including internet slangs LOL, WTF, OMG etc, or stuffs caused social phenomenons like douche bag, emo, and motherfucker, or even hip-hop slangs used by niggers like cheese, dope and dawg, have their common one ancestor. Used to make fun of Eminem when he was in neurosis of catching his wife Mariah Carey cheating with Nick Cannon. I moved to Belgium in the autumn of 1995. Origin of word cannot exist more than two, otherwise it may cause serious confusion among silly wikipedia readers. Great reading Che , I’m simply blown away with all those words which has been with us for the longest time . I can safely say that I've mastered the art of climbing a bus and finding a seat. When I was in Kuching in 2004 and met uncle John, he was ecstactic when he heard my then 3 year old son sang “Lang zal hij leven“. I'm sure you remember this word. Wait til you hear this one: Wadekootdelootdesootwadesootdelootdekootananahassantaskelebatkeleboot. Loved saying it and still do   I’m proud to say that my boys can say this word rather fluently. It is a legend - I'd say "Michael Jackson of slang". This word gives you aids, Here's some example of usage: (from 18 Century musical Like Father Like Son). What a mouthful, but it was music to my ears. I’ve passed this on to my boys and it’s up to them to pass this on further… , Both boys can say this word in unison!! Hieperderpiep, hoera! A hip hop duo Elvis Hitler released an album named this. It couldn't be! They got M16 assault rifle that we ain't got yet! In de gloria, in de gloria! As years passed by, and I married a Flemish- (Dutch-) speaking man, I understood now that one of  the songs my uncle used to sing when I was a child was a Dutch song! Put 'em together and what have you got. Erm, what? All things that wikipedia saying is lie, lie, lie. Here's the deal - a citation from wikipedia: According to Richard M. Sherman, co-writer of the song with his brother, Robert, the word was created by them in two weeks, mostly out of double-talk. A Japanese-English director Homa Simpsons responded back with Engrish, "All your base are belong to us!". And from my boys to me: Hottentottententententoonstelling! Also, yes I've devoted my best for that film [Melee Poppers], but I am not a creator and originator [of Supercali-blabla]. Since the word's born, various versions derived from it's original. I read in the papers recently that it costs Brussels Airport at least Eur 95M per day!! I remember hearing him sang absurd sounding songs. After the word was coined, a Jewish Mob which had lost against Rufus flew to London. Sir Isaac: Oh my godness! “When trying to express oneself, it’s frankly quite absurd, to leaf through lengthy lexicons to find the perfect word. when he wants Genie to have a good time with him.....uhm, does he? Either way, you have to deal with this word with a full of pure esteem. Every meaning of human being and life, are condensed in that one word. I think it means something to say when you don’t know what to say. Pray that it will not go on for too long, because I expect visitors over this summer! And it is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. ( Log Out /  It is a legend, but either an OLD-ASS obsolete word that only retardants would use because of reminiscence. Cheers! Do let me know. I didn't know what to expect. Report has it that a Jewish man, known as Ben Gurion, had shouted out "Supurcalifragilisticexpialidocious" extremely loud when he found out that it was the key. Foolproof Homemade Oven-Baked Whole Chicken … Eureka! There were no other slang words could survive longer than that, and for that point, you have to memorize and respect this word eternally in some part of your braincells. The Battle Of The Prawns: 2 recipes from 2 Cookbooks #thermomix, Stuffed Baked Aubergines and Bell Peppers (#thermomix), When 7 girls and a baby decided to go for a weekend getaway… Part 2, Tom Yum Goong (Fragrant Prawn Broth): The way I like it with no sugar added and celebrating my 1st year anniversary with my TM5 #thermomix. So there is NO stupid fuckin' dyke glossing things could tag after them, you know. "the word was created by them in two weeks"? This is something to brag about (I think), because English is not even their mother tongue! ( Log Out /  All work on this blog cannot be used or reproduced without the prior consent of the author. I always got excited when one of my brothers came home from a Boy Scout Campfire. Here’s one from me to my boys:  Acheekaleekabongchengtay! He would sing gobbledygook scouting songs, which were hocus-pocus to me. Cali- is not "beauty". Revising some clips of Melee Poppers on YouTube also would be good. I'm sure ALL of us remember this word from the song in "Mary Poppins" (1964). Look at it's awesomeness! Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. But these days, there are so many new words coined, like jimmy choos(which means your expensive branded shoes!!) "Dare. Hi there! I didn't know anyone that well either. So it's very apt too and i think it's the best word to describe my forthcoming blogs!. Guess what, he had a brother and his name was simply, “Chang”. My other half is a Belgian (Flemish) and I have 2 sons. For instance, super is not "above". The next day, we had Maths class at 8:30. Sir Anthony: Run son run! It is of course Italic, and moreover its a very minor dialect that only used in Sicilia so does no one can understand, except the last word "rupus", that possibly indicates "Rufus". Every single post on my blog, including my cooking adventure, has that special story to share and BY THE WAY… is my catch phrase I used in my post ;-), If you like reading my posts – my personal stories – please leave your thought(s) in the comment box. Rome had never built in a day or two, brother. Oh yes, what can I say about Eyjafjallajökull (yeah, another long word…hahaha). What? School children on excursions overseas are also stranded all around the globe and today is the first day of school after the 2-week school Easter break! It is a language. I’m sure you remember this word. The author requests for a pingback or link up to her blog in case of any reproduction, otherwise, it is an act of plagiarism. When’s your next trip to EU? Salagadoola mechicka boola . Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. However, since the internet's invasion begun Supercaliblabla has quickly shrinked its influence due to the beginning of initial word boom - the birth of newschool slangs, such as LOL, ROFL, ROFLMAO, and ROFLOLMAOZEDONG. Can you say this after me? hahaha…. I promise you, you will feel good! Sir Anthony: No! Hieperderpiep, hoera! So good to hear from you. I never speak without inquiry, hence I got this fame. The pronunciation also leans towards it being two words since, the letter c doesn't normally sound like a k when followed by an e, an i or a y. "Califouristic" is a gibberish word that describes French major supermarket company Califour, means "redundant noble". According to the 1964 Walt Disney film, it is defined as "what you say when you don't know what to say". Yes, I always feel good when I hear that certain verve in a word, foreign, yet funny and cleverly coined. Sir Isaac: -alidocious! Sir Anthony: Isaac! And one of the Jew's neighbour noticed that, thinking that it was really cool, also wondering if he could own one. Every blogger is obliged to put up a "title" and the reason i chose this was simply because it is gibberish!! Tikitikitembonosoremboumamuchigamagamamuchi. Haha, it must be kidding. Piano, guitar and with no music lessons, ever? Sir Anthony: Son! Did I say something?


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