Required fields are marked *. Saw it on a Good Eats episode. This isn’t a guarantee, though, so you have a minor amount of work ahead. Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. Samoans call this maneuver sali popo. Her work has been published in the San Francisco Chronicle and on other websites. You can grate it, and use it as you would dried coconut – it provides a much better, richer coconut flavour than the dried stuff. Shake the coconut. You can slice it thinly and make roasted coconut chips. So, let’s say you have a coconut. So use a clean saw. The finished bowl makes a practical vessel for holding dry items, or you can simply preserve it as a decoration. The top part of the shell can be sliced of with the sickle and you can sip the tender coconut water as it is or (decently!) The products that you'll find at your local hardware store will almost certainly not be something that you would want anywhere near your food. by | Jan 2, 2017 | Cultures of Polynesia | 3 comments. writer and digital media specialist since, in 1967 — still does, and he has traveled, Polynesia and other Pacific islands. As far as my knowledge goes, the coconut tree and the banana plant are the most useful. – And if you don’t have a “tool” to strike the ridge between the eyes, accomplish the same thing by swinging the whole coconut into a rocky edge, for example a cement step, edge of a brick wall, etc., so it strikes the ridge perpendicularly. Although, it can be daunting enough a task to open a mature hard shell coconut to get the flesh out. To finish off the texture and prepare the bowl for lacquering/waterproofing, take a 6x7 rough-grain sheet of sandpaper and tear it into quarters, then fold one of these smaller sheets double. Foley. Do you hear sloshing? Maybe try sanding the outside with a rough sandpaper and paint it with your favorite colour? - a bowl or jar Practically any pointed implement can dig through the “mouth,” even a strong fingernail on some coconuts. Here you will mix one part linseed oil with two parts mineral spirits. Instead, I recommend placing the nail slightly to the side of the top of the coconut, where the shell is less dense. on Introduction. A trick I just learned when it comes to getting the meat out of the coconut - Pop the halves into the microwave (separately) for two min. To remove the meat, the original tutorial I found suggested the use of a chisel, but I found that after microwaving, a spoon worked equally well. So they are revered in Hindu tradition. Avoid fruits that have any cracks or damage on the outside. Notice there are three ridges on the outside of the shell running from one end to the other and roughly dividing the nut into thirds. – Strike perpendicularly across that ridge midway between the “face” and “butt.” One solid blow should crack the coconut all the way around. This. You Will Need The Chisel And Knife For This. – Rotate the shell in your left hand an inch or so, and repeat the slicing and “popping” motions on an angle. Likewise I would never put mineral spirits into anything that I ever planned to eat or drink from.Some food safe finishes include Beeswax, Mineral Oil, Walnut Oil, pure Tung Oil, raw Linseed oil, and Shellac. When they are in reach of the coconut bunches, they use a sickle to chop it off. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Nature made coconuts tough to open for the same reason it did other seeds -- to protect the embryo. My saw was fairly dull, so it worked much better to cut a narrow groove and then saw straight through from that point, using the guideline to keep the saw even. You can do this with any long, tapered piece of metal. Here’s how, if there’s still juice inside: – Our Polynesian Cultural Center Samoan Villagers use a rock, but any solid tool should work — for example, the back of a heavy-bladed knife. Place the coconut over a container and give it some time for the juice to drain. If the coconut shell is substantially nonporous, any of the common clear finishes will be fine. Honoring Hamana Kalili – father of the Shaka, Carvers of Polynesia: Fulfilling the Center’s Mission, Working at the Polynesian Cultural Center, Carvers of Polynesia: Blessed with abundance. You’ll need to peel this off. Thanks! Hold a screwdriver against one of these soft spots and tap the handle with a hammer to punch a hole. – We want the “face” end, which has three darker, circular plugged pores: Looking at the “face,” you will see that one of the ridges always runs right between two of the “eyes” of the coconut’s face. Let’s assume it’s fine, though. – Young niu shellsare softer than popo shells, and can be cut open with a sharp knife. - hammer contribute to various PCC and other media. If the water tastes OK (coco-nutty, fruity, mildly sweet, etc) you’re good to go. With The Knife Scrape The Outside Of The Bowl And Then Sand Till It's BB Smooth. Watch our Kitchen Conundrums expert Thomas Joseph break down the techniques above, as well as … 10 years ago I just found out a couple of weeks ago! So I Would Imagine That Its Microwave Safe At The Least. - one coconut Then, Spray With A Water Proofing Sealant And You Are FINISHED. . To get an even line, I recommend standing a ruler on its end, with the coconut on a flat surface, and making a series of marks at the same height, then connecting these with a solid line. In fact, it’s kind of easy. If your nail bends try using a slimmer one (or even a … For the latter three you'll want to buy only the pure product, food grade and without additional chemicals - these can be hard to find but will be available from specialty woodworking shops, etc. - linseed oil 2 years ago Maybe you smuggled it out of a tropical island on a speedboat. The finished bowl looks amazing. Do similarly with the outside, which will take more time and require a second sheet of sandpaper, since there is a lot more "fuzz" to remove. Support my channel: visit my Facebook page at to see my artwork for sale as well as my website at for Prints, Throw pillows, Bedspreads and Phone cases with my artwork on them.


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