OK I so did NOT know the tested for swine flu like that! If you altering the garment for height or sizing, factor in these calculations as well. This is especially true when it comes to designing patterns. Wholesale outdoor fabric intended for upholstery generally comes on bolts that are 45 inches (114.3 cm) wide, which is helpful to know. If you’ve run out of your favorite Phifer Designed Fabric and need to get your hands on some more yardage, don’t worry. Take a look at our Where to Buy page for more information, or just get in touch with us! However, the only thing worse than buying too much fabric is buying too little. Advertiing covering text. Printable pre cut fabric chart to keep things all sorted out and clear. Glad you could join me. Fabric needed – 8 strips x 4-1/2″ = 36″ or 1 yard. I have found a few places for quick reference that I use to help me figure out the size of a quilt back, or cut pieces. Good information. This exciting tool lets you mix and match different colors and textures, using our sample images to preview the final look. Using the calculation of the fabric width, read the number of yards recommended for the garment. Finding measurements of fabric is I think one of the trickiest things! Add in enough fabric for seams. Fabric calculators have been my saving grace. This will show you exactly how many yards you will need for that particular pattern. Every project has its own unique fabric requirements, so the most important thing is knowing how and where to take the necessary measurements for each type of outdoor furniture DIY project. If dress is cut on bias or lengthwise. Learn. Pre Cut Fabric. Have you ever heard the craftsman’s law “Measure twice, cut once?” That’s great advice, but we’ll take it one step further: “Measure twice, buy once.” Always measure your project and measure your fabric. There is such a wide variety of furniture on the market that it’s impossible to give you hard and fast rules for estimating outdoor patio fabric by the yard, but we give you some of the most important measurements you’ll need. To figure out just how much upholstery fabric you need to have that sofa reupholstered, or how much fabric you need for the loveseat, use the following cheat sheet: Width. Follow along the pre-k patchwork series- Sign up for email reminders here! If fabric is stretchy, we don't need EASE allowance but if fabric is hard and stiff we may need to make adjustments. I have a pattern that only shows the amount of fabric needed in 45″ wide. An umbrella dress cut on bias would definitely need at least 5 or 6 times more fabric than you need for A-Line dress. I thought today we would go over a few resources so you can find some help if you get all in a tizzy with the math! If you are stitching over 2 threads on linen or evenweave, you want to divide the count of your fabric in half before calculating. (Pro tip: We’ll cover how to get the correct measurements for common projects a little later.). I end up with this finished project or quilt and sometimes have no idea how much fabric I started off with! Fabric Calculator How Much Do you Need? Q & A – Do you have quick and easy method for finding out measurements for your cuts? I am not going to go into the mathmatics of it all. We sell bulk outdoor fabric to retailers online and around the country. Backs of quilts? Follow these guidelines to calculate how much fabric you will need. Yowzas! Reply. Quilt as you go Scrappy Ornaments Tutorial. Fabric Yardage. How to Cut your fabric. Pick the fabric of choice and turn the fabric bolt to its end to read the width. 43 shares. Generally bolts will read 45" or 60" wide. Selecting a striped fabric or one with patterns means you will need to allow extra yards for matching the designs in the fabric. Robert Kauffman has a free app. Same problem as mentioned above. It can be fun and a great way to relieve stress! That's the theme this year! You’re itching to get started and only one question stands in your way: How much fabric should you buy? The amount of fabric you’ll need will depend on how you lay out your pattern pieces. GeoBella Outdoor Cushion and Pillow Fabrics, GeoBella ® Outdoor Cushion & Pillow Fabrics, How-To Guides for Any Outdoor Fabric Project. Now figure how much fabric is needed for the vertical sashes. Remember to go by the size of your pattern. Ah, but there’s a catch! Most upholstery fabric is 54 inches wide, there are some odd widths that can go up to 62". I will not deny fabric or an opportunity to turn on the sewing machine and sew. The yardage required also depends on the pattern of the fabric and its width. With some graph paper, you can experiment with different pattern piece layouts to see how much you can fit into each yard. Measure the length of each pattern piece and add all of the measurements to calculate how much fabric to buy when you don't have the pattern guide to follow. If the fabric you like is made from natural fibers or a blend with natural fibers, and hasn’t been prewashed, you must allow for some initial shrinkage when calculating how much fabric you need. Calculating outdoor upholstery fabric by the yard is a science that changes from project to project; there isn’t one tidy answer. A bolt of fabric that is too short can be a waste of valuable time and resources. I end up with this finished project or quilt and sometimes have no idea how much fabric I started off with! When you’re buying top quality designer fabric for your outdoor furniture, it’s an investment. If it turns out that you don’t need it for your original project, there are lots of great ways to use up half a yard of fabric, such as a pair of throw pillows, some placemats, or even a tote bag! Determining how much fabric you need for the ottoman involves more than simply taking its measurements. Remember, when you’re making a cushion cover, you’re going to need to double that, plus room for thickness, plus a seam allowance. It won’t break the bank, but it could save your bacon. It’s a fun way to explore all the gorgeous combinations possible with Phifer’s designer outdoor fabrics. Need help remember what size to cut a quarter of a yard? For example, you'll need more yards of a 45-inch-wide piece of fabric than of a 54-inch-wide piece. Our reupholstering how-to guide will walk you through the process. If you’re working within a set budget, you don’t want to overestimate and end up with yards of leftover fabric. Ask the store salesperson for assistance if you want to double-check your calculations. Nevertheless, we can give you some guidelines, tips and tricks to help make sure you are able to accurately calculate the correct amount of fabric needed for most of your outdoor upholstering projects! However, once again, sling chairs vary so much in size and style that you’ll have to measure yourself to discover the right amount of fabric to buy. Unfortunately your sponsors advertising covers some of your information and I do not know how to “x” out of it so I can read all your info. So, what do you do? We show you how to make these calculations in greater detail in our comprehensive how-to guide for creating outdoor cushions and pillows. Add it all together, and you’ll know how much fabric you’ll need for each cushion. Not only can it quickly derail your project, but it can also be a waste of time, money and effort. 40-inch width of fabric divided by 9-7/8 inches = 4.05, or 4 squares per strip; 10 squares required divided by 4 per strip = 2.5, or 2 strips plus about a half strip, each 9-7/8 inches wide. Like those trusty square throw pillows, outdoor curtains are a great beginner’s project, and calculating yardage for these is easy. Follow me here: Patchwork Posse is © and ♥ by Becky Jorgensen & Patchwork Posse llc. Christine Peterson says . Not that I sew but I’m sure the ones that do will certainly find it useful. I thought it would be by blood test. Phifer’s in-depth curtain how-to guide explains everything you need to know about calculating material by the yard for drapes. If the pattern calls for 4-3/8 at 45″ how much would I need if the fabric is 60″? The amount of fabric you’ll need will depend on how you lay out your pattern pieces. We can help you source extra fabric and answer all your questions. I know there are a few products out there that are specifically for finding measurements for fabric, but I haven’t tried them. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. You’re all fired up to tackle a brand new DIY project. Easy to use too. We have a team of friendly experts standing by who would be happy to talk with you over email, the phone or live chat. October 16, 2009 at 8:22 pm. We need a total of 24 horizontal sashes. How to Replace the Fabric on Tufted Cushions, How to Make a Slipcover for a Queen Anne Sofa, How to Calculate Fabrics for King Headboards, How to Make Cushions Without Pointy Corners, How to Measure Linear Feet for Upholstery, How to Determine Amount of Fabric Needed for Pinch Pleated Drapes, How to Recover a Cushion That Has Springs, How to Measure for Reupholstering Wingback Chairs. You don't want to buy too much or too little. Share the love! I may not be back, too much hastle. With a variety of projects, tutorials with the hints and tips, videos and more - you'll find something new every time you visit. Share. Sometimes, even when you think that all of your measurements and calculations are correct, and you’ve given yourself wiggle room, you can discover that you need more fabric to finish the job. Calculate how many strips of fabric we need to cut. Let’s hear what you have to say…. Calculate additional fabric for possible errors. Love you site! Create. Now, all you need to do to calculate your base fabric size is divide the number of stitches by the count of your fabric. but if you are like me and you sometimes divert from the pattern you are following, you might need some help figureing out where you are and what sizes you need. Whether it's curtains or a new tablecloth or perhaps a new spring dress, they all require fabric and notions to make them yourself. Once you’ve made all your calculations, think about adding another half yard (.5 m) on top of your final number. Throw pillows and cushions come in all shapes and sizes, but the most common sizes are an 18” x 18” (46 x 46 cm) square and a 12” x 18” (30 x 46 cm) lumbar pillow. While you’re still in the planning stages of your outdoor DIY project, why not spend some time experimenting with the Phifer Outdoor Fabric Visualizer? Most chair sling projects fall into the 1 ½ to 2 yards (1.4 to 1.8 m) per chair range. You’re ready to buy your dream outdoor material by the yard. With some graph paper, you can experiment with different pattern piece layouts to see how much you can fit into each yard. From chaises and loungers to patio dining chair pads, replacing the fabric on your favorite outdoor furniture gives it a new lease on life.


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