This is the only ‘cool’ yoga pose I can do, Pacific Crest Trail and Oregon Coast Trail 2017. Even when I had been “playing” (doing fun activities with friends), I would still feel guilty or self-conscious. The cure for my anxiety was free, fun, painless, and immediately effective. My hands shook constantly. Early in the conversation he asks, “Hey, your brother said you’ve been through some shit — like anxiety and stuff. The only way to beat Bane was to daringly climb out of that miserable pit of despair. I don’t blame you for not wanting to feel like that, but that doesn’t mean you should fight it. I sort of turned the playing into something that had to be meaningful, important,-even serious. That’s how I’m approaching my meetings and dates from now on: what games can we play together? Fine! (e.g. David replied to me with the usual request: he asked if I wanted to grab coffee. Your post is excellent and reminds me why I love hanging with my niece and nephews (ages 5-14), and my puppy. Create a free website or blog at Don’t know if I’d have the balls to write this kind of stuff about myself. At the beginning of those appointments, the doctor would ask, “So, what brings you in today?”, And 10 minutes later the doctor would give me a puzzled look then say “I think we can take care of this.”. I fell into the workaholic trap and am trying to find my way out. I just can’t see it that way, and I desperately wish I could. When I spend a few days practicing healthy behaviors, I return to a balanced state. I know it’s dumb and unnecessary and “What could be so important?” and “You need your sleep,” but I did it anyways. After we were married I finally got to meet them all except the oldest brother who was in a mental institution and the family never mentioned his name because they felt shame. I’ve been a nurse 33 yrs. “I feel like my life is the problem. (****ask me again tomorrow), Writer, hiker, backpacker. But that’s true, when you are too involved in the rules of a men-structured system, like the rules of an education system- the exams, you lose yourself, you forget the meaning of learning. I wearily watched my girlfriend cry when I confided that I felt dead inside, all the time, and I didn’t know how to fix it. Some people see great results taking medicine for anxiety and depression. Great post. Great post. “Yes, yes, being sad is a thing, and whatever, you can be sad. I just get to watch the absolute chaos they’re creating. THE FUCK ARE THESE FOR? In a few ways, I think I can relate to it. Thank you. Thanks! Anxiety has many different faces, it can be post-traumatic stress (PTSD), it can manifest itself as depression, or an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD). This was a whole new way of looking at feelings I didn’t like. Like you’ve lost complete control of your self. So glad I found this post on Freshly Pressed. When I tackle a problem with a sense of play – voluntarily because I’m inherently attracted to it – my creativity and optimism and happiness soars. I’m having some problems of my own and wanted to talk about it.”. Great post, and so thorough. So he’s fine now never has gotten in trouble, does well in school. He’s now 15 and about 6 months I noticed a change in his behavior. I imagine I had other symptoms, too — racing thoughts, disproportionate worry — but at the time, they just felt like me. I drank 4–5 nights per week, blacking out 2 of those on average. Thanks for sharing… Not one panic attack after that decision was made and I didn’t even realize except in retrospect that it had been that traumatic of a decision for me. The moment I took accountability for my own health is when I realized how shitty my lifestyle had been: The next few months, I made some simple lifestyle changes that drastically improved my situation. Sometimes they get really cozy and they don’t want to come out for the day. surprisingly, the answer is PLAY. My bucket becomes half full, so-to-speak. I was ashamed. Love this! After reading it I feel better and less lonely. Outside of fighting and war, the majority of people could do without it. Reblogged this on I am a strange loop and commented: This, I think of a quote in my city people love to say, ‘you lose when you are too serious’. Have you ever witnessed a little kid working out on a treadmill? Reblogged this on Ceci n'est pas un blog. No one tells you to stop or take a break, or that you’re burning yourself out. Hope things continue to work out. If I’m really feeling anxiety coming on and all the self-care in the world isn’t working, or I’m unable to take care of myself in the way I’d like to, hiking is a great (temporary) fix. I haven’t tossed a ball around in nearly a decade. I was so critical of how I was living my life that I couldn’t, Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul, Charlie Hoehn on Overcoming Anxiety: Play More | Books I Read, The World According to Winston (and Matt). That is a story I would much rather be telling you, because it would be easier, and I wouldn’t have outed myself as a meditating, yoga-ing, bowl-playing hippie. Right where it belongs. this is crazy stuff. Doctors and specialists shouldn’t be who I rely on for my health. In fact, just the other day, a good friend of mine called me. I am a firm believer that growing up is for old people and adventuring is fun! Life is funny. Towards the end of the call, he bluntly asked, “So, how did you finally cure your anxiety? Thanks for the post. Like a very sweet, well-meaning puppy that you don’t feed and then it dies?). You really are spot on. (Or whether it already is established, and I’m just a newb.). With my health on the line, the tiny shifts in my daily behaviors were rather easy to make. I almost wrote about it in the post. What made matters worse were the idiotic rituals I’d fallen into. I was always planning for the worst-case scenario. This blog truly needs to be glanced for its innate content…. Learn more here. “There must be something wrong with me to feel this way.” I thought to myself. There were no attempts to be cool or charming, or thoughts about where this date might take us — it was all about making the moment fun. There is help. Angry? I had to be “on” for hours at a time. I’m only sharing my story and saying what didn’t work for me. Or telling them that I can tell that they’re not really present*** in the moment and I would rather wait until they’re energetically*** available while trying to not sound patronizing? Thanks for the post, man. I’ve simply learned how to “manage” it. Therefore every man and woman should live life accordingly, and play the noblest games… What, then, is the right way of living? Symptom relief is the key to attacking anxiety. Pingback: Charlie Hoehn on Overcoming Anxiety: Play More | Books I Read. Sleep is very much under-rated, as is strenuous exercise. Every moment was exhausting. I keep letting the light in my life slip through my fingers until I turn around and realize I don’t know which way to go and I’m an anxiety-ridden bundle of nervous energy. Then I’ve had to force myself to make time for the things I’ve neglected (funny how it’s so hard, when you’re focused on work, to convince yourself to setup time with friends or do things you enjoy). SF is a high-energy city, and I hit a point where I really wanted out. It’s not nearly as hard as you think. I totally forget to make life a game & that’s why I think Burningman is so powerful – cause its an environment that gives us permission to be free without consequence…. Easily one of your best. How did you get rid of it?”. I imagine the work-first culture there is something that’s hard to avoid. I would love to hear what you have to say. It’s not cheap, it’s not quick, but for them, it was extremely effective. Reblogged this on The perks of being Amy and commented: You bet your ass I can. The like button isn’t working for some reason, so i will just have to say it.. like! And I’m not where I want to be in life right now. (*anxiety is a feeling you can’t cure it also I write clicky headlines for a living please don’t sue me) But I know the difference between things that are fun and things that are a complete drag, and doing the fun stuff requires that I also do the boring stuff. I made myself go to bed earlier for a week, and my anxiety was immediately cut in half. I had completely deprived myself of play for nearly two years! I feel your story contains some of the answers I have been looking for. I’m not like a hermit or anything, like I think a lot of people picture when it comes to social anxiety. I think we all take ourselves too seriously. Thank you for writing this wonderful post. and have dealt with many people who get panic attacks and there not a good feeling to have. It affected how I breathed, how I thought, how I ate, how I slept, and how I talked. You can run but you can’t hide. I needed the reminder to take time to enjoy, to play, to have fun, to do unscheduled things! I was constantly yawning, like a bored insomniac, trying to take an inhale that would quiet the alarm in my body. When my mind processed it and recognized it was the solution, I started laughing. I’ll be at the Grand Canyon next week, sitting in the sun and savoring the silence. Feel a lot better now. But you have given me new ideas and a whole lot of inspiration. Instead, yoga became helpful because it I was able to put my body into stress under my own control. Sure, I had to read and learn a few things about healthier living, but in comparison to what I had endured the last several years, that was nothing. I have a feeling this post is going to hit close to home for a lot of readers. When I got married the second time little did I know what I was getting myself into. My mind was elsewhere: what I’d done wrong in the past, how I was compromising my future, and how I was wasting the present. I love the idea of “letting yourself play again”. I echo the superlatives of Mohnish. If something felt off, I went to the doctor and blasted it away with the best that modern medicine had to offer. Hey man….Great article, but I guess I just don’t understand how incorporating more things that you enjoy doing (play) affected things like your hands shaking when your friend came over. I’ve been soul searching a lot lately. (I still spiral sometimes. Play immerses us in the moment, where we effortlessly slip into flow. The message of the book hit me like a brick wall – it explained what I’d been doing wrong this whole time. At first, I was nervous and slightly mortified. It really, really works. You forget how much fun sports are for kids. And that’s how it should be all the time — saying “YES” to every moment, knowing it’s another opportunity for you to embrace life and have fun (Improv, by the way, was the most effective remedy to curing social anxiety that I could have possibly conjured). Incorporating play where I work will prove to be a challenge, but I feel encouraged now and I am up for the challenge. Closing the loop on personal issues that are bothering you on a day-to-day basis is so critical. Now when I have feelings, I do my best to feel them, to pay attention to them, and maybe even to send them a little love. Life was never supposed to feel so serious or scary in the first place! make things Fun :). At my worst, I think, FUCKING FEELINGS! So, needless to say, I’m serious all the time. Then, sometimes you stumble across something that makes so much sense it’s a relief. That is just who I am. So began the attempts to get rid of my anxiety. Recently went on 3 dates with a dude and every time we played…. My ex had 2 little girls when we met 1 girl was 4 mo. I don’t ask them to create a lawyer’s case for why the deserve to exist. Then, anxiety came along and wrecked my world. Throwing tight spirals over cars at busy intersections into spots between where people are walking is one of my most fun things to do in the city. If so you definitely need some TLC for yourself. Disorders of mental illness run in families sometimes. thank you! I love him to death, and at that moment, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him and the long journey he was in for on his road to recovery. I always chalked it up to loss of control, in issues that I wanted to control. your bravery and determination to get out of something that couldve drown you for the rest of your life is just inspiring. (It has gotten really woo-woo over in my world, but I do what works for me.).


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