When did organ music become associated with baseball? What is the dispersion medium of mayonnaise? Wiki User Answered . It was renamed “Regina” which is latin for “queen” after Queen Victoria. Regina became a city in 1903 and the capital shortly after the Province was established. Regina became a city in 1903 and the capital shortly after the Province was established. Regina (/rɪˈdʒaɪnə/) is the capital city of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. There are also seasonal and charter flights to Las Vegas, Phoenix and Ottawa with destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean, including Cuba. The racial make up of Regina is White (78.6%), Aboriginal (9.9%) (First Nations (5.8%) and Metis (3.9%), Southeast Asian (3.5%), South Asian (2.6%), East Asian (2.2%), Black (1.6%), Latin American (0.7%) and Arab & West Asian (0.6%). [4] Statistics Canada has estimated the CMA's population to be 261,684 as of 2019. The city is served by Ring Road, a high speed connection between Regina's east and northwest that loops around the city's east side (the west side of the loop is formed by Lewvan Drive) with plans calling for another perimeter highway to encircle the city farther out. [48] Fort Qu'Appelle and its neighbouring resort villages on the Fishing Lakes remain a summer vacation venue of choice;[49] Indian Head is far enough from Regina to have an autonomous identity but close enough that its charm and vitality attract commuters – it "has a range of professional services and tradespeople, financial institutions, and a number of retail establishments. Campion College and Luther College now have federated college status in the University of Regina, as does the First Nations University of Canada;[103] The United Church's Regina College has entirely consolidated with the University of Saskatchewan and identified with St Andrew's College there: despite the considerable historical involvement by the Methodist, Presbyterian and Anglican churches in antecedent institutions of the University of Regina. Was Greta Van Susteren a defense attorney in the OJ Simpson case? [93] The farm and agricultural component is still a significant part of the economy – the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool (now Viterra Inc.,[94]), "the world's largest grain-handling co-operative" has its headquarters in Regina[95] — but it is no longer the major driver; provincially it has slipped to eighth overall, well behind the natural resources sectors. Many buildings of significance and value were lost during the period from 1945 through approximately 1970: Knox United Church was demolished in 1951; the Romanesque Revival city hall in 1964 (the failed shopping mall which replaced it is now office space for the Government of Canada[28]) and the 1894 Supreme Court of the North-West Territories building at Hamilton Street and Victoria Avenue in 1965. The city's summer agricultural exhibition was originally established in 1884 as the Assiniboia Agricultural Association, then from the mid-1960s and up till 2009 as Buffalo Days[65] then from that time until today, the Queen City Ex.[66]. reports 111 more COVID-19 cases, Sask. Medical services are provided through three city hospitals, Regina General, Pasqua (formerly Grey Nuns), and Wascana Rehabilitation Centre and by private medical practitioners, who, like hospitals, remit their bills to the public universal medical insurer, the Saskatchewan Medicare system. The Regina Symphony Orchestra, Canada's oldest continuously performing orchestra,[58] performs in the Saskatchewan Centre of the Arts (now the Conexus Arts Centre). government urged to act to reduce spread of COVID-19, Official results released for Regina election, voter turnout was 21.3%, 'A heart of gold': Rick Schwartz remembered for his commitment to family, community, Map shows Regina schools with current COVID-19 cases, Multiple staff members at Indian Head care home self-isolating after outbreak: Sask. In recent years the pattern of primary and high school grounds being acreages of prairie sports grounds has been re-thought and such grounds have been landscaped with artificial hills and parks. He retired from politics in 1900 after unsuccessfully running for Parliament in New Westminster, British Columbia, Berton, 379. The bus depot built in 2008 is being converted into use as the new Regina Police Service headquarters as of 2019.[116]. Regina College was initially a denominational high school and junior college affiliated with the University of Saskatchewan – the later-established Campion and Luther Colleges, operated by the Roman Catholic Jesuit Order and Lutheran Church respectively, operated on the same basis. "A Big Thanks to Indian Head," CBC program website. 159. The city name derives from Latin for queen. It is clear that the declaration of no specific religious affiliation, clearly growing by the late 1960s, is increasingly substantial, doubtless as elsewhere in Canada. Green funnel clouds formed and touched down south of the city, tearing a swath through the residential area between Wascana Lake and Victoria Avenue, continuing through the downtown business district, rail yards, warehouse district, and northern residential area. [30] Wascana Centre has made Regina as enjoyable and fulfilling for residents as it had long been the "metropole" for farmers and residents of small neighbouring towns. Modern transport has obviated the development of a significant manufacturing sector and local petroleum refining facilities: the General Motors assembly plant north on Winnipeg Street, built in 1927 – when Saskatchewan's agricultural economy was booming and briefly made it the third province of Canada after Ontario and Quebec in both population (at just under one million people, roughly the same population as today[93]) and GDP – ceased production during the depression of the 1930s.


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