Thicker Than Water is a 2000 documentary surf film directed by singer/songwriter Jack Johnson and his film school friend Chris Malloy. To a surfer only two things are important: the sun and the surf, and this free and easy attitude is B82:B107. Produced by Jim Freeman and Greg McGillivray in the early seventies, a period of amazing changes in surfing as well as society. From intense slabs in Ireland, to the deepest perfect tubes of Indonesia. Bruce Brown filming The Endless Summer in 1966. Explore the world's largest surfer-related flick catalog. A full-length surf film is a rare thing these days. 17-year-old Jess Laing has grown up surfing with, and competing against, her … From the performance focused design of the Yater Spoon and George Greenough’s radical innovation, rose the world’s largest surfboard manufacturer and the modern surf industry as we know it. "the waves were as good as waves get" - sumatra/ september/1999. Also features a great skateboarding segment. In the end, though, the juice was worth the squeeze. Indonesia Love. “The freedom of traveling on two wheels with just the essentials was something new and exciting for both of us,” says Martyn. The film that started the movement...the original Endless Summer. On any given day of the year, it's summer somewhere on the planet. RUSSIA DVD & limited edition Book by Surfing photographer Chris Burkard and writer Ben Weiland. Wayne Lynch burst onto the Australian surfing scene in the 1960s and rode a wave like no one else. What follows is an amazing limited edition 100 page Book & DVD combination from their adventures. Surfers live differently than other people. With Camilla Belle, Dwier Brown, Stacie Hess, Brian Stark. And they succeeded. Welcome to the most comprehensive list of surf movies. You have got to see the amazing new surfing DVD - Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau. So, with a little help from Royal Enfield and Need Essentials, the pair decided to tour New Zealand on motorbikes. Photo: He, along with filmmaking partner and good friend Ishka Folkwell, headed to New Zealand to get off the beaten track and create a movie called Lost Track New Zealand “Finding perfect waves with just a friend is one of the best feelings a surfer can experience,” says Martyn. take on the best waves of California,... Warren Miller's Face Of Winter DVD & Blu-Ray, Warren Miller's Line of Descent DVD & Blu-Ray, Warren Millers Ticket to Ride DVD and Blu-Ray Combo Pack, Here There & Everywhere DVD Blu Ray Combo, Robert August: The Endless Journey Vol. Be the first to know about exclusive offers and updates. If you know about more full-length surf flicks out there to watch for free on YouTube, Vimeo or another free video streaming service, let us know and comment below. 5 Full Surf Movies You Can Watch Online For Free Perfect viewing for those flat days when you need a little saltwater inspiration. Please say no. From the surfers that brought you Thicker Than Water, September Sessions and Shelter surfing videos. 2nd May 2014. Retrieved from deep within the catacombs of the How On Earth Did We Miss This? The sport of Stand Up Paddle surfing seems to have popped up out of nowhere. More than 25 filmmakers and surfers worked in unison to document the world of surfing in a single 24-hour period: May 2, 2012. The SURFfit DVD is the total body premiere exercise system that utilizes fit: functional integrated training. Photo: Martyn, who is undoubtedly one of the most stylish surfers on earth, is willing to go the extra mile to get waves. Painstakingly restored frame by frame for DVD. Spoons is a documentary about craft, heritage, and place. Hosted by Coach Cote and introducing The Tavamotu Challenge: The Quest For... 2008 Globe Pro Fiji surfing video highlights the Sickest Event on the Planet returned, and lived up to its reputation as competitors were treated to 6-8 foot surf at both Restaurants and Cloudbreak. Last fall, Woodshed Films & Dan Malloy and friends set out to surf and bike their native California coast. The L.A. Times called this film, "A stunningly photographed celebration of the beauty and joy of surfing." Tales of the Gun - 19of40 … Many of the world's best surfers of the 1970's including Hackman and B.K. Spoons is a documentary about craft, heritage, and place. It was his last competition and he was only seen occasionally until 1983 when he was arrested in a 15-car police chase from Coolangatta to Brisbane. 5 Full Surf Movies You Can Watch Online For Free Perfect viewing for those flat days when you need a little saltwater inspiration. The "Live From the Moon" surfing DVD is a journey into the modern world of surfing and surfing travel searching for the most remote exotic breaks and desinations. A full-length surf film is a rare thing these days. He opened up fresh possibilities with a radically new vertical style. 1 DVD. This classic surfing video dvd was declared a national treasure by the Australian government. 180° South: Conquerors of the Useless follows Jeff Johnson as he retraces the epic... Chris Malloy’s surfing / rock climbing DVD video film strikes so deeply into the heart of Patagonia’s wilderness we come to feel at home there. We highly recommend this title. 6:51. Persaingan Young Guns & Young Girls - Hot Shot 28 Agustus 2016. This amazing surfing DVD was shot in one day. Dan Malloy wrote - "I learned more about the people and place here, than I had in thirty five years and a thousand trips by car.". Produced by Jim Freeman and Greg McGillivray in the early seventies, a period of amazing changes in surfing as well as society. They had a direction and a score and premieres full of hooting fans. Under The Sun A Super 16mm, feature-length surfing video documentary about two cultures on Australia's eastern coast. Their influence gave rise to the world’s best surfers and still resonates to this day. There are few surfers in these times of one-second attention spans that command enough interest to make a full-length film worthwhile, but Torren Martyn is one of them. The Tomorrowland story brought to life in brilliant 16mm film. Keith Malloy’s debut body surfing video film, Come Hell or High Water, shot primarily on 16mm focuses on the simplicity and beauty of bodysurfing. Watch Young Guns II Full Movie. the world's most perfect wave) and the highest concentration of professional competitive surfers on the planet. Competitors and contest... EXCLUSIVE product - 5 Summer Stories DVD (Re-Mastered Deluxe Edition) All the 70’s stars are present including Lopez and Hakman. Well the PNS season is almost upon us and for those of you who require any additional psyche up (we are already far too excited), here is a list of our favorite surf movies available on You Tube. All... 50 Years of Surfing on Film, Vol. Has anyone seen it? A stunning masterpiece by Albert Falzon! The official 2006 Globe WCT Tahiti contest surfing video DVD features The Sickest Event On The Planet, held at Cloudbreak on Tavarua Island. Today we’re announcing the nominees for the coveted Movie of the Year award–a category recognizing all the hard work and talent that goes into producing a full-length surf flick. The classic 1972 surfing film MORNING OF THE EARTH reveals a fantasy of three exotic lands: Bali, Hawaii, and Australia. 3 Paul Witzig, Alby Falzon, Hal Jepsen & Bill Delaney-Volume 3: The third of four compilation surfing DVDs from The Journals landmark series examining the evolution of surf culture... 5’5” x 19 ¼” The Original surfing DVD now for the first time on DVD. Dive into the surfing culture. It chronicles the history of surfing from a little corner of California where perfectly groomed lines wrap around a cobblestone point to form Rincon, one of the best waves on earth. Surfers Dan Malloy, Trevor Gordon and Pete Devries set sail on a 68 foot sailboat guided by the Raincoast Conservation Foundation into British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest where a pipeline and oil tanker proposal looms. The Slow Dance surfing DVD movie by Surfer and Director Dane Reynolds takes a sharp look into the timeless style of Craig Anderson. Have you seen it? This is not a surf movie, it is a film about surfing’s deepest roots: in the subconscious; in... A DINGO’S TALE is a feature surfing DVD video film based on the life and experiences to date of Dean “Dingo” Morrison. This is an amazing must have surfing video DVD. The world of Jack Coleman's nameless direction underground. They planned to spend three months on the trip, looking for waves and adventure. Browse the index, and pick your favorite film. Share. After two months & more than 700 miles, they were rolling back home to Ventura CA. These guys traveled with Keith Malloy, Dane Gudauskas, Trevor Gordon, and Cyrus Sutton to Russia's forbidden peninsula, Kamchatka. Young Guns dan Young Girls Kembali Bersaing - Hot Shot. 6:48. It wasn’t an easy trip, though — the best ones never are — and they ran into plenty of speedbumps along the way. Cumicumi Indigo. 1% of all profits go to the 1% For The Planet Non Profit Organization.


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