Elmlea is an extraordinary product that helps you make extraordinary meals. Alfie on Elmlea, because they did some adverts in the 1980s where the cat couldn’t tell the difference between Elmlea and cream. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. :). In all honesty it does say 'cream substitute' on the packaging. 100g/ml = 148kcal, 5 carbs, 13 fat, 3 protein. It is a blend of buttermilk & vegetable oils. Elmlea is a blend of buttermilk and vegetable oils that is suitable for vegetarians. Do people not read ingredients? I still use it but I prefer my West Country double cream. Oh yes, it absolutely does. But good to know, thanks! Other than it not being cream of course ;). It's about a gram difference in carbs. I bought the wrong stuff, not paying attention , I used an electric mixer. I did a taste test with my cat . You can take solace in the fact that you are not the only one who has been fooled by those fake cream-making shysters. Yes, you need to mind calories on keto. Elmlea can be poured or cooked with dependent the dish. Elmlea stays fresher for longer, over the double the shelf life of dairy cream (before and after opening). Wed 6:23 am +00:00, 26 Sep 2012 16. blogged by Tapestry. I had two options here - not post this for fear of looking stupid, or post it to maybe help someone else who might make the same mistake. It's the only 'cream' my village shop stocks, and I'll bet most people think it is cream! Absolutely. I mean, it's got the words "alternative to cream" printed underneath the word Elmlea. This is the shite they sell in corner shops. I know this now, but a year or so ago when I started keto I did not. But I bet I'm not the first person to have assumed it was cream. I went for the latter. If you can afford the extra carb it might be worth it to keep your calories in check. Let’s not be afraid of throwing ingredients together and seeing what happens. It's the only 'cream' my village shop stocks, and I'll bet most people think it is cream! It is a blend of buttermilk & vegetable oils. Now I feel sick, thinking about all that vegetable oil I've been consuming. I think you are right its wont thicken as not cream (it was cold). Wife brought home strawberries and cream last night. Weather your making a sweet or savoury dish Elmlea has a wide variety of products that are suitable, easy to use and deliciously creamy. Could be worse.. Could be made of sugar! If you buy this when you are trying to lose weight, you might get a nasty surprise! If you get your fresh cream from the corner shop it's no wonder. Now I feel sick, thinking about all that vegetable oil I've been consuming. Elmlea Double is our multipurpose cream alternative - whip it up for desserts, pour over pudding or stir in to sauces or pasta to further enrich your cooking. Elmlea won't whip because it isn't cream. So let’s embrace the extraordinary. 8 talking about this. I guess you could thicken it with icing sugar, but really - you'd be better off chucking it and buying proper whipping cream. Emlea Single/Double is NOT cream. Keto talk for people in the UK. Basically it means that Elmlea is much unhealthier than cream, despite being sold as “33% less fat”. Took well over a month before I read the ingredients one day and realised.


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