The same can be said about another scene in the Odyssey. Say to her, “Do this, and I shall light your torches.”… If you are sending her to kill, give her the sword; she will give you her torches and come back with the sword bloody…. Graf himself makes it clear that Frazer’s notions were in fact anchored not merely in his own class in late Victorian Cambridge but in at least a significant part of the ancient evidence itself. Family Resemblances among Rituals. Or just consciousness-changing? Perhaps the reader of the future will catch a glimpse of someone not so very different from the people whom Professor Graf himself, in the late twentieth century, meets at scholarly conferences on ancient religion. Already in the Odyssey of Homer we meet the alarming figure of Circe, who gives Odysseus’ men food, then touches them with her wand and transforms them into swine. Graf fully shares this tribal dread of Sir James. This Study Guide consists of approximately 55 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The Golden Bough. everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The Golden Bough. The Golden Bough is like a never-ending hall of mirrors, with symbol being linked to symbol by analogy; a continual deferral of meaning. His music, and a false etymology of his name from pan, “everything,” often raised his seriousness and his stature; he is sometimes presented as a cosmic thinker and teacher. The oddity is that in the spell books intended for actual use it is always assumed that the sorcerer is a man, the victim a woman. This is religion in a very special sense. When the Christians come along, the name of Jesus Christ starts to turn up in the magical papyri for use in incantations. That fact he faces, or faces down, with striking composure. The book was praised for its thoroughness and accepted as a major scientific accomplishment. These questions are even more difficult when they are asked, not about contemporaries, but about people who lived in the distant past. This section contains 368 words (approx. But I guess that posterity, reading his fascinating book, will see that he takes as central to magic not a desperate victim of emotional or economic need, but an urbane man of high culture and education, a traveling orator, with a strong interest in the sacred. A hundred years ago scholars in countries like Britain, France, and the United States were serenely confident in the supremacy of their own society, not only in its power but also in its sophistication; and so they looked with conscious superiority on the superstitions of less happy breeds. In literature that continued to be true. Why, then, is it invested with such importance in European thinking about magic?”. Practitioners of this type claimed to possess exotic secret knowledge. Best of The New York Review, plus books, events, and other items of interest, The Great God Pan: The Survival of an Image. In what sense do they “believe” in such things as astrology and magic? Against this it should be emphasized that the practical spells are very careful to instruct their users not only to protect themselves against the gods they raise by wearing amulets and carrying talismans: they also regularly give the procedure for dismissing the god when he has done his work. It is never made clear, though, whether the means which Medea uses are to be thought of as magical, or simply as exotic substances, unknown in Greece, but known and exploited by a clever and formidable foreigner. The medical writers, struggling self-consciously toward rationality, denied that spirits had intervened to cause illness. But that is one of the few themes about which one could have hoped for more comment in Boardman’s delightful book. Might it not just as easily have been the other way around? The long-distance runner Pheidippides was sent to run from Athens all the way to Sparta to ask for aid against the Persian invasion. It is also intended to help anyone become more acquainted with the field of anthropology as we fight through the rigorous proseminar course known to make or break first-year grad students. What we do find in sources from the Roman period is such instructions as the following, in a Greek papyrus of the fourth century CE: Make two dolls, one male, the other female. The distinction is hard to draw. A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics. Graf sees that clearly in the case of the scholars of the early twentieth century. In ancient Greece itself, however, the attempt was made very early to distinguish magic from religion on the one hand and science on the other. At home in the country, he had the legs and often the face of a goat; but he was musical, the inventor of the Pan pipes, a persistent but usually unsuccessful lover of nymphs, of boys, and sometimes of animals. His use of hearsay and third-person accounts of cultural practices made anthropologists doubt the value of his work as science. Anthropology 101 is an online journal edited by members the 2008 incoming graduate cohort from various departments of anthropology throughout the country. Supernatural? Print Word PDF. Each generation can observe that the vision of its predecessors was limited by the time and the circumstances in which they lived. Or, see all newsletter options here. Graf simply looks us in the eye and tells us that not only was the. ‘Tis woman’s whole existence. The attentive reader may think that this, surely, is very like what Frazer said, and what he is constantly criticized for saying. Even worse, because much better known and more influential, is Sir James Frazer, author of the celebrated Golden Bough (first published 1890), whom Graf discusses at some length. We are surely in the presence of driving emotional need (in the client, of course, not in the sorcerer) to get help wherever it can be found. The spell quoted above, in which the sorcerer threatens to shake the heavens if his prayer is not granted, has just recited among the titles of his god Adonai and Gabriel. The second contrast, that between magic and science, was also prefigured in ancient medical thought…. Scholarship has had its fashions, in the field of magic no less than in others. Graf must admit that “the dichotomy between religion and magic, which is constitutive of the Frazerian approach, is already present in Heraclitus and in Plato”: that is to say, in the very earliest discussions we have of these questions by actual Greek writers. She is to come to him, now, now, quickly, quickly; and to be faithful to him as long as she lives. But we may perhaps still suspect that a system of explanation such as Frazer’s, which finds so many points of contact with the ancient evidence, and with the conclusions drawn from it by intelligent contemporaries, may not be so completely discredited by reference to evidence from elsewhere. News about upcoming issues, contributors, special events, online features, and more. As a good Hellenist, Frazer took it from the Greek Stoics…. He was not a pan-Hellenic god at all, but only a local godlet, worshiped in Arcadia, the most barbarous and backward region of Greece. Lucien Lévy-Bruehl described them, in the 1930s, as having a “primitive mentality,” which was different from ours in being naively tolerant of contradictions. Circe’s spell has no effect on him, but her reaction, interestingly enough, is not to comment on his talisman but to say, “You must be Odysseus! The Golden Bough Criticism. With each one of them somebody meant real mischief. Graf has no difficulty in producing interesting texts which show the sorcerer combining the two in the same utterance. Magic, like religion, is a large and complex subject. take it or leave it, and may not want to join the long line of passionate and unhappy heroines, from Medea and Dido to Violetta and Giselle and Madame Bovary and Madame Butterfly. Many men want to believe that sexual passion is of consuming importance to women. Most interesting of all, of course, are the erotic spells. Best of The New York Review, plus books, events, and other items of interest. I knew you would come one day. The oldest works in the medical tradition were written in the fifth century BCE, and they draw a sharp distinction between “natural” causes of disease and the intervention of spirits. As for the notion of “sympathetic magic,” the idea that our everyday life is connected with, and affected by, the workings of the cosmos and the growth of plants, “that term,” Graf writes, “was made familiar by Frazer’s highly influential scholarly work,” but it “is much older than this work. In the nineteenth century he had a vogue, especially in Britain and Germany, as the embodiment of a refined and beautiful countryside, pastoral and even mystical. In a recent poll in the United Kingdom, many more Britons claimed to believe in the supernatural—astrology, telepathy, ghosts—than in God. In what sense do people accept the stories they read in magazines like the National Enquirer—“Elvis still alive in outer space,” “Second World War bomber found on the moon”? This work insists that epilepsy (called the sacred disease because its onset was so unpredictable that it seemed supernatural) is no more, and no less, sacred than any other disease; forms of “treatment” which professed to compel gods or demons to obey were a waste of time, and worse. © 1963-2020 NYREV, Inc. All rights reserved. Save 50% off the regular rate and 75% off the cover price and receive a free 2021 calendar! There are, after all, other motives in human life. Graf thinks such stories are a device to distance the whole question of erotic attraction from the serious world of men. Our interest in ancient societies, he observes, should not be fastidious. There is no sign of a desire to chat with these alarming visitants. He was not worshiped in Athens in the earlier period. Practitioners who prescribed cures of a supernatural kind were seen as charlatans from the point of view of science and as blasphemous from the point of view of religion, since they claimed not to influence the divine agents by prayer, but to constrain them to obey their commands by force. One thinks of the exquisite picture in London by Botticelli, showing Venus watching a sleeping Mars, with three little Pans trying on his armor and blowing a conch shell in his ear. Thanks for exploring this SuperSummary Plot Summary of “The Golden Bough” by James George Frazer. Alone on the roof of his house at night, grasping his protective talismans, dressed sometimes as a corpse, or with the body of a slaughtered animal (cats were especially popular), the sorcerer struggled to raise a dead man from the grave to act as his servant, or to make his own shadow into a devoted attendant, or to win the passionate love of a woman, who (doubtless) lay ignorantly asleep in her bed.


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