You can find our general formulations here. We use only the highest quality materials in our permanent makeup pigments, which are required to meet the rigorous safety standards of the Alliance for Safe Practice. From Natural Earth & Ocher Pigments to Oxide Pigments, we've chosen each of our products to help you create beautiful paints, lime coatings, plasters, furniture finishes, and more. Envy Gen 2 Nano cartridge needles. Neelikon offers a wide range of cosmetic dyes, lakes & pigments for decorative cosmetics under brand name Lavanya. 1-210-585-8410 | Email: At Premier Pigments, we have earned our reputation as the permanent makeup industries leading researcher and innovator. ", © 2020 Lively Ink. There is no other teaching tool as good as this. Fast Free Shipping on Orders Over $150.00 !!! Finer DetailEngineered & optimized to exceed the quality standard of the facial esthetics industry, the Nano cartridge needles empower artists to create fine lines and realistic hair strokes. Our client base includes glass blowers, artists, paint companies, graphic artists, soap makers, cosmetic, manufacturers, candle makers, epoxy and resin companies, designers and handmade crafters. These natural mica powders feature shades vary from semi-matte pearl to shimmer to sparkle, and can be used to create mineral eyeshadows, liners, blushes, glosses, lipsticks and shimmers. Quality ProcessEnvy has the highest standard QC process in the industry. ", On Tina Davies I Love Ink: "When tattooed into the skin with skill and precision, Tina Davies specially formulated I Love Ink colors are a dream come true and what we have all been waiting for. Designed by Out of the Sandbox. Powered by Shopify. Permanent makeup supplies, Perma Blend Pigments by World Famous Tattoo, Spektra Xion Machines, ReelSkin Synthetic Practice skin, Tina Davies Microblades, Order Perma Blend Pigments Here ! translation missing: en.layout.general.title, Elaine Campin's Online Class "The Perfect Brow". Thanks Terry for providing the best products and expeditious service. Perma Blend IS 100% a game changer. Monave natural mica powders are a beautiful, natural selection of pigments that are free of dyes and carmine. We use only the highest quality materials in our permanent makeup pigments, which are required to meet the rigorous safety standards of the Alliance for Safe Practice. Premier Pigments manufactures the world's finest permanent makeup supplies. 25, 2021 München / Germany, General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Supply. Visit TKB, supporting people like you since 1997. For more information, contact us. Neelikon is regarded as one of the top three producers in the world for cosmetic pigments. Of course, the Nano cartridges are compatible with a number of machines like the XionS, and machines by quality companies like Cheyenne, Bishop and FK Irons and Microbeau. She can always be found helping her customers and other artists and that's  what makes her such a fantastic source of information.


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