Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ae0a79d7e9a352c918e91b13ff99b249" );document.getElementById("d7cfdab4a8").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Made it exactly as written and it was SO good! Lettuce as a cooked green opened a whole new dimension in the lettuce department. Place in lightly oiled baking dish. It’s always a sense of accomplishment to get that done. I tried this tonight and my husband and I enjoyed it! I think I will try this on the stovetop, rather than the oven. Hello, I am Erica. Plan to saute garlic with it just before adding the lettuces. With these strong flavors- it was very edible. Glad you gave that a try Jill. Heat a wok with water and cook until boiling. Heat a wok with oil, and stir-fry garlic until fragrant. I love this recipe SO much! This website can serve as the perfect resource to let you know about Chinese food and teach you how to cook. Skip. No, you don’t have to worry about the bitterness. Your email address will not be published. 1. (It will shrink as it cooks. $19.97 – Your “book” (PDF format for PC or Mac) will be emailed to you the minute I receive your order. Pour the oyster sauce mixture in the wok and cook under high heat until boiling. Bitterness? Bill and I tried it sauteed the other night and didn’t care for it at all. The refrigerator contains a lot of moisture, and if the green leaf lettuce is put into the refrigerator for a long time, and it is easy to lose the crisp taste. By WOBBLY. Love it! 1. Copyright © 2020 Tending My Garden/Organic Gardening with a Common Sense Approach. Filed Under: Vegetables, Vegetarian Tagged With: Boiled Green Leaf Lettuce. Remove from oven and cover with a top or a tent of tin foil. 350g green leaf Lettuce In addition, people with frequent urination and stomach cold shouldn’t eat too much. ABSOLUTELY AH—MAZING!!!! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Give your readers a freebie when they sign up for your newsletter! Heat a wok with water and cook until boiling. People in other parts of the world have been using it that way for centuries, but I sure didn’t know it. Then, drain and transfer on a plate. I’ve got to try this one! FYI: anyone in the australian region, oven comparison is 180 degrees Celsius. July 3, 2011. I call it Mediterranean Cooked Greens. We still have lots of lettuce left and it’s starting to get hot. By Mary Jones. 3. A friend called me to tell me about seeing a similar recipe on a cooking show. Mix greens and onions coated with olive oil are in baking dish and ready to go into the oven. Thank you. Sprinkle the sauce on the green leaf lettuce. Not bad! Knowing I could use all my bitter lettuce was one of the most exciting things for me when I discovered lettuce as a cooked green. Then, drain and transfer on a plate. Serve. The green leaf lettuce is rich in nutrients and contains a large amount of beta carotene, antioxidants, vitamins B1, B6, vitamin E, vitamin C, as well as a large amount of dietary cellulose and trace elements such as magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and a small amount of iron, copper and zinc. Hi So if that any indication —- she didn’t care for it either. If you try it stovetop and like it, let us know how you fixed it. Then wrap it with a clean paper towel, put it in a bag and store it in the refrigerator. Let's dig deeper →, Copyright © 2020 Easy Chinese Recipes on the Foodie Pro Theme. Beet greens, borage, spinach, any oriental greens, arugula,  romaine lettuce and any other kind of lettuces you may have. Please stop by often to be entertained, encouraged, and learn things about organic gardening the easy way --- here a little, there a little --- from my stories, tips, anecdotes, experiences, and explanations. It is simple to make, cheap and delicious. If leaves are big, I usually tear them. The feta is a nice touch. We will try it again. Lettuce like spinach shrinks when it cooks. It is part of our family’s rotation of meals. Tuna Sarnie Flora. I can already tell this is going to be a routine go-to recipe for me!!! It also has a mild sweet or semi-bitter taste. Pour the oyster sauce mixture in the wok and cook under high heat until boiling. Really makes it good. ). Pretty good stuff. I have even made it when I’ve had non-vegan family over and they love it as well. Not quite as refined as I am aspiring to be, but pretty darn fantastic! You’ll need a bowl full. I always enjoy hearing from you. Add the green leaf lettuce and cook for 1 minute. Sure glad my post inspired you. There are many cook methods for green leaf lettuce. 3. Was delicious. You can make it for salads, stir-fry with garlic, make a soup or noodles dish, while Roman lettuce is only used for salads. Mash down. Hope you’ll enjoy trying this. Sprinkle the sauce on the green leaf lettuce. Yesterday, DH and I took everything out of our big chest freezer, and put the viable foods (most everything) back in chronological order. Required fields are marked *. I’m so glad you and your husband enjoyed it Christine! Did you check out the original recipe link as well, Diane? Just tried this recipe with a little variation. All Rights Reserved. Green Salads Wilted Lettuce Salad Rating: Unrated 82 This wilted salad is lightly coated with a delectable warm dressing. 59,505 suggested recipes . I never knew lettuce would work as a cooked green. 2 tablespoons oyster sauce In case you want to check out the original recipe for Wild Greens Pie that my friend saw on the cooking show, here’s the link. I think it would be good to try it sauted too. Harvest good looking leaves. Unlike most lettuce, it is heat resistant. I’ll report back if I am successful. Now I can use it if it turns bitter. Cut the garlic into pieces. Lettuce • Recipes Lettuce – Delicious as a Cooked Green. Mix 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce and 1 teaspoon of sugar in a bowl. Thanks for letting me know you tried it Alysha. It’s so good! thanks. The green leaf lettuce has a long history in China and cultivates in many places. Thanks for sharing, and the great recipes/blog! No, you don’t have to worry about the bitterness. Serve. Bill and I love a splash (sometimes several) of balsamic with greens. I used my garden lettuce and spinach (both always bitter) added whole cherry tomatoes with the onion and greens. Last updated Oct 26, 2020. Bake 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Add the green leaf lettuce and cook for 1 minute. I let it cook down and pushed the greens up to the edges so the juices and balsamic would concentrate. Think it will be great. Heat a wok with oil, and stir-fry garlic until fragrant. Add about 3 medium coarsely chopped onions. All content including photos is copyrighted by To make this dish even better serve with crumbled feta cheese on top and some type of cornbread. Now it’s one of our favorite dishes and I fix it once or twice a week. Tuna, Celery And Mayo Wrap Flora. Therefore, the first step is to dry the water on the surface of the green leaf lettuce. Click picture to learn more or order now 46 Items Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice Throw together a fresh, crisp lettuce salad for a side or serve dainty lettuce cups with mince or other fillings at a buffet. Immerse the lettuce  — or whatever mix of greens you’re picking — in the water immediately after picking it. My husband and I haven’t had anything like this since we went vegan. We've got plenty more recipe ideas for using up lettuce. Lettuce recipes; This competition is now closed. 2. Do try the roasted version — you’ll be amazed at how even more delicious it is! Yes No No Preference. This keeps the greens moist and soft. Powered by WordPress. And it is a common food ingredient in restaurants and most Chinese families. I want to introduce all kinds of Chinese traditional food for you. 2 medium cloves of garlic And the green leaf lettuce is slender, the base is thin and small, fan-shaped and spreads to form a wide, curly top. Your email address will not be published. I am so so so happy I made a double batch!! I went heavy on the onions and garlic and finished it with salt, pepper, and balsamic vinegar. Return to oven and bake 15 to 25 more minutes. Thanks for sharing this recipe so we can all enjoy it! Congrats on the freezer job! Take a large bowl half filled with water to the garden with you when you pick. Welcome to my site about Chinese cooking. I want to try this. This search takes into account your taste preferences. Thanks for the recipe. Many people like to eat raw green leaf lettuce, but you must make sure it is clean. The use of lettuce in cooked meals is also an interesting novelty for Western tastes used to having it only in salads and buffet dishes. When your garden lettuce turns bitter and is no longer suitable for use in a salad, it can still be delicious as a cooked green! In addition, green leaf lettuce contains active ingredients such as mannitol, which has the effect of diuresis and promoting blood circulation, clearing liver and gallbladder and nourishing the stomach. Green leaf lettuce is very crispy and also contains a lot of water, while the taste of Roman lettuce is not so good, not as crisp as green leaf lettuce. Cooked greens, feta cheese and corn bread. Theresa. placed it covered in the microwave for 4-6 mins and let it sit and steam for another 10 minutes. I topped it with Feta. So I’ll look forward to your reporting back and gaining the benefit of your experience. Would you like any meat in the recipe? Haven’t heard from her. It will disappear as the greens cook. I too plan to try this on the stovetop. Or you can put a layer of paper towel in the refrigerator crisper to absorb moisture and extend the preservation time. If you've benefited from this website please consider supporting it to keep it online and free. Boiled Green Leaf Lettuce is a kind of common homemade dish. This site uses cookies. Good to hear from you, Christine. Roman lettuce is a variety of lettuce that grows in a tall head of sturdy dark green leaves with firm ribs down their centers. Taste is just not the same. They can be large or small. Allrecipes has more than 750 trusted lettuce recipes complete with ratings, reviews and cooking tips. Theresa. See all recipes using lettuce (129) Buyer's guide Buy lettuces that look bright, firm and crisp, with leaves that are not starting to brown at the edges and show no sign of slime or insect damage. My name is Theresa and I've been organic gardening in Virginia for 42 years. Mix 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce and 1 teaspoon of sugar in a bowl. Cooked Lettuce Recipes 59,505 Recipes. Topped off to serve with feta and almonds. When your garden lettuce turns bitter and is no longer suitable for use in a salad, it can still be delicious as a cooked green! But it must avoid storing with fruits such as bananas and ripe apples to prevent the induction of red spots. Copyright © 2020. easy and fast… I’ve recently become a vegan and looking for recipes that make me say wow. I usually modify ingredients or seasonings in most recipes, but I follow this one exactly because it is just perfect and full of flavor! Thanks for commenting, Gail. Added just a small splash of balsamic. It will disappear as the greens cook. It like growing in a cool environment, it is neither cold nor heat resistant. Organic Gardening – Cutting Through the Hype to the 3 Keys to Successful Gardening $28.95 Click on the picture to order.


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