The program is designed to develop the qualities of compassion, empathy, and kindness for oneself and for others. NOTICE | Following Stanford’s response to the spread of COVID-19, CCARE has cancelled Compassion Training classes on campus until further notice. This includes parents, caregivers, educators, healthcare professionals, therapists, executives, public servants, and people in a wide range of professions and life contexts. For Yoga Alliance (YA) registered yoga instructors, completion of this training will earn you 16 contact hours in the Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics (YPLE) education category with YA. Learn how compassion can build your resilience, improve well being and prevent empathy fatigue. These qualities support a wide range of goals, from improving personal relationships to making a positive difference in the world. Compassion Education. Join Laura Banks for Compassion Cultivation Training©, an eight-week program designed at Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, to explore the power of compassion and discover your fearless heart. Teacher(s) William Thiele; Language of Instruction English. Large and small group discussions to share learning experiences, Listening and communication exercises to build compassionate interactions. I feel more connected with the world, nature, myself, which has been transformational”, “Overall, this course is improving my quality of life and I really appreciate the extensive knowledge that the facilitator is bringing to the table”, “Compassion Cultivation Training has really opened my eyes and now I see the universe in a whole new light”, “Compassion Cultivation Training it’s a very valuable program. C reated by a team of contemplative scholars, clinical psychologists, and researchers at the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) at Stanford University School of Medicine, together with the support of the Dalai Lama, the online Compassion Cultivation Training© takes place in real time in a virtual classroom environment, and includes: A two-hour weekly class for eight weeks that includes meditation, science and poetry, group discussion, and in-class exercises. Compassion Cultivation Training-CCT© is an 8-week educational program developed by the Stanford School of Medicine’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education CCARE, to help you improve your resilience and feel more connected to others ultimately providing an overall sense of well-be You’ll walk away from each CCT class with tools and practices you can immediately put to work. Location: Online. “Founding spiritual director, The School for Contemplative Living Author: Monks in the World: Seeking God in a Frantic Culture “”A Contemplative Path”” blog on and podcast on iTunes”. Laura Banks is inspired by and seeks to strengthen the capacity to thrive and find meaning throughout life, especially through the cultivation of compassion. Who Participates in Compassion Cultivation Training? Online Compassion Cultivation Training with William Thiele. Preliminary research suggests that CCT and similar programs can increase self-compassion and self-care, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and enhance connection with others. Compassion cultivation can also support one’s own health, happiness, and wellbeing. Everyone seemed to have such a great time with you during your workshop”, Alli GanimProgram Assistant, UPEACE Centre for Executive EducationCosta Rica. Scientific studies suggest that a kind and compassionate attitude can greatly reduce the distress we feel in difficult situations and become a profound personal resource in times of stress. We are happy to announce that our next Compassion Cultivation Training will be LIVE and ONLINE, for eight Tuesdays from July 14th to September 1st, from 5:00-7:00pm PST (8:00-10:00pm EST). [Registration is closed] Join fellow community members for a course on love, empathy and compassion, known as Stanford’s Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT), an 8-week educational program … Recent discoveries in neuroscience confirm what wisdom traditions have taught for ages: compassion is a heartfelt awareness of suffering and a willingness to respond skillfully which can be deliberately learned, practiced, and strengthened. The program has planted a seed in me that I hope to be able to continue and cultivate”, “CCT has made me feel calmer and helped me respond rather than to react in difficult situations”, “Compassion awareness is valuable as it makes us kinder, more present and understanding towards others”, “The CCT course has been transformational and now I feel more connected with myself and the world”, “I’ve noticed that I am more kind to myself and others through practicing CCT and leveraging the tools we learned in class. Cultivating compassion goes beyond feeling more empathy and concern for others. the online Compassion Cultivation Training© takes place in real time in a virtual classroom environment, and includes: Compassion Cultivation Training© is designed to support anyone who wants to cultivate compassion for themselves and others. Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) - Online CCT is a secular training designed to help individuals develop compassion and mindfulness Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) is an 8-week course developed by a team of researchers and contemplatives at Stanford University designed to help develop compassion and resilience. Certified - Women Minority Business Enterprise - WMBE. A two-hour weekly class for eight weeks that includes meditation, science and poetry, group discussion, and in-class exercises. Participants will receive: A CCT workbook A password protected website with guided meditations and other class resources Over 20 hours of guided… Laura is honored to return and come full circle in sharing lessons learned and evidence-based practices to cultivate compassion. Ready to take the next step? Lineth is excellent at presenting the material. Sundays, 9/13–11/8 (no class 10/11), 3:00–5:00p, ONLINE, While the fee for CCT helps cover the expense of offering it, no person committed to attending and being engaged will be turned away due to lack of funds.


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