Egypt, a country of 72.5 million, is experiencing a “youth bulge.” In fact, according to Egypt’s Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS), since 1976, approximately 80% of the population has been under the age of 45. Similarly, support to small and micro-enterprises, a main employer in Egypt, is bound to improve job quality within this large sector. IZA J Labor Develop 3:6, Barsoum G (2016) The public sector as the employer of choice among youth in Egypt: the relevance of public service motivation theory. The ILO is assisting government agencies, training providers, industry associations to offer SCORE Training to enterprises to be able to improve working conditions and productivity of SMES in the medium and the long term. The concept of entrepreneurship is not unfamiliar to Arab communities, especially to the youth of Egypt. Experts say that the younger generation needs to create jobs rather than seeking jobs in order to solve the global problem of unemployment. In the introduction phase the target is that 25-30 SMEs display a significant improvements in working conditions and productivity. This is a preview of subscription content, Assaad R (2008) Unemployment and youth insertion in the labour market in Egypt. Particularly as young people constitute the majority of the unemployed in Egypt. This can explain the continued preference for this sector of employment among youth. An extremely high youth unemployment rate of 23.4 per cent in 2010, is one major but not the only cause for these popular uprisings, says Dorothea Schmidt, senior employment expert in the ILO office in Cairo. Res Middle East Econ 4:93–116, Population Council (2010) Survey of young people in Egypt. More than 60 per cent of young workers are employed in small and micro enterprises, most of them operating within the informal economy. Int J Public Adm 39(3):205–215, Barsoum G (2016) Youth–focused active labour market programmes in a constrained welfare regime: a qualitative reading of programmes in Egypt. Egypt's Chief of Staff inspects troops in North Sinai to ensure life's return..... Jordan's interior minister resigns after outcry over breaches in COVID-19 lockdown, Egypt condemns shooting at Saudi Embassy in The Hague, Dutch police hold suspect after shots fired at Saudi embassy, At least 74 migrants dead in shipwreck off Libya: UN, UN says 11,000 have fled Ethiopia to Sudan, 50% of them children, Egypt's Baron Palace Sahl Hasheesh wins World Luxury Hotel Awards. Today, youth aged 18-29 make up 19 million people in Egypt, one-quarter of the country’s population. Youth unemployment is a serious policy challenge in Egypt. The decent work deficit, as dubbed by the International Labour Organisation, is therefore a key challenge. It will also empower the institutions and organisations, which will in turn help them to do a better job. Policy Brief: ACCESS- MSME Policy Forum Youth unemployment in Egypt is a central policy issue. In Egypt the youth unemployment rate increased from 26.3% to 38.3% (+12%). Second, there are very few entrepreneurs among youth in Egypt. However, unemployment is not the only problem in relation to the labour market in Egypt. In: Eddin HK (ed) The Egyptian economy: current challenges and future prospects. Apart from addressing the high unemployment rate among their youth, the other challenge for policy makers in MENA is to insure that the share of people working but still not being able to lift themselves and their families above $2 a day should be brought down. Recent survey data shows that informal employment is the norm, even among educated working youth. Youth unemployment can be understood as a symptom of compromised job quality within the informal economy. Overcoming Youth Unemployment in Egypt: Randomized Evaluations Showcase the Promise of Active Labor Market Programs Ahmed Elsayed (IZA) Kevin Hempel (Prospera Consulting) Adam Osman (UIUC) Working Paper October 2018 . Indian and Pakistani troops exchange fire leaving at least 14 dead, England boss Southgate drops Grealish start hint in Nations League, Ramos primed to set European appearances record, Ethiopian civilians in Sudan say they fled government bombings in Tigray. Interviews show that these young men and women would choose unemployment over a job with compromised benefits, or a “bad” job as described in the World Bank literature. Incentivising regulations addressing access to contributory social insurance schemes for workers within the informal economy remains a key policy approach. The largest educated group among the unemployed is university graduates. The partnership level– By building capacity of actors, building networks, identifying needs of actors (in terms of material and knowledge), creating agreements and cooperating with others on concrete actions on the ground, the project will help to strengthen all these activities and will ensure that they are more streamlined towards the common goal of youth employment. Informal employment (understood as lack of access to work contracts or social insurance) is a key challenge that receives less policy attention than it should, despite its gravity.


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