Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification, ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. Purification process design in the production of styrene monomer. An economic study of two alternatives for styrene monomer purification based on equilibrium staged processes is presented. ¡åŒ–与综合利用研究所, Process for brominating polystyrenic resins, Brominated polysytrene having improved thermal stability and color and process for the preparation thereof, Brominated polystyrene having improved thermal stability and color and process for the preparation thereof, Improved brominated polystyrenic resins, and their use, Polymer compositions containing brominated polystyrenic resins, Polymers flame retarded with brominated polystyrenic resins, Brominated copolymer flame retardant additives having improved color characteristics and related method, Method and apparatus for producing decabromodiphenyl alkanes, Flame retarded fibers and filaments and process of production therefor, Pelletized brominated anionic styrenic polymers and their preparation and use, Improved polymers of bromostyrenes having controlled molecular weight, Brominated styrenic polymers and their preparation, Process for the production of brominated styrene polymers or resins, Brominated anionic styrenic polymers and their preparation, Process technology for recovering brominated styrenic polymers from reaction mixtures in which they are formed and/or converting such mixtures into pellets or into granules or pastilles, Method for brominating butadiene / vinyl aromatic copolymers, Process for brominating butadiene/vinyl aromatic copolymers, Terminating bromination of styrenic polymer in a bromination reaction mixture, Converting brominated anionic styrenic polymer into harder and larger form for storage, shipment, and use, Optical films cast from styrenic fluoropolymer solutions, Optical compensation films based on stretched polymer films, Optical compensation films of brominated styrenic polymers and related methods, Optical compensation films based on fluoropolymers, Low molecular weight brominated polymers and their use in thermoplastic formulations, Low molecular weight brominated polymers, processes for their manufacture and their use in thermoplastic formulations, Process for brominating butadiene copolymers by the addition of water or certain solvents, Two-step process for brominating butadiene copolymers, Branched and star-branched styrene polymers, telomers, and adducts, their synthesis, their bromination, and their uses. An economic study of two alternatives for styrene monomer purification based on equilibrium staged processes is presented. \[\ce{R_2C=CR_2 + X_2 \rightarrow R_2CX-CR_2X} \tag{8.2.1}\] Step 1: In the first step of the addition the Br-Br bond polarizes, heterolytic cleavage occurs and Br with the positive charge forms a cyclic intermediate with the two carbons from the alkene. Furthermore, the Company will not be responsible to third parties for the unauthorized use of its product. Pelletized low molecular weight brominated aromatic polymer compositions, Bromination of low molecular weight aromatic polymer compositions, Preparation method of spray-dried brominated polystyrene, Aromatic polyamide films for transparent flexible substrates, Aromatic polyamide films for solvent resistant flexible substrates, Method for the preparation of styrenic fluoropolymers, Halogenated polymers of nuclear methylated aromatic hydrocarbons, their quaternary ammonium salts and method of making the same, Halogenation of solid resinous polymers of alkenylaromatic compounds with gaseous halogens, Method of making a self extinguishing expandable polymer of styrene by bromination, Method of producing self-extinguishing foamable polystyrene by brominating foamable polystyrene in aqueous suspension, Method of impregnating film materials with ammonium bromide, Halogenated polymers and block copolymers produced therefrom, Anionic polymerization of nuclear halogenated styrenes, Alpha-methyl-p-bromo-styrene and method of preparation, Process for preparation of 2,5-dibromo-p-xylene, Ar-halo-ar(t-alkyl)styrenes and polymers thereof, A process for preparing thermostable, brominated oligomerisaten monovinyl aromatic compounds, Flame-retardant polyamide-molding compounds, Method for producing mixtures from browned polystyrene and browned aromatic compounds, Process for the bromination of polystyrenes, Process for the manufacture of halogenated polymers, Hydrogenation of phenylacetylene prior to styrene polymerization, Process for producing a chloromethylated polymer, Brominated polymers of alkenyl aromatic compounds, Bromination of polystyrene using bromine as the reaction solvent, Process for producing polybrominated higher alkylbenzenes, High impact polystyrene containing low molecular weight brominated polystyrene, High-impact polystyrene containing low molecular weight brominated polystyrene, Process for purifying brominated polystyrene, Flame retardant resin composition containing styrenic polymers, Preparation, storage, and usage of bromine chloride, Catalyst systems for syndiospecific polymerization of styrenes, Process for preparing brominated polystyrene, Brominated styrenic polymers and their use, Magnesium chloride-alcohol adduct, its production process and catalyst components obtained therefrom, Components of catalysts for polymerizing alpha-olefins and the catalysts formed from the components, Preparation of spherical magnesium alkoxide particles, Ethylene polymers and process for preparing same, Carbon number is the preparation method of the chlorinated hydrocabon of 3, Fast component och foer faring for framstaellning av catalyst som innehaoller fast component foer polymerization av aominstone 3 colatomer innehaollande alfa-olefiner, Preparation of low molecular weight, highly reactive polyisobutene, Process for preparing polyolefin products, Process for preparation of a polymer having reactive terminal group, Functionalized copolymers of para-alkylstyrene/isoolefin prepared by nucleophilic substitution, Common solvent process for producing high molecular weight halobutyl rubber, Polyester composition containing brominated polystyrene resin, Process for decabromodiphenylalkane predominant product, Written request for application examination, Explanation of circumstances concerning accelerated examination, Written decision to grant a patent or to grant a registration (utility model), First payment of annual fees (during grant procedure), Certificate of patent or registration of utility model, Renewal fee payment (event date is renewal date of database), Cancellation because of completion of term.


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