Fruits are green which turns to pale greenish to white to deep purplish to black when ripe.

Seasonal problems are one significant issue faced by almost everyone. Boil 10 gm of bark in 500 ml water till water gets reduced to 1/4th. Skype: healthbenefit55, Nutritional value of Java-plum, (jambolan), raw. Because of their appearance, apart from humans; animals, insects and birds all are attracted towards it.

Also, Jamun is used as a tonic for enhanced sexual activities. Flowers are rich in nectar which attracts bees and produce a high quality honey. Boil 250 gm of ripen jambul in 500 ml of water for sometimes. The seeds have small amounts of alkaloid, volatile oils, gallic acid, fatty resin and albumen. It is also effective against bowel spasm, flatulence, dysentery and stomach ailments. Jams, squash, and candies are also prepared from Jamun after mixing it with ingredients like sodium benzoate, citric acid, sugar, and water. There is a natural solution to these pimple problems, too, and it is Jamun. Plant bears flowers in April-June and develops into fruits in June-July. Medicinal benefits of Black Plum or Jambul fruit, Causes and Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease, MahaMrityunjai Mantra: A Spiritual healing for Health and Wellness, Awake the Treasure of Gems inside your body: Kundalini Jagran, Natural ways to increase Vitamin D in your body, Home Remedies to Clean Your Lungs Naturally, Home remedies for treating indigestion instantly, What causes chronic pain and how to get rid of it, Treatment for Raktatisaar in Ayurveda – Ulcerative colits, Chemical composition and nutrients of Jambul:-, Things to remember before eating Black plum, Miraculous benefits of Indian spice; Bay leaf, Calendula Benefits – 10+ Proven Calendula Health Benefits, Neem Extracts and its Miraculous Benefits, Miraculous Effect of Aak leaves to treat Diabetes and Obesity, Natural Treatment For Inflammatory Bowel Disease, 5 Health benefits of Blueberries which should be known to all, Medicinal benefits of juicy stick: Sugar Cane, Health benefits of 10 very common and juicy Fruits. Jamun powder, which is obtained after drying and burning it, helps in checking the gum infection and bleeding. The seeds and leaves help in the decreased level of sugar in the urine. Important cures of Black Plum- Apart from above listed cures, there are also many general healing benefits of black plum. Juicy and delicious fruits are liked by all. Black plum squash is beneficial to cure vomiting, bleeding, diarrhoea, piles and other allergies. The pharmacological activities on diabetes were carries out with seed. It is a much-known fact that the water which was boiled with Jamun bark will have essential nutritional benefits. This fruit possess gallic acid whichy has anti-HIV, anti-adenoviral, anti-carcinomic, anti-peroxidant, chemopreventive and apoptotic activities.

The other conditions that are cured by consuming Jamun are polyuria, irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue, excess salivation, etc. Eating excess amount of ripen plum may damage your stomach and lungs as it gets digested very slowly. Eugenia jambolifera Roxb. Black plum possesses anti-diabetic features. Diabetic treatment, Antioxidant activity, Lower apoptosis, Antioxidant activity, Black Plum, Indian Blackberry, Damson Plum, Jambolan, Java Plum, Jambolan Plum, Portuguese Plum, Malabar Plum, Purple Plum, Jambu, Jambul, Jamun, Jambas, Kala jamun, Rajaman, Neredu, Naval, Jamali, Nerale, Black plum, Java plum, Black berry, Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) 19.3 mg (21.44%), Tracheophyta  (Vascular plants, tracheophytes), Syzygium cumini (L.) Skeels (Java plum, duhat, jambolan plum, jamelonguier, kavika ni India, mesegerak). Here we will be talking about a purple-black coloured fruit called “Black Plum” or “Jambul”. Decoction prepared from bark is used for cleansing ulcers. 21 Health Benefits of Eating Black Plum (Jamun), How Much Selenium Should You Take Per Day To Avoid Selenium Toxicity, 11 Horrible Side Effects of Ajinomoto (Pregnancy, Cancer, & ……….). It treats acidity, hence it is good for both the mouth and the teeth. Leaves are coriaceous, opposite, elliptic oblong measuring 5 to 15 cm long by 2.5 to 8 cm wide, narrow, acuminate. Grind leaves by adding a little rock salt. It is helpful to treat all kinds of oral disorders like halitosis, oral cancer and many more. (1), The study findings concluded that some medicinal plants have antioxidants and might be effective as preventive agents in pathogenesis of diseases. Excessive intake may also result in fever. Jamun plays an essential role in the treatment of various digestive disorders like dysentery, spasm bowel movement, and flatulence. If black plum vinegar is taken with warm water twice a day, it will help to increase the appetite level and also aid in curing constipation. It bears oval , green and 1 1/2 inch long fruits which turns purplish when ripen and dark blue when fully matured. Drink 10 to 15 ml juice of Black plum to provide relief. Bark and leaves are used to control gingivitis and blood pressure. Give 1 teaspoon of ground seeds with water. Both the fruits and leaves from Jamun plant are beneficial for treating diabetes. Consume 4 gm of seed powder with water twice a day (in the morning and evening). The side effects of black plum consumption include: 1) Roadside black plum may contain substantial lead and other metal contents. The oily skin problems can be controlled with a paste of Jamun, barley flour, rose water, and almond oil. Jamun bark also treats intestinal worming, gum problems, and urinary disorders.

The polyphenolic compounds found in Black plum are helpful for heart diseases, cancer, asthma, diabetes and arthritis. obtusifolia Duthie. So, lets proceed to the health benefits of black plum. This fruit is also grown in Brazil, as it was invented there by the Portuguese colonies that went there from India. Boil 10 gm of bark and 500 ml water till it reduces to 1/4th. The plum vinegar also prevents the enlargement of the spleen. It is mentioned in Srimad Bhagavatam’s commentaries. Jamun is found in Florida and is commonly grown in Suriname, Guyana, and Trinidad and Tobago. It is a topoisomerase-I-inhibitor. It has 1-2 cm long seed inside which tastes bitter. In case of eye problems in children during teething, boil 15-20 tender jambul leaves  in 500 ml water till water is reduced to 1/4th. It acts as a coolant for the digestive system. Also, if Jamun is consumed regularly, it will help in the prevention of the hardening of arteries. It provides relief from stomach pain and acts as anti-scorbutic, carminative and diuretic. It strengthens your oral muscles. Results encourage use of Black plum leaves for nutraceutical applications, medicinal health and functional food due to its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It helps to heal the wound faster. Jamun seed and seed powder have a lot of health benefits. Berries are green at first which turns into purple. It has astringent properties that help it in the prevention of acne, wrinkles, and pimples. This fruit is native to Indian subcontinents and can be found in other regions of South-east Asia like China. Grind seeds by adding honey to make pills. The vinegar made from the fruit helps in the prevention of many harmful diseases like chronic diarrhea, urine retention, and spleen infection.

They are not recommendations. Gargle with the jambul powdered seeds and water. In case of cataract disorder in adults, mix the powder of its seed with honey and prepare tablets of 3 gm each. When your antioxidants are low, anxiety can be high. Due to its low glycemic index in Black plum, it is suitable for sugar patients as well. Wood is water resistance. Since Jamun is rich in polyphenol, it is an ideal anti-cancerous substance. The fruit is also used for the preparation of vinegar and excellent quality of the wine. Mostly it is found everywhere; forests, gardens, backyards, bonsai form and many more. Petals are caduceous, slightly rounded, coherent and white to rose pink. It prefers wet or moist soil and is also able to tolerate drought. Its binomial name is Syzygium cuminii. Vinegar or “Sirka” is prepared from the fruit in industries in substantial commercial quantities. Also, the iron content of Jamun helps in increasing the hemoglobin content of the body. Therefore, excess use must be avoided to avoid cold and chest pain. (4). It bears bottle-green coloured leaves which are 3-6 inches, long, broad, shiny and with smooth peel. caryophyllifolia (Lam.) Do not consume Black plum in an empty stomach. Health Benefits of Wearing Insoles for People With Abnormal Feet, How ADHD Affects Your Child’s Life and How You Can Help, 7 Ingredients In Weight Loss Supplements That Actually Work, Health benefits of Balsam Apple – Momordica balsamina, Traditional uses of Sugarberry – Celtis laevigata, Facts about Farkleberry – Vaccinium arboreum, Facts about Cornelian Cherry (Cornus mas). Its regular and ample consumption also controls boils, acne and eruptions on skin. Mix ash of each Black plum leaves and almond shells. The health benefits of plums include relief from indigestion, influenza infections, weight loss, and anxiety-related problems. 2) Black plum is no suitable for pregnant women; hence, it should be actively prevented by breastfeeding and pregnant women as it may cause damage to the child. Medicinal uses of Jamun. tsoi (Merr. Being tasty, these edibles looks quite attractive and colourful too. It also helps in the prevention of liver diseases. Also, if one eats Jamun regularly, then his vision will be stronger than others. The findings supported that extracts obtained with the use of high polarity solvent are effective radical scavengers. Some of them are listed below:-.


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