Very entertaining. The chowder is watery, the mac and cheese is too rich and he's not impressed with the unseasoned lobster rolls either. Yeah, he pulled a classic of obstinate and ignorant fools the world over when arguing.He fixated on a strawman argument (it's the same species) which no one argued otherwise. Finally, while no one likes a poor economy, there is one positive side effect that happens in a capitalistic society. We walked in on a Saturday night at 7pm with only an estimated 40 minute wait, we probably only waited about 25 minutes though. Black Pearl closed just 4 days after the episode aired. We were naive, believing that the show was at least somewhat honest; we truly felt we could learn something from that jerk, and we anticipated a solid boost in sales from the publicity. David, Greg and Brian". those know-it-alls who don't know anything.. a quick google search tells me, that the canadian lobster lives in colder waters (who knew), and therefore has a harder shell and the meat is less sweet and less tender. it consisted of a bed of frisee and a few halved grape tomatoes, oversaturated with an unremarkable vinagrette. After looking at my google map to determine the cross-streets, I called back and told her the address and that I was between Albany Ave and Lewis Ave. She told me that those were impossible cross-streets and hung up on me. I…", "I wanted to update to say that one bad apple should not spoil the whole bunch. David should have been bought out and kicked to the curb. I give it zero stars. I just watched the show and read the rants from the homepage first.In one of them he says that the customers loved the award winning 'maine' lobster roll and after the menu-changes the sales dropped.surprise....As Ramsey let the staff taste the new menu on the show... the lobster-roll was on it... but also grilled on the inside so the bread does not get soggy.So we have here a person who is hurt that he was caught lying (multiple times) and started a anti-ramsey campain because of it. it was served with a flavorless spinach mushroom mixture, and topped with sliced raw tomatoes (?) The ambience was great- low key, and beuatiful and we got rave reviews for the food-   lamb broquettes, filet mignon, tuna steak and a great dessert bar with mini cupcakes and tartufo. 6 other reviews that are not currently recommended, .css-12anxc3{width:24px;height:24px;display:inline-block;vertical-align:middle;position:relative;overflow:hidden;top:-0.1em;fill:currentColor;}.css-12anxc3::before{position:absolute;display:block;left:0;}.css-12anxc3::after{content:'';display:block;position:absolute;left:0;right:0;top:0;bottom:0;}.css-12anxc3 svg{position:absolute;width:100%;height:100%;fill:inherit;display:block;left:0;top:0;right:0;bottom:0;}32, Find more Bars near Black Pearl Restaurant & Grill, Find more Breakfast & Brunch near Black Pearl Restaurant & Grill, "This may be biased, but it's truthful. Awesome seafood pasta!This Italian/Hungarien palace used to be the old union st fire house. Learn more. gross. Sometimes some of the cars are a little older than others, but the drivers are generally courteous and the dispatcher, though busy, has never been rude. On relaunch night, Greg is in charge and Gordon asks Brian and David to come for dinner, they sit at the table moaning about all of the new changes. He blames Ramsay for the drop in revenue but I'm pretty sure David did a bunch of dumb stuff after Ramsay left just out of spite. Clinton Hill, Crown Heights, Bedford Stuyvesant. So, we then ordered our meal, and waited on our crab cakes. HL said they used to have all you can drink Bloody Mary's! Therefore, the Canadian Lobsters take on the taste of the rotting flesh of the bait. Technically, this should(or could) be a winner. And David's music is even worse than his behavior on "Kitchen Nightmares"! The dispatchers/staff are truly lacking in customer (and general) service knowledge. The paint color on the pillars, the new food, advertising in Time Square. There really is nothing wrong with this place and nothing right.The food was okay. But when I…", "I stopped here last night after reading the reviews. We were lucky to have you all aboard. But, food was quite yummy (hence the 4 stars). While deliberately ignoring the important part 1) he's lying and 2) quality is different.Great, same species. Or perhaps that's just my own view seeing things there aren't cause it certainly is a bit hard to believe that anyone can be so incompetent that he ruins a restaurant to such an extend and still thinks he's doing things right.I just feel bad for the staff. Yelp users haven’t asked any questions yet about Black Pearl. Parents went there when they went to New York they said it was pretty good. The dispatchers are uniformly rude and nasty, and leave you on hold forever, only to inform you that they have no cars available. After eating both dinner and brunch here in a matter of days, I have to say the food is excellent and definitely worth the price. Well, it looks like David Leonard went back into real estate sales: says on his page though that he has only sold (1) property at his employer. Not particularly familiar with the area, I told the operator the address and the intersection. they were undercooked, slimy, artificially salted, and fishy tasting. Or the credit card. Gordon orders clam chowder, lobster mac and cheese and all three of the lobster rolls from server Steven. "I was scrambling to find a limo to take my daughter and her friends to dinner for her 16th Bday. The brunch price has gone up to $16.95, but contrary to some of the reviews, the mimosa, champagne,bloodym's ARE unlimited. I too am not affiliated in anyway with the show or even know GR but I do know enough about restaurants to know one that is doomed from the start because of arrogance and stupidity. It came almost instantly. The last thing I'd like to point out to David is that there is a reason that Maine lobster, & not Canadian lobster, is world famous! I would use them again. The location is beautiful, so maybe someone with a brain will move in. Like other companies they say the car will be there in five minutes and it's not always true but they come in a reasonable amount of time. I have to find a much better car service. Learn more. I have been watching Gordon Ramsey not only on tv for ages now but following him in the media equally as long. This place is small. And that is: the weeds get pulled! In the past year they have disappointed me again and again. actually i take that back. It's so hard to find a cafe for brunch in Brooklyn! Anyway, back to the food, the garlic parsley fries can kill a vampire. If you're in Stuy Heights and thinking about calling these jokers, do yourself a favor and just walk over to Fulton and flag a cab. Leonard is also known for having been part owner of NY lobster bar, "the Black Pearl" and his spat with Gordon Ramsay on the reality TV show, Kitchen Nightmares. It was scrambled eggs with a mound of spinach on the side. get put out of business, and the finest thrive in their absence. "Hello Everyone... Well, after three years, we have fried our last clam and shucked our last oyster. After our stay at Akwaaba, the innkeepers strongly suggested Black Pearl as a car company. Both however were consistently replenished... immediately. Sounds like David needs to see a therapist to deflate his ego and discover reality! During the relaunch, who was it that slammed everything and openly hoped that Greg would fail? We completely stuffed ourselves and didn't have room for dessert. That was kind of insulting. in Beer Bar, Dive Bars, American (traditional). David was so desperate to prove Ramsay wrong he sabotaged his own business. So, while the Maine & Canadian Lobsters are the same species, the Maine Lobsters have a thinner shell & a light, sweet taste. i guess i would characterize it as contemporary italian/american cuisine, but i'm not even sure. We received our POORLY mixed drinks a few minutes later - flat vodka and tonic, and a Manhattan with a cheaper version of Bourbon than advertised on the menu.


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