23 comments. For example, against a Lord Knight using a Quadruple Cursing bow with Cursed Arrows will allow you to keep your distance. Crystal Pumps - Many Falcon-build hunters use Crystal Pumps to increase their LUK, for more Autoblitz chance and Crit. These will destroy those wearing Zephyrus (Dokebi Card) armor to counter a Wizard's Jupitel Thunder, or any other Wind/Water type skill. Comment. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. A good combo would be the +9 Maestro Cap, with +2 INT and +150 SP. Switching through 6 pairs of tights is annoying. Hunter bow is the best bow. What have you found that seem to be the best weapons across the game? 67% Upvoted. Share Share Tweet Email. The Best Shields in AC Origins - Phalanx Shield: With this you can poison the enemy with a block, also boost adrenaline while parrying, and reduce your opponent's range damage. If you prefer to use 140 DEX while leveling, flash rosaries are a very good choice. It is usually easy to find an overupgraded cap to put a card in for defensive or offensive purposes. Nimble Brooches and Gloves (Zerom Card) are the best accessories to use as a hunter. Status arrows, such as Mute Arrows and Curse Arrows are not hard to collect. Commands your Falcon to remove a set enemy or friendly trap from a distance. PVP/WoE - In PVP/WoE, it is best to carry Stone Arrows for the basic attacking arrow. It's basically the only thing they're good at though: on non-tank enemies, you'll have better damage per second by Auto-Blitzing with the Powerhouse build, and their Double Strafe is weak because of the low DEX investment. Raydric Card - Of course, the classic Immune Muffler should be a part of your gear, for every aspect of the game. They are also able to lay mines and traps on the ground to hinder or catch mobs. This'll allow you to increase your INT by a noticeable margin. The Assassin's Creed Origins Best Bow (Assassin's Creed Origins Jackal's Gaze) in the game now! Jump to: navigation, search. It is interesting to read people's comments as to why they like a particular predator bow and I'm curious what others think of this comment. Bow [4] - You usually use a Bow [4] to inflict status effects on your enemies. Jebel Barkal (Predator Bow) Stealth Damage 2/4 Combo Multiplier 1/4 Only downside is that it can't be equipped by Archer in your way to Hunter. Falcons also have the ability to reveal concealed enemies and destroy enemy traps. share. Hunters are skillful at indirect combat. Sohee Card - 15% more SP and 3% more SP regen. I'm about halfway through the game and I have a ton of legendary weapons, but I seem to be upgrading the weapons that came with the gold edition. Gakkung Bow[2] - Coupled with size cards, it's the best bow for generic damage, and it can be equipped by Archers. You should have 2:2 composites for stronger important mobs anyway. It's more or less the same distance I engage targets with the Hunter Bows anyways so it doesn't affect my playstyle at all. The Assassin's Creed Origins Best Bow (Assassin's Creed Origins Jackal's Gaze) in the game now! Hunters can easily change their weapon's element to Ghost Property by equipping Immaterial Arrows. Great for MvPing bosses without high DEF. Hunter bows are definitely the most plentiful weapons in the game, but you will also find all sorts of swords, axes, maces, spears, and even scepters that you can add to your stash. In that case you can lower AGI to go to around 180 ASPD, which is sufficient for Double Strafe spamming. Ghost Bandana - Agi + 2.. like the AoA except it helps you reach a higher ASPD. You can, however, do any Trap or Falcon skill (such as Blitz Beat or Detect) while wearing your guard. See Archer Skills for first class skills. This page was last modified on 30 September 2019, at 03:33. In PVP, a ghostring armor is very powerful against melee classes. 2x2x Race/Element is the best, of course. This build is the most difficult to level of all, namely because of the lack of AGI and DEX. Basically only useful for Trapper/Falconer builds. I really like stealth and using the predator bow. The fact that a Hunter can use a carded weapon with an elemental arrow without having to trouble a Sage for an Endow is a huge advantage in every aspect of the game, especially leveling. Of course, if you can afford it (and it works in your build), Bow Thimble [1] may be a good choice. The Odysseus Bow is an optimal choice for pure Hunters who want to distribute their damage well among their abilities, normal attacks, and elemental attacks.The stats are +25 percent Hunter damage, +20 percent damage with Bow Charged Shot, and +30 percent Elemental damage. Hunter bow is the best bow. This thread is archived. Blast Mine, Land Mine) to a target. Assassin's Creed Origins best Swords, Bows and Shields. If you don't need an AoA for your dex, Poo Hat or Beret is great for PVP and WoE. Set a trap that will display a user-set text message to whoever steps on it. Sort by. Recommended for those seeking a fun build and enjoy seeing their Falcon fly. However, Hunters have their own weaknesses, namely the lack of VIT and STR, except in certain specialized builds. The AGI may help you reach an ASPD bonus, and the flee always helps while leveling. report. Unlock Best Bows In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Recommended for those who do not wish to lay traps, or for those seeking a jack-of-all-trades build. Use 1 Trap item to set a trap that will immobilize an enemy for a set duration. They have little to no defense, however, so they're best used when in a party, shooting from behind. However, using a Creamy Card to Teleport or farming mobs with higher HPs will put an additional pressure on your SPs and you might not be "infinite" anymore. See Hunter Job Change Guide for detailed information. Some modifications of this build will take into account some INT and LUK for Falcon strikes. Relying on the use of the Falcon to attack, these types of hunters focus way more on ASPD than the other builds. Want the best weapon in AC Origins? most potential damage per quiver. Burning/Earth/Frozen/Gust Bow [1]- a nice replacement for 2:2 composites[4], carded with correct elemental modifier card and arrow set and against correct element monsters. AC Origins Best bow!Like the video? Shoot a magic arrow without requiring actual arrows and pushes the enemy 3 cells backward. 0. They can be used in combination with a status bow to completely disable your enemy. Their increased ASPD with bows helps makes them superior to Archers in ranged combat. Hunters can use boots. Pantie (with Undershirt) - Especially useful at lower levels and for Falconer builds who need the ASPD. This variant of the powerhouse boasts an INT investment, allowing him to farm efficiently most mobs with Double Strafe without having to rely of SP consumables. Their main advantage is that Auto Blitz Beat and CRITs induced by the LUK investment ignore DEF, making them effective anti-tankers. Leveling with status bows is not suggested, as it would be quite expensive to get an endow slave and go back to storage to restock on arrows. Arrows are VERY important to Hunters. Status bows are amazing in PVP. An excellent card for those powerhouse builds that are all about dishing out loads of damage.


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