Executive Producer — Erik Nelson That's wrong. Written and Directed by — Chuck Braverman We uncover how and why they happened, viewers are taken on board flights in trouble, recreating the tension and pressure in the cockpit and cabin. MSHTML.dll randomly crashes causing IE to crash which started after windows auto-upgraded itself with KB3156421 (Dated 5/11/2016) The following issue started only after windows auto-upgraded itself with KB3156421 (Dated 5/11/2016) which modified the MSHTML.dll on the system and resulted in random crashes. We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. Executive Producer for DNE — Eugene Vink When the going gets tough at 30,000 feet and the unexpected happens, it's only the pilots with 'the right stuff' who wilI bring you safely down to earth. I guess if return false then no GUI sounds. British Airways Captain Tim Lancaster was sucked out of his cockpit when his windscreen blew out. DC.Air.Crash.Disasters.5of8.Fear.of.Flying.XviD.AC3.MVGroup.org.avi (815.25 Mb) This solution … In fact this combination if it was done like this, is wrong. Verifying your email address also improves the security of your Ubisoft account, helps us provide you better support, and ensures you don't miss out on exclusive content, newsletters, and other special offers. Far Cry 3 was a surprisingly satisfying stealthy murdering replacement to AC3 when I didn't feel like subjecting my machine to random crashes. Also, I thought that it was terrible for a game to crash and shutdown the console with it. 6 channels is because previous stream playing is DTS 5.1 (core only 1508 Kbps). DC.Air.Crash.Disasters.8of8.Alive.The.1972.Andes.Survivors.XviD.AC3.MVGroup.org.avi (815.49 Mb), Categories: Technology | Peter Demeo | Shawn Devlin | David Morrissey | Jay Marks | Discovery Channel | 2009 | English | Name, San Francisco A380 - The Final Flights of JR, Stranded: The Andes Plane Crash Survivors, DC.Air.Crash.Disasters.1of8.The.Tenerife.Air.Disaster.XviD.AC3.MVGroup.org.avi, DC.Air.Crash.Disasters.2of8.Pan.Am.Flight.103.XviD.AC3.MVGroup.org.avi, DC.Air.Crash.Disasters.3of8.TWA.Flight.800.XviD.AC3.MVGroup.org.avi, DC.Air.Crash.Disasters.4of8.Last.Hour.of.Flight.11.XviD.AC3.MVGroup.org.avi, DC.Air.Crash.Disasters.5of8.Fear.of.Flying.XviD.AC3.MVGroup.org.avi, DC.Air.Crash.Disasters.6of8.When.Planes.Go.Down.XviD.AC3.MVGroup.org.avi, DC.Air.Crash.Disasters.7of8.Cleared.For.Landing.XviD.AC3.MVGroup.org.avi, DC.Air.Crash.Disasters.8of8.Alive.The.1972.Andes.Survivors.XviD.AC3.MVGroup.org.avi, https://docuwiki.net/index.php?title=Air_Crash_Disasters. It is curious that using by default 48000 instead of 44100 the same does not happen anymore. Aircrash Disasters investigates both high-profile and little-known air disasters. 2020-09-22 11:50:40.238 T:8096 DEBUG : Channel Layout: NULL To reproduce the crash some conditions needs meet: Audio passthrough = ON; Refresh rate switch on start/stop = ON; Full screen exclusive mode = ON; The crash only occurs when playback ends (due end of … do a clean install of your video drivers. Maybe it's related to Windows uses by default a sample rate of 48000? The key line in the debug is the one I've added bolded, 2020-09-22 11:50:40.196 T:8096 DEBUG : CActiveAESink::OpenSink - trying to open device WASAPI:default AE rescans but finds no devices on first try (after roughly 1.5 seconds), then OutputSample causes an issue (yeah no sink there) and then the additional OpenSink somehow forgets about having to do PT and comes up with a mixed format. That was process 1 that Ubisoft had me do. After I disabled it, it crashes just as often. Millions of developers and companies build, ship, and maintain their software on GitHub — the largest and most advanced development platform in the world. This is terribly frustrating. Then AE at least gets knowledge that something went wrong when calling Initialize(), I have done it this way because the code that generates default values was already there (https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/blob/master/xbmc/cores/AudioEngine/Sinks/AESinkWASAPI.cpp#L702). Thanks for pointing this out, the truth is that I had not noticed this detail. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use GitHub.com so we can build better products. I would suggest you take you code with the extra logging, and run it without your proposed fix. Else, we are in PCM path. I bought the game on sale for pc a few weeks ago and finally statted to play today. e.g. I don't think I'm the only one affected but it is true that the problem is quite specific and many conditions have to be met and it probably also depends on HW/drivers. So you need to look at why wfxex.Format.nChannels was assigned the value of 6. I have a gtx 570 and latest 310.70 whql drivers. I have a GTX 1070 Ti and a GTX 970. Type of audio source is not determinant (some files are AC3 640 5.1 or DTS core only 2 channels) but some files are more likely to trigger the problem than others. Learn more, Crash to desktop when VideoPlayer ends playback related to audio passthrough (WASAPI). Passthrough - WASAPI always use 2 channels because transmits RAW encoded stream (no physical decoded channels) but channel layout in Kodi is "RAW, RAW, RAW, RAW, RAW, RAW" because knows that stream is 6 channels. https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/524222/geforce-500-400-series/gtx-580-driver-stoppes-working-crashes-in-all-recently-released-games-assassins-creed-3-cod/8. Released Oct 30, 2012. If AE really requests a AE_FMT_FLOAT in combination with a RAW layout and without a stream info then something goes wrong. @Chavtheworld: Overall the game is quite a bummer, but there are some cool moments in it (the naval combat comes to mind). On a clear June day in Hollywood, a six-seater Beechcraft Bonanza narrowly misses a field of school children before taking a nosedive into an apartment building. Discovery Communications, LLC. https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/blob/master/xbmc/cores/AudioEngine/Sinks/AESinkWASAPI.cpp#L812. In your Steam library, right-click the game and select Properties.Then, go to the Local Files tab and select Verify Integrity of Game Files.If Steam finds any corrupt files, it automatically replaces those files. Well w hours is a lot better than I have ever had. I've been playing Assassin's Creed III (version 1.05) for the last two days and I'm getting random crashes. 2020-09-22 11:50:40.238 T:8096 DEBUG : Channel Count : 0 send you an email once approved. And then 20minthe same. No problems at all here - running latest Nvidia drivers on my 680m and can run the game maxed out at 1080 with a solid 30FPS in cities. Narrated by Peter Demeo In an attempt to take off in a thick fog, a 747 collides with another on the runway in Tenerife. Events depicted here are based on cockpit voice recorders, flight data information and accident reports. Press J to jump to the feed. Nee drivers were updated today from nvidia. This game is a fuuuucking joke. I got the same problem with my computer and now it's definitely gone! The trouble shooting steps DO NOT WORK. All of the police, firefighters, FBI, and anti-terrorism squads answer to the NTSB investigators. https://paste.kodi.tv/damatenodu.kodi, And a log with untouched master branch code (crash at end): "Laptop versions of these cards may work, but are not supported. Narrated by Peter Demeo This page has been accessed 20,638 times. See here for more info and complaints: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/524222/geforce-500-400-series/gtx-580-driver-stoppes-working-crashes-in-all-recently-released-games-assassins-creed-3-cod/8. Kill everything etc. It's weird how AC3 and FC3 have such similar systems (enemy detection bars, base takeovers, climbing towers, crafting) yet FC3 manages to make it all easier to understand and actually function whereas the stealth in AC3 is straight up busted. Discovery Communications, LLC. Any ideas for me? For this reason I have opened the issue.... because something is wrong :-), Yes. Crash is produced on memcpy AESinkWASAPI.cpp L372 however the root cause is not here. Reaction to OnLostDisplay not correct?


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